Friday, November 20, 2015

Thomas Friedman, writer, Calling IS Afflicted With Dementia

   Nadene Goldfoot    
Thomas Friedman is an author that has been shown on CNN in a clip talking about ISIS and mentioning the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive in a cage by them. He's a writer for the New York Times.   He said ISIS  must have dementia.  It that the worst adjective he can think of or dare to call them?  Friedman is  the author of "From Beirut to Jerusalem" where he tells about how Assad took power in 1970.

"Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life.   Memory loss is an example. Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia."  I wouldn't call ISIS behavior something caused by dementia at all.  I'd call it amoral, evil, horrendous, cruel and inhuman, inhumane, bloodthirsty, barbarous, bestial, brutal, sadistic, savage, malevolant,  but not dementia.  

I note that Thomas's mother had dementia.  How can he compare an oldster's senior moments with the beheading and burning and shooting that is the rule with IS?  Why does CNN keep running this clip?  If this is satire, the rest is missing.  
Heads of Christian children in a box

Politically, Thomas seems to be very much on the left.  Is he so afraid to say anything that Obama wouldn't say about ISIS?  Dementia? I can't believe this. 
 In 2012, Thomas Friedman said this about Obama's ability of explaining:  Barack Obama is a great orator, but he is the worst president I’ve ever seen when it comes to explaining his achievements, putting them in context, connecting with people on a gut level through repetition and thereby defining how the public views an issue.   He does think Obama is pretty terrific.  
Syrians in a cage about to be killed.  The Jordanian pilot caught
by ISIS was burned to death in a cage.

Thomas's November 18, 2015 article is almost beyond most people's understanding or patience.  He starts by  mentioning that  "The first calf to come from a cloned camel was born at a research center in Dubai and a local taxi start-up is taking on Uber in the Arab world."  Here, I hope he is trying to show that these Arab states are not excited about IS attacking Paris.  He goes on to say that the Arabs only have 2 choices, ISIS or SISI with his hard fist. 
President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt 

 Sisi is the general in Egypt that kicked out the Muslim Brotherhood leader, Morsi,  that had taken the votes as President for a short while until Egypt got wise.  However, Thomas doesn't see it that way.  He sounds like he's against Sisi.  One forgets that iron fists have had to be so in order to rule in places like Egypt, Iraq and Syria.  Take away that iron fist immediately and you just might have chaos.  

Are the Egyptians complaining about him or is it the Muslim Brotherhood who tried to do away with Israel?  Egypt had a great president with Sadat who came to Israel and made peace.  Then he was assassinated.  The Muslim Brotherhood is the worst group to be in power.  They go along with Fatah and Hamas.  It was they who tried to kill Assad  first and got him so riled up.
All this talk about Morsi vs Sisi has very little to do with ISIS and where they get their moral compass of ethics, I would say.  In fact, one could say that without a strong hand of leadership that is steering them along a universal moral code, the masses turn into ISIS monsters.  Yes, Dr. Carson used the term, monsters.  
ISIS shooting Iraqis 

ISIS has let the geni out of the bottle and needs to be stuffed back in.  Humanity cannot put up with such killings and trying to take over the world.  It looks to me like we are in a 3rd World War because of them, a war to be fought completely different because of the year we have now reached.  Washington DC and New York City have been threatened by ISIS.  Sisi is keeping the peace with Israel.  For that I am thankful for.  Israel and Egypt work together fighting terrorism.  I'm thankful for that, too.  Thank goodness Sisi stopped Morsi from being president.                                                                           

ISIS Taking Towns

I say to the argument that it was a democratic election, that you weren't there.  You don't know if the people were threatened to vote for Morsi or not.  He probably stuffed the ballot boxes.  The Muslim Brotherhood doesn't play by our rules.  They bought people's votes.  Money buys elections.  That country is not a democratic country.  This was their first try.  We don't even have this type of election for a president.  It's what we do in grade school to choose a class president.  


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