Friday, February 26, 2016

Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson and Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                  

Dr. Carson said that Israel would have a very strong friend if he were president.  He visited Israel last December and came back with the feeling that Israelis had felt betrayed by the USA, especially through the Iran deal.

" Ben Carson said he is in awe of the Jewish state, inspired by its ancient holy sites, impressed by the resilience of people living in a perpetual conflict zone — and deeply disappointed in President Barack Obama.                                                               
At the Western Wall in Jerusalem

"Carson said that what had struck him during his fact-finding trip was the resilience of the Israeli people. “I was so impressed by the people who refuse to be cowered by the violence and the hatred that surround them, and they refuse to allow terrorism to rule their lives,”                                                       
Benjamin S. Carson, b: September 18, 1951 in Detroit, Michigan, married, father of 3 children. 

"Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson, Sr. is a retired  and celebrated pediatric neurosurgeon and author. In 1987, Carson was the first surgeon to successfully separate conjoined twins joined at the head with the help of a staff of 70. He is now running for the Republican nomination for presidency.

He graduated from Yale and U of Michigan Medical School.  In 2009 he was the subject of television drama film. Then "he was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland from 1984 until his retirement in 2013.  

Benjamin the son of Sonya (née Copeland) and Robert Solomon Carson, a minister and later Cadillac factory worker. Both parents came from large families in rural Georgia and were living in rural Tennessee when they met and married.

He is rather non-commital about Judea and Samaria and said, "Regarding settlements in Judea and Samaria,  Carson claims the issue is “blown out of proportion.” After touring the area, Carson expressed, “Having been here, and having seen the housing going up, it certainly seems much more benign than what you hear about in the international press.”

Of interest to me is that he has taken a DNA test.    "In 2006, the television mini-series African American Lives conducted a DNA test as part of its segment on Carson. The test indicated that his ancestry is 20% European and 80% African, including ancestors within the Makua people,   the largest ethnic group in Mozambique.  

On the Iran deal negotiated by Kerry,  "Carson criticized US President Barack Obama for negotiating the deal without input from Congress, calling it a “slap in the face to the Founders.”  He said, "The deal is “a complete lack of common sense.”

His intelligence to be a doctor shows up in some of his comments about Israel.  "He questioned the desire among Palestinians for peace. He even suggested that instead of Israel relinquishing captured land to make way for a Palestinian state, neighboring countries such as Egypt should provide the space for a future Palestine!"  He reminds me of King Solomon.  


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