Monday, November 30, 2015

Charles de Gaulle Turns Europe Against Jews

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                            
13,152 Jews including 4,115 children, were rounded up by the French Police Force in 1942 and held just outside Paris, France in the Drancy Camp before they were sent to the German Concentration Camps where they would be tortured and slaughtered.  They had been taken from their homes to the "Vel d'Hiv", or winter cycling stadium in southwestern Paris, in July of 1942. They were later taken to a rail terminal at Drancy, northeast of the French capital, and then deported to the east. Only a handful ever returned. 
There was a well-known French-Polish-Jewish  cartoonist by the name of (Louis Mitelberg)AKA Tim , who drew a caricature, something the French are so well known for,  of a  Jew in concentration-camp clothing in a Napoleon pose, with one foot on barbed wire.  The daily Le Monde printed it.  It's kept by a well-known Israeli , Avi Pazner, to remind him that De Gaulle, by choosing the Arabs over Israel and his anti-Semitic remark, laid the groundwork for Europe's changing attitude toward Israel and the Jews. "Tim first achieved world fame in 1967 with his illustration of the words of General de Gaulle, a Roman Catholic,  describing the Jewish people as "domineering and sure of itself": a skeleton-thin man in the striped garb of the concentration camp inmates throwing out his chest in a swaggering attitude, with his foot on the barbed wire fence." Europe has followed in France's footsteps as throwing Israel aside, certainly in the UN.  
Buchenwald Concentration Camp 1945 and starved Jews
Retired Israeli diplomat Avi Pazner, is that well-known person.  He remembers Charles De Gaulle saying that Jews were a domineering and arrogant people.  Until the Six Day War in 1967, De Gaulle kept close relations with Israel, but after the end of the Algerian War, he warmed up to the Arab world.   The Algerian War lasted from 1954 to 1962.  "The conflict shook the foundations of the weak and unstable French Fourth Republic (1946–58) and led to its replacement by the Fifth Republic with a strengthened Presidency, with Charles de Gaulle acting in the latter role.  Algeria was then free from the French.                          
Charles de Gaulle
Nov. 22, 1890-Nov. 9, 1970
French General and President of the French Republic
Co-Prince of Andorra

He chose between the 2 worlds because he thought that Arabs were more important to France than Israel.  The Arabs had oil and money.  

In the UN's General Assembly in 2013, France voted along with the USA 53 times, and opposed the USA vote 15 times.  They carried a record of 77.9% in agreement.  
Belgium in 2013 voted 70% of the time with the USA.  

Israel, on the other hand, voted the same as the USA 71 times and opposed their vote only 4 times, carrying a record of 94.7% in agreement.  
Voting against the USA most times were the Arabs in the UN.  In 2005 Egypt voted with the USA 9% of the time.  In 2008 they voted 7% of the time.  In 2010 they voted 31% of the time, and in 2013 they voted 25% of the time in agreement with the USA.  

It was France and Belgium who have been hit outside of the Middle East on Europe's soil by IS. All that pandering to the Arabs may have bought them more oil, but not safety.  
 French Jewish Day School Victims in Toulouse:
On 19 March 2012, four people, including three children, were killed at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school. The killer was an Algerian Muslim, Mohammed Merah,  who said he attacked the Jewish school because "the Jews kill our brothers and sisters in Palestine.
Then there was the January 10, 2015 attack in Paris that killed 4 Jews in the Kosher Deli on a Friday morning who were buying Challah and such for Shabbat.

France had been the first European country for Jews to enter from Rome and the fall of Jerusalem in in 70 CE.  The famous biblical scholar, RASHI, was born in Troyes, France in 1040 and died there in 1105. France has had the largest Jewish population in Europe with 475,000 in 2014 which is 1 out of every 139 Frenchmen.  Now, more than ever, many are leaving for Israel.  France is not doing enough to stop anti-Semitism.  Instead, the more Muslims have entered, the conditions have worsened to a critical point.

Domineering and sure of ourselves, are we?  Yes, we know who we are and what we stand for.  We knew before we had our own state after waiting for 2,000 years.  We knew what we had been selected for by G-d, but certainly not by the Nazis.  We must have leadership capabilities, for so many of us have won the Nobel Prize.  What you mistake for being domineering, I see as those rare skillls of leadership.  De Gaulle, I hear lots of jealousy in those words of yours.    De Gaulle's own Frenchmen said he himself had "egoism, pride, aloofness, guile,” and  according to sociologist and historian Raymond Aron; threw in “empiricism, intuition, flexibility of mind if not of soul,” and this was said one of the most perceptive of his biographers, Jean Lacouture.

1967 and De Gaulle had kept close relations with Israel, and then the Algerian crisis was happening at the same time.  He lost interest in Israel.   "In May 1968, violent demonstrations by university students shook de Gaulle's government. A general strike followed, paralysing France and jeopardising the Fifth Republic. De Gaulle held elections and the country rallied to him, ending the crisis. In April 1969, De Gaulle resigned the presidency after losing a referendum on a reform proposal. He retired to his estate at Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises and died of a heart attack on 9 November 1970.  Since 1967, Europe has moved steadily away after the awesome win of Israel.  They had now chosen the new underdog, the Palestinians who only had 48 other Muslim majority states cheering and egging them into attacks against Israel. 



  1. Well done, Nadene. It is time to remark now, since many of us have similar thoughts. While the loss of French lives in the recent attack on Paris shocks us, yet Israel suffers attacks every week, if not every day for its attempts to appease Islam. France has chosen this path since 1962 and now they are paying the price for it. Israeli government tried to warn them numerous times, but they turned a deaf ear to Israel and our advice, what to speak of our suffering.

  2. Thanks, Yonatan 26, Glad to hear that Israel had warned France. I see that people who are appeasing Islam terror get hit with it anyway.