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The Asset That Israel Stands For in This World

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              

The Egyptian-Syrian surprise attack splintered and rushed Israel's army defenses.  Their deception of having practices had worked.  By the Suez Canal, 450 IDF with 50 artillery pieces tried to stop 100,000 Egyptian troops crossing the water under the covering fire of 2,000 artillery pieces.  The enemy also had an umbrella of one of the most insidious SAMs missiles in the world which quickly knocked 50 Israeli planes down.  In just a few days 2 whole Egyptian armies occupied the whole Israeli-held east band of the Suez Canal.

In the north, 1,400 Syrian tanks were going against 160 Israeli tanks.  The Israelis fought bravely against tanks, armored personnel carriers and howitzers and other lethal war machines.

The bloodiest battle was fought on the Golan Heights in the Kuneitra Valley called the Vale of Tears.  Golda Meir herself went to this front to see with her own eyes what was happening to her soldiers.  

                               Moshe Dayan, Sadat, Begin in Jerusalem 

This was the Yom Kippur War that occurred in 1973, only 6 years after the halting 1967 Six Day War with all the Arabs.  Golda and her staff didn't give up.  She had help from President Nixon, G-d Bless Him, a man I was not in favor of as an American, but who saved the day for Israel.  His help brought about Sadat to Jerusalem and Begin was able to say to the world, "No more war, no more bloodshed."    Then some malcontent Arab had to assassinate this man who had seen the other side of life, and ended something beautiful happening in the Arab world.  Luckily, Egypt has been holding their peace which honors such a great man as Sadat.  From this war, the Arabs realized that they would never beat Israel conventionally.

                                               Hamas Terrorists from Gaza

Along came Operation Defense Edge, a very unconventional war against Israel.  Israel didn't try to destroy Hamas once and for all, but only wanted to cripple them so they would accept the terms of the Egyptian-brokered ceasefire.  After 6 ceasefires, there is still no resolution for peace.  Israeli settlements are still being hit with mortar fire.  Hamas still has the ability to hit urban centers with their missiles.  The terrorists from Gaza and Qatar where they hang out in safety are making impossible demands.  From past experiences, Israel knows they dare not go back to the 67 lines or they will be wiped out.  Nixon is gone, and so was his personal goals for Israel  from the USA.  To him, Israel was a deterrent to the aims of the Soviet Union.  Now we have  a President in the USA who will not fill orders of ammunition already promised to the little state of Israel, even though they helped to create a machine that stops missiles a good % of the time that they are sharing with the USA.

In this latest operation, it has been found but has not made the headlines that damned Israel, that the casualties of the Palestinians were greatly magnified.  More than half of the dead were combatants from Hamas and the other terrorist factions.  Some of the civilian deaths were caused by misfired Hamas missiles, cases of which have been confirmed.    

Just like in 1967 and 1973, Israelis are saddened by civilian deaths.  They realize something others don't, however.  They are on the eve of an escalating war of survival against the terror group of radical Islam, called Hamas, their charter member.  Hamas chooses to fight in urban areas of the population who voted them in and chased Abbas out in 2005.  This is part of Israeli's price to save themselves and the world from the evil threatening to conquer them.  Like Golda had told Sadat, "We can forgive you for killing our sons, but we will never forgive you for making us to kill yours. "  Jews had to kill, something they find repulsive.  

When Golda went to the front to see for herself what was happening, she spoke with her boys.  She asked the men about themselves.  Then she asked them if they had questions for her.  One responded and said, "My father was killed in the war of 48, and we won.  My uncle was killed in the war of 56, and we won.  My brother lost an arm in the 67 war, and we won.  Last week I lost my best friend over there," and he pointed to the Vale of Tears.  and despite the odds at that moment, he bravely said that "we're going to win.  But is all our sacrifice worthwhile, Golda?  what's the use of our sacrifice if we can't win the peace?"

                                           Hamas from Gaza on the March

This is something still being thought about, and I fear that the West, who at first supported Israel, has already thrown the towel in and is no longer backing our little state of Israel as one might have backed youthful David against the giant, Goliath.    But, like Golda answered him, the facts remain the same.  Yes, it's worth all the pain.  If Israel goes, so does all of Judaism this time.  We have faced horrible bottlenecks of survival in the past.  

                 Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al Husseini in 1938 with Hitler
                   Palestinian Arab leader plotting to rid Palestine of Jews

At one time we were down to 4 women of who most all Jews trace their lineage from.  We lost 6 million in the Holocaust and have just now reached 6 million Jews living in Israel.  There is a reason why we have been singled out to remain a people and a religion for the past 4,000 years since Abraham, who was born in the 2nd millennium BCE.  Our Torah spells out a set of conditions we are to follow to be a just and honorable people.  If we go, there goes the template for the rest of the world.  So for the past 67 years, Israel has never fought to kill people just because we thought they were unworthy of living, like the Nazis and IS is doing now.  We've had to fight to defend ourselves only against attacks.  

This Yom Kippur War that happened on October 6, 1973, the day of our holiest day of fasting and attending synagogue asking for forgiveness for our sins, had support for the Egyptians and Syrians from Iraq and Jordan and others.  The Soviets airlifted and replaced Arab arms, but Nixon sent Israel help by October 14th.  Then 2 days later, the IDF  crossed the Suez Canal and in a few days more cut off the Egyptian 3rd Army.  The USSR and Kissinger, Sec. of State, got together and worked out terms for cease fire, which were operative by October 25th.  Israel had  lost 2,600 men.  This is something they haven't forgotten and the reason why they will not let it happen again.  Israel needs defensive lines, so Golda wouldn't go back and neither will Netanyahu.  Arab oil seemed to be the asset the Russians wanted.  This asset spoke louder than what Israel stands for.  Even without such an asset, Israel remains the sacrificial lamb, the scapegoat of humanity, for who is willing to stand beside her today?  

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