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Hungary Turning Anti-Semitic Again With Popular Political Party, Jobbik

Nadene Goldfoot                                                              

                                Hungarian Jews in Auschwitz where they will be gassed, WWII

History is repeating itself with serious anti-Semitism in Hungary.  It's been 70 years since WWII when more than 500,000 Hungarian Jews out of their 725,000 were murdered by the Germans and their Hungarian allies in the Holocaust.

Now, after Operation Defensive Edge when Israel finally decided to try to stop Hamas terrorists from shooting missiles, rockets and mortars into Israel every day, after years of being under such danger, a popular Hungarian political party, Jobbik, who are the 2nd most popular party in Hungary, is gaining ground and calling for sharp anti-Semitic acts against Jews. Two years ago the deputy parliamentary leader  called for:

1. All 35,000 to 120,000 Hungarian Jews had to be registered.  Shades of the Nazi era.
2. An investigation of Jews serving in the Hungarian government to determine "the potential danger they pose to Hungary." 

It seems to me that the Hungarians themselves pose a danger to the Jews living there far more than the Jews pose a danger to them.  Why on earth would the Jews want to harm them?  

The mayor of Erpatak denounced Israel as a "Jewish terror state" 2 months ago and had effigies of Netanyahu and former President Shimon Peres hung in a mock execution.

There was a photo exhibit this past summer portraying Israel's war against Hamas where a Jobbik member, Krisztina Morvai,  called for the cancellation of the EU-Israel Association Agreement.

Jobbik's Marton Gyongyosi compared Israel with Nazis and said, "Israel is now conducting a genocide similar to the one suffered by the Jewry in WWII.

It seems like any other state in the world could defend itself against terror like the PLO and now Hamas has brought upon Israel, except a state that is Jewish.  Our one and only Jewish state can do no right in the eyes of former anti-Semites.  They live off of any chance they find to cast aspersions upon Jews.  In this they are not much different than the rest of the world, we know.

Do not panic and react like we have done something wrong, Israel.  You did you best to protect your people while at the same time Hamas sacrificed their civilians in order to gain just such hatred against you in order to take your land after 2,000 years of waiting for it.  Such people as the Hungarians will never accept us in their midst willingly until the Moshiach comes along or they suddenly get smart and they see the light, and I don't see that happening.

Hungary, now a state with 9.9 million people,  has such a horrid history of behavior towards Jews.  In the 13th century they had decrees of the Lateran Council segregating the Jews from their neighbors and forced them to wear a distinctive badge.   The Pope tried to get rid of them so that by 1349 they were expelled for the first time after having lived in Hungary since the 2nd century CE.  They were allowed to come back but were expelled again in 1360, so they moved to neighboring countries.  Hungary couldn't get along well without them so the edict was revoked in 1364, but you can see they never learn.

In the 15th and 16th century they charged Jews with the old Ritual Murder libel and cancelled all debts owed to Jews.  Life was better for Jews when the Ottoman Empire took over Hungary's rule, but they were subject to heavy taxes for being Jews.  When Hungary was rid of the empire, they again expulsed Jews and excluded them from agriculture and the professions when they were allowed to live there.

There were nobles who  protected the Jews whose numbers were higher now because of refugees coming in from Vienna in 1670.  More arrived from Moravia and Poland in the 18th century.  There was a Maria Theresa who reigned, and she worked on various new methods to exact money from the Jews.

 In 1990 there were still 80,000 Jews living in Hungary.  now there are 48,200.   "The Hungarian Jewish community is the largest in East Central Europe. Most Hungarian Jews live in the capital, Budapest, which has some 20 working synagogues and a plethora of other Jewish institutions, both religious and cultural.  My suggestion is that they all pick up and move to Israel where they are wanted and needed.  There's no use living in a land that doesn't want you.  They think you are posing a danger!  That sucks!  The only danger you could possibly pose is logical thinking.  

There's nothing in the records where Hungarians spoke up in defense of Israel being attacked by Hamas from the rockets, mortars and missiles, and now the underground tunnels found that were used to attack Israelis.  Only when Israel fought back are they in an uproar.  

Menachem Begin (1913-1992)  once asked his friends why the Jewish state so frequently face solitude in the family of nations.  This was way before Operation Defensive Edge.  He continued;  "Is it because we are the only country in the world that is Jewish?  Is it because we are the one country in the world whose language is Hebrew?  Why are there no other Jewish states?  Why are there no other Hebrew-speaking states, just as there are multiple Christian state, Moslem states, Hindu states, Buddhist states, English-speaking, Arabic speaking, French-speaking, Chinese-speaking states?  We have no sovereign kith and kin anywhere in the world.  Why?  They were talking about a piece of scripture where the heathen prophet Balaam was cited in speaking about "dwelling alone." He concluded that the Jewish people dwell alone of its own volition" .  Yes, we seem to be alone, quite alone when whatever happens in the world in our one state, all the other Jews are picked on.  We've had one friend, and that seems to be vanishing as well many times already.  It takes courage to be our friend, and there aren't many with that kind of courage.  Obviously Hungary doesn't have it.  

Moses brought us out of 400 years of slavery but put a huge weight on our shoulders, and that was of being responsible for what he taught us, such as the shockingly hard Ten Commandments, and much more.  We have to dwell alone just like Abraham did when he moved out of Ur and went to Canaan to get away from the environment that believed in worshipping idols.  We should have known that we would always be alone, but are stubborn people, stiff-necked people.  So be it.  We will fight to keep our state.  
Like Begin said to Jimmy Carter, "I say to you, Mr. President, I don't need anybody to recognize my right to exist, and even if that terrorist Arafat were to make such a declaration, I wouldn't believe a word he says.  It would be tantamount to somebody approaching me with a knife and saying, "Take this knife and thrust it into your heart."  I would reply, "But why should I agree to stick a knife into my own heart?"  And he would say, "For the sake of peace.  Please commit suicide for the sake of peace. "You are asking me to consider talking to such a person?  The PLO"s vision of peace is our destruction.  NO!  ABSOLUTELY NO!  

Evidently this is what Hungary and others expect of Israel.  Israel has earned its right to exist and more.  It's not about to commit suicide and die like the world almost let happen in the Holocaust.  .  

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