Thursday, May 8, 2014

Islamic Front Flatten Carlton Hotel in Aleppo, Syria With Deaths

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

The Islamic Front rebel group which amounts to an army of terrorists,  bomb-blasted the city of Aleppo and leveled the Carlton Hotel
which lies next to the city's ancient Citadel or fortress.  Did they call beforehand and warn everyone to get out of the hotel and that they were going to bomb it?  No, they wouldn't want to warn soldiers. So innocent people must have been killed.   The government's army had been using it as a military base.  The soldiers also use other buildings in this government-held area. 50 soldiers were killed in this blast.  How many injured is not known.   Aleppo is the ancient home of a large population of Jews which had made it the largest business center in Syria at one time.  It has history that is being destroyed by the bombings happening from both sides.  .

Syria is a very close neighbor to Israel, so what happens in Syria can affect Israel. The distance from Damascus to Jerusalem is only 135 miles or about 2 hours by car.  Damascus and Jerusalem have similar higher altitudes.  Tomorrow the temperature will be 59 to 78 in Damascus and 55 to 66 in Jerusalem.   Assad has been a terrible enemy as far as Israel is concerned, but sometimes an enemy you know is better than new ones, and in this case, the rebels are terrorists bent on Sharia law, which can include fatwas against Israel and be unrestrained in their zeal to destroy Israel.  Syria is a declared enemy of Israel, but Israel has been accepting injured Syrian to come across their border and they are giving them medical assistance. At least 700 have been treated so far in the Golan alone.  I wonder if Assad, being a doctor himself, understands this.
Syria has been engaged with 200,000 missiles aimed at Israel.   Just  last year on May 5th, they had 200,000 missile batteries aimed at Israel.  Israel went over and supposedly bombed the target.  Assad knew he had it coming.
Here, we have Assad being attacked by the Muslim Brotherhood who were the instigators in this case of causing Assad's retaliations and the beginnings of the Civil War.  The Muslim Brotherhood's charter says that their goal is to destroy Israel, so I really have no trust in rooting for the rebels.  Assad was a horrible anti-Semite himself who locked up the Jews in Syria and wouldn't allow them outside his country.  They were virtual prisoners, with many actually being in prison until Judith Feld Carr came to their aid and got them out of Syria.

The group had been called the Syrian Islamic Front up till November 2013 and was anywhere from 13,000 to 25,000 strong and are Salafists who believe in Jihadism.  They have now unified other groups with them so changed their name.

 They are pals of the Al Nusra Front and the Free Syrian Army.  Their aims are of course to topple Assad's government and establish an Islamic state governed by Sharia law for all Syrians.  This is not the case with Assad who has been on the secular side.  Funding for their cause comes from other conservative Salafis in the Persian Gulf, rich donors like the Kuwaiti preacher, Hajjaj al-Ajami, Suadi-based Syrian preacher Adnan al-Aroor, and Kuwaiti politician Hakim al-Mutayi.  They are said to be less extreme than even more radical groups in Syria like Jabhat al-Nusra which is labeled as a terrorist organization by the USA already and is supposedly not a part of their group. They  may  have more support with Syrians according to journalist Liz Sly of the Washington Post.

The Front was against USA intervention against Assad.  On September 5th of last year they issued a statement saying that it rejected Western military intervention in Syria and said they consider such meddling as a new aggression against Muslims and would only serve American interests and not their cause to topple Assad.

On November 22nd, leaders in the Islamic Front were part of a declaration of uniting rebel groups who had been operating under the banners of the SIF, the Syrian Islamic Liberation Front.  They announced on their Google Plus account that it was disbanding and its groups would operate under the new name of the Islamic Front.  Is a brotherhood of Muslims the same thing as this group of Muslims intending to establish a Sharia Law society?  Seems as if the Muslim Brotherhood is alive and well here.  "The group is widely seen as backed and armed by Saudi Arabia.

The pact of 7 groups are made up of the following:
On 22 November, seven Islamist groups agreed to a pact that would dissolve the groups individually and lead to the formation of the Islamic Front. The groups are:

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