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Presbyterian Church Joins Islamic Sabeel Against Israel

Nadene Goldfoot                                                               

What else is going to happen?  Fatah just joined up with Hamas again.  Now that makes them both terrorists.  Assad knew that move would bring the peace talks to a halt.  Something always has happened over the past 66 years to stop any peace talks between the Arab Palestinians and Israel.
                                        Christian Theologians in Jerusalem

Christians who support Israel  are now called dangerous and a threat to Middle East "peace by other Christians ."  The name callers are  Presbyterian Protestant Christians, a Protestant denomination of 1,849,496 people as of 2012.  Their membership has been  going down.   This radical change in their church is due to the partnership between the Presbyterians and the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center in east Jerusalem that was founded in 1989.  They are now official partners.  The threat to the Middle East actually means that the Presbyterians  are rooting and doing everything they can to help the Arabs win against Israel.  They think that without Israel being there, everything will be peaceful, as if it always was a peaceful area before 1948.

Presbyterians have not done their homework on history of the Middle East and less on religion but instead have joined up with Sabeel's religious plan.   First of all, the Middle East is not an oasis of peace with a spring and date trees and belly dancers.  It's been a hub of wars over all the centuries when there was no Israel but just called Palestine. Hamas and Fatah are not interested in the Christian Arabs, either. They have their own Muslim agenda.
Sabeel, in Arabic (The Way) or (Channel or Spring), is a Christian liberation theology organization founded by a Palestinian Arab Anglican priest, Rev. Naim Ateek, the former Canon of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem.   They now have chapters in the USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands and Australia.   They aim to bring in the Palestinian Christians and their concerns, but how they are doing it is treasonable. They are generating hostility towards Israel by using theologically charged accusations at Judaism and Israel.  Sabeel rejects Zionism on theological grounds.  They promote the idea that Zionism is based on a false reading of the Bible and that it stands for injustice and is in opposition to G-d.   There are 1.7 million Arabs  that are citizens of Israel.  8% of them are Christians.  The rest are Muslims.

What they are is a political organization who want Israel to withdraw from Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.  They can't include Gaza as Israel already did that only to have Hamas terrorists take over and be dictating to their people and bombing southern Israel.   They call for Palestine to cover the whole 23%  of the land of Palestine.  Let's see.  Israel is sitting on 20% of the promised 100% because Jordan grabbed 80% in the beginning when Israel was fighting against all the states who had attacked them.  Evidently they are teaming up with Hamas and Fatah, but they want only Muslims in their Palestine.  Jews can't be allowed, they say.

A leader of all this is Dr. Gary Burge who believes in a form of "replacement Theology," which is really the cause of centuries of Christian anti-Semitism.  That's because some Christians have taken it upon themselves to think up this religious theory and that is that they have replaced the Jews in G-d's plan with themselves.  Seems it causes them a fit that the Jews were asked to carry the burden of being the light of the nations and lead the way in this fashion in following G-d's commandments on how to behave.  Jews don't go into actively converting people.  That was stopped long ago by the Christians themselves, but they follow Moses's original plan of just being the examples, the light.

The light must have been bright enough, for Christianity sprang out of it, followed by Islam.  Yes, Mohammad admired both groups and called them the "People of the Book."  He didn't have a book and might have felt bad about it being his people didn't have one, so lo and behold, he was also visited by the angel Gabriel who helped him to to write his Koran with the help of a scribe because he couldn't write it himself.

Now that everyone has their own book, the Presbyterians have thrown Judaism out with the trash and think that their way is the only way.  It's because we refuse to convert to their religion.  For us Jews, however, we made a covenant with G-d about 4,000 years ago and we're still going to keep it.  To us, the Abrahamic Covenant is an everlasting covenant.

This puts the Presbyterians in bed with such groups as Sabeel,  who is all for Palestinian Liberation Theology.  This started in South America because the Communists couldn't infiltrate the Roman Catholic Church so they created this new theology to talk people into their way of thinking.  The Presbyterians are now using a study guide calling for churches to stop using hymns and liturgy that use Biblical terms such as: Exodus, covenant, return, blossoming of the desert, Zion and Israel!  I think that erases most all of what Christians call " The Old Testament."   This is so unbelievable!  It makes me realize that these are indeed weird times we are living in.

This is the USA Presbyterian Church who has changed along with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Sabeel gets help in creating a Palestine without Israel and the Presbyterians become the new G-d's chosen people.  They can all live happily ever after.

  Ateek said "Before the creation of the state of Israel, the Old Testament was considered to be an essential part of Christian Scripture, pointing and witnessing to Jesus.  Since the creation of the State, some Jewish and Christian interpreters have read the Old Testament largely as a Zionist text"...What he can't accept is that it looks like the words in the bible are coming true.  It was prophesied that Israel would be reborn.  This has concerned many to find such prophecy actually happening.  He went on, saying, "to such an extent that it has become almost repugnant to Palestinian Christians......How can the Old Testament be the Word of God in light of the Palestinian Christians' experience with its use to support Zionism?"

Yes, that is something, isn't it?  They want to erase the fact that this is happening, something that other Evangelical Christians are excited about.  Pastor Hagee is a big backer of Israel for his own theological reasons because this is happening.  Prophecy is being fullfilled.

Hagee said that for 1800 years Christian leaders ranted that "the church is the new Israel."  They pointed to the wandering, tormented Jews of the Diaspora saying, "If G-d is with them, why has this befallen them?"  They forgot that Jews were living in papal states controlled by the church of Rome, living without rights, property, legal redress, hman dignity in an environment created by the laws of the Roman church.  Replacement theologian ignore a fundamental fact in the biblical text.  When god replaces something, you never hear from it again.  God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and they have never been rediscovered.  Jews have returned to their land since May 14, 1948 and were speaking 60 languages.  This state of Israel is a superstate in just 20 years and is not passing away.  Yes, this is bothering the replacement theorists.

There are Hamas and Fatah, joined together against Israel, and there is Sabeel and Presbyterians of the world, joined together against Israel with the latter attacking our religion as well.

The Strong  Horse, power, politics, and the clash of Arab civilizations by Lee Smith
From Time Immemorial, the origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine by Joan Peters
In Defense of Israel by John Hagee, the Bible's Mandate for supporting the Jewish State.

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  1. The Presbyterian Church, a mainline Protestant denomination with approximately 2.4 million members, has become a persistent source of anti-Israel (and anti-Jewish) polemics in American society.

    "Peace" activists within the denomination have used the church’s name and resources to demonize Israel and its supporters in the U.S. (Jews especially). These activists have depicted Israel as a singular obstacle to peace in the Middle East, and then have depicted Jews in the U.S. as enemies of American democracy.

    Denominational leaders have refused to distance their church from the demonizing messages offered by these activists, especially those associated with the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the Presbyterian Church (USA), which will be described below.

    People in this church, especially its lay members and local pastors, need to hear other Christian groups that disagree with them. They should tell the delegates attending their upcoming General Assembly being held in June to put a stop to the anti-Israel (and anti-Jewish) activism put forth by extremists in their church.