Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Galilee Israeli- Arab Terrorist Group Murders Again

Nadene Goldfoot                                                      

Every city in the USA has had murders happen, even serial murders, but in Israel this is different when the murders are committed by Palestinian-Arab terrorists out for notoriety in order to cause fear in citizens and possibly to stir up trouble between the 1.7 million Arab-Israeli citizens with the 6 million Jews of Israel.

A beautiful 20 year old Jewish Israeli woman, Shelly Dadon,  was murdered on May Day (5/1/14) by a gang of Arabs that are also citizens of Israel who have been found to belong to a terrorist organization called "The Galilee Liberators."  She was stabbed many times inflicted savagely into her breasts (upper torso).  The killers left clues purposely to let the police know what group had killed her, so it was a terrorist act meant to put fear into the community.  Her body was found in a deserted woods near the Migdal ha Emek industrial zone in northern Israel.  She herself was from Afulah. That bothers me.  Chances are she was forced at gunpoint to walk with her attackers till they knifed her to death.  At her age, I imagine she had been in the IDF from 18 to 20 so should have known how to defend herself, but being their were probably 3 attackers involved, she was outnumbered.  She could have talked to one and then suddenly the others appeared and surrounded her.

The Galilee Liberators started with Arabs who lived in northern Israel in 2002 when Palestine suicide bombings on Israeli towns during the 2nd intifada were at their peak.  Since then for the past 12 years, they have developed ties with other Palestinian terrorist organizations like the Popular Front, PFLP-General Command, Hamas and Al Aqsa Brigades.  Some are allied with the Lebanese Hizballah and others with al Qaeda.  Everyone is in the mix.

Members are spread out from Acre to Safed and Nazareth.  They specialize in murder (for hire) and hiding used weapons or providing hideouts for killers.

The practice is that they get a person in a quiet spot and kill them brutally.  Oleg Shaychat , an IDF soldier from Nazareth was killed this way.  The killers were Mohammed Anbatawi and Mohammed Hatib from Kafr Kana.  They grabbed him from Beit Rimon's intersection in 2003 on a hot day of July 21st and abandoned his body in a nearby olive orchard.
Teen-aged Dana Bennett was their next victim.  They like to single out girls and tail them to a lonely spot before the death blow, and this they did on August 1, 2003.   The police couldn't find her body, so they became frustrated about it as they want the publicity.  They actually called the French News Agency AFP in January 2005 telling them they would tell where her body was for a price of 1,000 Palestinian terrorists in jail to be released.  She was found and laid to rest without making such a deal. The  killer, with the help of a 22 year old woman, was Yihya Farkhan, 33 years old from Wadi Hamam.   This  "young woman,  considered a murder suspect, recounted in her investigation how she and Farkhan met Bennett near a bridge as she was getting out of a taxi late at night. Farkhan sent the woman to persuade the young girl to enter their car, after Farkhan told her he was a hotel owner looking for new employees.  Bennett only realized something was wrong as the car turned to a dirt road near Wadi Hamam, but this was already too late. She tried to resist, but to no avail: Farkhan forcefully dragged her out of the car and started hitting her with his bare hands until she died.  Farkhan had killed at least 4 people already and was called a serial killer.  Before he had killed Dana, he raped another female and tried to kill her afterwards but she got away. " 

On August 12, 2008, Ahmed Mahmoud Khatib from Kafr Manda grabbed the automatic sidearm of an Israeli security guard in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Then he shot and injured 10 walkers before he was caught.

This same terrorist gang had 3 members murder Yof'm Weinstein in November 2009.  He was a taxi driver from Nazareth Ilit, and then also they had left the proper clues behind so that people knew about their terrorist gang.  They did it for the notoriety.

In the past years this terrorist group has committed many attacks that the public was not aware of which would have given them the notoriety they seek.  They've ambushed police vans, broken into IDF bases to vandalize equipment and steal weapons, tracked IDF movements in the North and passed information onto other terrorists in Judea and Samaria and Lebanon.

It's time to inform the public and let them all know, men as well as women, to not be outside alone for any reason.  If you need to get your walk for the day, go in  groups and wear whistles around your necks and a bracelet with mace.

In 2011, after hearing a singing group of Palestinian Arabs here in Portland's Lincoln High School  sing about how bad Israel was, and grabbing a speaking engagement about it caused me to wonder how long it would be before some overt action happened, and here it is.  They cause havoc for all the other 1.7 million Arab citizens who are happy being Israeli citizens by creating a terrorist group.  The best thing that can happen is that they are stamped out immediately.  Their cells must be found and broken apart.  Israel doesn't need discord to divide their citizens but events that bring them together as one unit.

Resource: http://www.debka.com/article/23888/Shelly-Dadon-was-murdered-by-the-veteran-Israeli-Arab-terrorist-group-%E2%80%9CGalilee-Liberators%E2%80%9D
http://jewishbubba.blogspot.com/2012/05/anti-semitism-at-lincoln-high.html-Palestinians spreading hatred

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