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Why The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is Anti-Semitic Slander, Written by anti-Semites

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                          

                                       Rashi working on his commentaries on the Bible

Back in the Dark Ages of Europe, from the first Crusade of 1071 to the 13th centuries,  anti-Semitism was at its height.  The notions of Christians about their Jewish brethren were twisted beyond belief.  There were libels that Jews used blood of Christian children for the Feast of Passover.  The truth is that our laws of keeping kosher means that we do not eat one drop of blood but have rigorous practices to never let this happen.  To us, blood holds the soul of an animal or human.It's the big no no to eat.  None passes our lips. Since we only eat certain animals such as cows and lambs, we certainly don't eat the blood of children.  The idea is absolutely stomach churning to us.  Deplorable!  Horrendous!  

Other libels about Jews were that we poisoned the wells and spread the plague. With our rules, we had to keep our homes clean, free of vermin, and we had less plague stricken people than others.  So of course we were under suspicion.   This pretext gave them the reason to destroy whole Jewish communities throughout Europe.  The people told falsehoods that there were secret rabbinical conferences whose aim was to "subjugate and exterminate the Christians."  Such crazy beliefs have no basis of fact at all.  They just could not accept someone with different beliefs but still did no harm to them.  Surely they had to be bad.  This shows how the prevalent thinking of the 2 groups were at opposite ends of  rationality's spectrum.

During this same dark  period, R. Solomon Yitzhakai, well known Rabbi Rashi, was born in 1040 in France and died in 1105.  His work on understanding the Torah is still #1 and his comments are in our prayer books still.  This genius studied in the Rhineland of Germany and then returned to Troyes, France where he had built a school.  So there were very well educated Jews living in the newly discovered Europe who were becoming the scapegoats of very superstitious people.

Skip ahead to the 18th century when a French Jesuit named Abbe Barruel, who opposed France's revolution (1787-1799) , published a treatise blaming the Revolution on a secret conspiracy operating through the Order of Freemasons, or Masons, as we know it in the USA. they say that they are not secret society of men but are esoteric, and I would add-fraternal.  They are about knowledge which is understood after being initiated.  They date their beginnings to the brick builders of the tombs of the pharoahs. We have gangs in the USA, boys who want to belong to something they find lacking in their own family structure, so they get into trouble and destroy and often kill.  Masons are a whole different ballgame of do-gooders who take on projects of improvement in their towns and cities, much like Kiwanis and other good groups of men.George Washington was Mason.  So were several men who were leaders in our own American Revolution.   This is one group who has accepted Jewish men when other groups in the USA were prohibited to them in our very anti-Semitic days of the 20's and 30's and even 40's.
   Masonic square and compass of building tools, with or without the letter G; maybe it's for goodness 

Barruel's  thinking was nothing but nonsense, but the French nobility then were almost all Masons, and obviously didn't like it.  He didn't know any Masons himself, but came under the influence of a Scotsman, Robison, who didn't like the Masons.  Now, the Jews benefited from the Revolution because it emancipated them.  By 1805 6, Barruel, without scruples, circulated a forged letter that he got from the state police who were against Napoleon Bonaparte's liberal policy towards Jewish people.  The letter pointed out that the conspiracy earlier thought to be the work of the Masons had to be from the Jews, instead.  Thus grew the stupid myth of an international Jewish conspiracy that rose in the 19th century in Germany and Poland giving rise to the Nazi influence.

First came the pamphlet, "Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu," published by Maurice Joly in 1864 who was a French satirist.  It attacked the political ambitions of the emperor Napoleon III.  Joly was tried and put in prison for this pamphlet.  Take note of that, ye liberals.

Of course this pamphlet would fall into the hands of a German anti-Semite, Hermann Goedsche who wrote under the pen name of Sir John Retcliffe.  He was a spy for the Prussian secret police and just held down a job as postal clerk.  He adapted the Dialogues into a tale of Jewish conspiracy in a series of novels called "Biarritz" that came out in 1868.  He spun a fantasy of secret centennial rabbinical conference which meets at midnight.  They were to review the past 100 years and make plans for their next century.

His plagiary of Dialogues wound up in Russia and was translated in 1872.  This furnished the Russian secret police (Okhrana) with made up facts to help Czar Nicholas II and to discredit reforms of liberals who were with the Jews.

Along came the Dryfus case of a French Jewish Captain being accused of dealing with the enemy, Germany, which was false of 1893 and 1895.  By now Paris agents reprinted the Goedsche work into their title of "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."  It was brought into Russia ain 1895 and printed in 1897 privately.

By 1905 it became public, being printed by the priest Sergius Nilus, a mystic, when Russia was defeated in the Russo-Japanese War and the Revolution followed the next year.  Groups were out against the Jews, the standard scapegoat of Europe whom they blamed the Revolution on and the Constitution.  The Okhrana were bringing about pogroms against Jews.  Re-prints came out in 1906 and 1907.  Nilus claimed that the Protocols were read secretly at the First Zionist Congress at Basle, Switzerland in 1897.  Actually, this "first" was called by Theodor Herzl over the Dryfus case.  He was facing life imprisonment because he was a Jew.  Weizmann saw that anti-Semitism was much worse, in fact, intolerable with false accusations and never-ending pogroms against the Jewish people.  Herzl was a reporter for the Vienna Freie Presse at the time.  He wasn't a religious Jew, but he saw that Jews needed their own homeland again.  Wandering homeless and depending on the whims of an anti-Semitic society wasn't working.  So he started the Zionist movement, urging other Jews to return to their original homeland.  There were still Jews living there whose families had never left, so he thought it was doable.

The whole case of the Protocals was depending on forged facts.  Nothing about it was true.
Jews are not planning to take over the world.  That is ridiculous.  We make up 0.02% of the population.  We are a gifted people, and that makes us realists.  The world is too crazy.  No one group can control and thoughts and actions of the world.  We have a hard enough time connecting with our very own.  All we were chosen by G-d to present to the world was an order of ethics and we were not forcing anyone to follow them, just acting as the examples, the shining light that might cause people to want to copy our ideas, such as the 10 Commandments.  If they could just respect 7 of them, it would have been enough to us.  *Two years after Hitler took power, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was made required reading in all German schools.  In 1935 in Nuremberg, one million German children swore "eternal enmity" to the Jews. 

Yet I see the book is still a #1 seller in the Middle East where people want to believe and to fear the worst of our little band of people.  I note that it has taken the worst of evil rulers in their countries to keep what they thought was control.  Such people as Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al Assad's track records are the worst!  They make the Russian Czar look like George Washington.  All the time, Israelis just keep on having to defend their 8,000 square miles of homeland from the invading neighbors!

Why is it that people fall for junk like the Protocals, the most notorious and most successful work of modern anti-Semitism in this world?  Because they  want to believe the worst of Jews, that's why.  They like to find agreement in their prejudices.  They've been taught to hate, and feel more comfortable if others join that hatred with them.  Then they don't have to feel guilty.  So don't think for a minute that Jews are holding meetings about taking over the world.  They'd just like their neighbors to recognize and accept the little dot of land they call home, which so many are hold outs, especially the Palestinians who want to expand the Muslim empire by adding a 49th state to their group with a Palestine.  Now that would make 23 Muslims states in the Middle East or 49 Muslim majority states in the world.   6 million Jews have only one teeny country to call "Jewish."    So you tell me.  Who is trying to take over the world?

*Just Because they're Jewish by M. Hirsh Goldberg  added 10/28/13 

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