Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yesh Din's Anti-Semitic-Anti-Israel Activities

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                    

                                                    Homesh, Samaria
How disappointing to find a group that had the potential to really help the cause of Human Rights by helping their state of Israel police themselves  only to find them having gone off the deep end and harm their own country, even to the point of calling for the murder of Jews.

Jews living in Samaria, which is the old land of the original Israel of King David and his son, King Solomon, were shocked to learn that some Israeli leftists who are part of the Yesh Din organization were a part of the Arab celebration at Homeseh.  Their lawyers filed a lawsuit to cause the government's legal adviser to transfer Homeseh into Arab hands from Jewish hands.  At this Palestinian rally, these Jews were actually joining in and calling to murder Jews!  How sick can you get?

Yossi Dagan was appalled at the depth these people have sunk to.  He said that they have the audacity to ask for donations from Israelis and then  turn around and are active in anti-Semitic rallies calling for our murder.  The worst is that they call themselves a peace-seeking organization.  He's afraid that now the security of the area is going to deteriorate due to their activities and provocations.  They have NGO status, and Yossi thinks this should be taken away.  I second that!

Yesh Din gets about 94% of their funding from foreign sources like the European Union who are always against Israel.  In 2011 they received a total of over NIS 4.2 million from Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations-IFA (Germany), Norwegian Refugee council, European Commission, Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland, Oxfam Novib, Open Society Institute, Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, CAFOD and The Moriah Fund Reception.   In 2012 they received over 1.1 million shekels from them, 1.2 million from the Norwegian foreign ministry, 120,000 from Holland's embassy in Israel, and 120,000 from the British foreign Ministry.  Norway has been most active in being anti-Israel.

The PA were at the rally and a senior PA legal official, Samir Dausha,  held up a poster depicting  a dead Jew.  I guess that's their standard now of what they want as a neighbor.

Yesh Din's  job, formed in March 2005,  supposedly was to provide legal assistance to Palestinians.  They also were to monitor and investigate the IDF troops and Israeli settlers suspected crimes against Palestinians.  They were not to accept direct or indirect donations from Israelis or the Palestinian government bodies, but to be independent.

NGO minitor, Gerald Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor, said they are supporting the Palestinian narrative.  They are going along with their story that Israel stole the land and that occupation is the source of the conflict rather than the result.  By believing and acting upon these untrue allegations, they are actually making the Palestinians feel that they don't have to compromise.  How great Abbas must feel to feed such an absurd line to gullible Jews.

A Middle Eastern friend of mine told me that money talks, and that money has the power.  People will do anything for money. You can buy allegiance that way easily in the Middle East.  I didn't think it would affect Israeli Jews, but how wrong I was, at least in this case. I would like a dossier on these members and see where they came from and what sort of education they have had.  I'll bet they are not Sabras (born in Israel) who have been brought up in the public educational system and have learned about their own history.  Why haven't the people who were given the task to oversee such a group done their job?  Such people as government officials and retired high-ranking generals of the IDF like Shulamit Aloni, minister in the Knesset, Shlomo Lahat, retired General, Paul Kedar, retired colonel.  There is no excuse. Get our historians out and have a regular Yeshiva type seminar and teach our history!    Let them ask questions and be ready to explain.  Even our own Israel Advocacy Group through the Portland Jewish Federation can explain our history very well.  Do you need some American Jewish help?  We have an excellent teacher already living in Israel, a new oleh, Charles Schiffman.  He's one who has also been educating people here on a radio program called The Teacher and the Preacher.  He's my favorite teacher.

Arutz Sheva, shock in Samaria:  Israeli Leftists at Anti-Semitic Rally by Maayana Miskin

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