Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chuck Hagel, New Secretary of Defense

The 3rd man of President Barack Hussein Obama's  team  in his cabinet has just been confirmed.  Obama may be happy about it, but many of us are not.  He won by a vote of 58 to 41.  All three were questionable as to Israel's interests with the last, Chuck Hagel (b: October 4, 1946)  of Nebraska, as Secretary of Defense,  raising more shackles of distrust.

Though the relationship between the USA and Israel is unshakable, someone should inform this threesome about it.  For some reason, all three on this platter have shown antagonism of various amounts towards Israel.  However, that must have  got them selected, and the forces that be could not dismiss any of them.

The interesting factor is that Hagel ran as a Republican but is not liked by the Republicans except for four. The  four Republicans that voted for him were Rand Paul of Kentucky, son of  Ron Paul, Independent, who was no surprise.  Both are known to be anti-Israel.  Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Mike Johanns of Nebraska, who decided to back a fellow Nebraskan, and Richard C.Shelby of Alabama were the others. Angus King of Maine and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, both Independents, voted with the Democrats.  Obama had campaigned for Sanders in Vermont.  

Unmoved and among the 58 yea voters were Democrats Ron Wyden  and Jeff Merkley of Oregon. The Senators stuck together, with all Democrats voting for Hagel  and all Republicans against him except these 4 Republicans.

Republicans had many different problems with Hagel.  Problems they had with him were cast as that he was unqualified for the job, hostile toward Israel and soft on Iran.  John McCain of Arizona voiced the opinion that several GOP lawmakers had a lot of ill will towards him for his criticism of President George W. Bush over the Iraq War and for backing Democratic candidates.  Obama, in defense, said that Hagel was one who understood conflict and called him "the leader that our troops deserve."  He had been wounded and had 2 Purple Hearts when an infantry squad leader Sergeant in Vietnam.  The former two term Senator was questioned  and answered poorly, but still got the vote.  He had served in 1996 and again in 2002 as Senator from Nebraska.

Evidently the song by Sarah Vaughan in Damn Yankees got to the Senators: only instead of Lola, it was Obama.  "Whatever Obama wants, Obama gets, and little man,  Obama wants Hagel,  because the Republicans couldn't raise one Democrat to question Hagel's resume.

 Here we have two Republicans at variance;    Hagel,  a  2 term Senator who was a sergeant with 2 Purple Hearts and  we also have John McCain, Senior Senator, Captain in the Air Force and pilot, shot down in Vietnam War and was a prisoner of War for 6 years.  Hagel's objectives are in line with Obama's while McCain ran against the Democrat party and was a presidential candidate with opposing views.  Of course John was never in the running for Secretary of Defense, but he certainly has an admirable resume for it.  .

Resource: Atlas Shrugs Report
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