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When a Self Hating Jew Sides with Known Terrorists: That's Corruption

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                 
In 2008, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) appointed Falk to a six-year term as a United Nations Special Rapporteur on "the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.

"The concept of the ‘self-hating Jew’ strengthens a narrow, ethnocentric view of the Jewish people. It exerts a monopoly over patriotism. It promotes a definition of Jewish identity which relies on the notion of an eternal enemy, and how much more dangerous when that enemy is a fifth column within the group. It plays on real fears of anti-Semitism and at the same time exaggerates the problem by claiming that critical Jews are ‘infected’ by it too.  However, there are ways to be positively critical which can be helpful.  The ways a self-hating Jew does it is destructive and is a decidedly great help to people who want to destroy Israel.  That is the difference.

Such a title on certain people or groups has been used for Jews who are against the stand that Israel has had to take to stay alive and not be "driven into the sea."  Chaim Weizmann once said at the beginning of Israel's existence around 1950 that "he was the president of 3 million presidents."  Jews are not good followers.  They seem to be all empowered with creative active minds that love to solve problems.  I think that there are some that are wearing sunglasses over their minds to keep out the dirty facts of life and what is happening to the one and only Jewish state in the world.  Perhaps they are the Lufmentch spoken about in stories about Chelm  whose minds are up in the clouds.  It's like dividing  people between those who see a glass as half full or half empty.  The difference of not understanding Israel, the only democratic nation in the Middle East is putting its life in jeopardy.  The people who live there are voters, and it's their life that is on the line; not someone living in the USA.  They want to live far more than their enemies who  know that they will go to their heaven and be greeted by 72 virgins.  A Jew toasts with L'chaim (to life).  For us it's life that's precious; not death.

Such a person against Israel is a self-hating Jew, Richard Falk, who was kicked out of the Human Rights Watch.  He is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, so this also adds a layer to his psychological demeanor.  It's well known that this group only discusses Israel in great detail .  It's as if they are the only problem in the world, at a time when Syria, for example, has killed 60,000 of its own people.  But little Israel is the big bogeyman in the world.

The surprise is that the UN Human Rights Council postponed a debate on Israel's alleged violation.  Good grief!  The world went into a "state of apoplexy" when Israel asked for a postponement and "dared to miss a scheduled review session on January 29th.  In fact, as I understand, they decided not to allow the group into Israel at all because every time they have, they are condemned.  It took another group, the UN WATCH, to expose the Human Rights Groups' charges as rank hypocrisy.  Enough is enough!

Come to find out, Richard Falk was scheduled to present his report on Monday, March 18th, their day against Israel that has become a permanent feature of every session.  However, he will be skipping his scheduled appearance and postponing his report by several months.  Now the council will postpone their attack on Israel as well.  Their anti-Israel lobby  knows of a competing report on settlements they will use instead.  .

Falk had angered Ramallah (Abbas of Fatah) with his report's grant of UN standing with Hamas, who is thought of as the enemy of Fatah at times.  He had made stinging remarks about the PA and leader Mahmoud Abbas.  That is a switch, picking on one one the Palestinian groups.  It gives Israel and Fatah one thing in common, now: the chastisement from Falk!  But he's in agreement with Hamas!  They're the terrorists of the terrorists.  Falk had said that Hamas should do the investigations, and here  they are,  the vice to Fatah.  There is this pecking order Falk is not following.  Zuhairi, Palestinian deputy ambassador,  was very upset by this.  So he was thinking of blocking Falk's report anyway.

The council's so-called debates on Israel take on the process of a Stalinist show trial where the verdict is delivered in advance, and rapists and murderers parade as the prosecutors of justice.  They use a double standard about Israel in the first place.  The group is usually made up of Arab Muslims who have decided that Israel must be destroyed anyway.  They are not capable of deciding a thing about Israel fairly.  They display a "pathological prejudice against Israel" which makes the whole body of the UN's reputation stink.  With Richard Falk, who has been the worst accuser of all, it is quite realistic to call him a self-hating Jew.

We have no time for such people as Falk and other self-hating Jews. Maybe they don't care if there's a Jewish state in the world but 6 million Jews living there are dependant on it.   Even J Street has to realize a few facts.  " This has been war. Palestinian rockets have been slamming into major Israeli cities and we're only in a cease fire right now.  Israeli aircraft and  armor were firing on Gaza. A bombing rocked Jerusalem. All over the south, people have been taking cover since 2006 and praying.  The disgruntled should either move to Israel and vote, or start reading and joining classes to learn more about the situation.

I had moved to Israel in 1980 because I wanted to help.  I realized that this was the first time since we lost our country in 70 CE that we had a state where people could live without being treated with anti-Semitism.    The first time to have our own state in 2,000 years!  I was 13 years old then, the year of my confirmation!  Think of that.  After suffering in the Holocaust and losing 6 million people!  In our lifetime, Israel's life is the most important thing we can do to help.  Why would anybody hinder?   Every day it exists is a fight against tyranny.  So I kvetch when I see my native country act in any harmful way against Israel, whether by the President, or any on his council or any UN group and especially Richard Falk.

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