Saturday, February 2, 2013

Palestinian Refugee Camps: The Longest Game of Chess in the World

Nadene Goldfoot
Without the Palestinians in refugee camps in the Middle East, what could the Arab hold against Jews?  It's the "cornerstone in the Arab struggle against Israel."    Originally in 1949, there were about a half a million Arab refugees, from 472,000 to 600,000; people who left their homes at the direction of their leaders with the promise of a quickly fought war with the outcome that they would get the property of the defeated Jews of newly created Israel.  They only fled a few miles away and were still among people of their own language, religion and culture.

Well, they have multiplied while sitting in camps eightfold at least.  A band of Muslim rulers owning millions of square miles and great oil wealth have refused to take in any of these "refugees."  They are using them as pawns against the Jewish state, and the people themselves are complicit in the fight against Israel.  The UNRWA has been convinced that they should be complicit and aid and abet the leaders by creating this condition of dependency so they pay these refugees out of the money the USA pays into the UN. It's gone on for 64 years.   There has been no attempt to integrate these refugees into the Arab world.  From planning for 652,000 Arab refugees in 1948 to 2011's 5 million refugees, the budget in 2011-2011 was for $1.23 billion dollars.  The USA is the biggest contributor.  

We are now seeing descendants of refugees and their children and their children.  Israel  has 3,000,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands in their country, taken in right away in 1948.  Jordan, a Hashemite Kingdom originating as Transjordan in 1946 with his grandfather, King Abdullah I,  had a battle with Palestinians called Black September  from September 1970 to July 1971 with the PLO.  Jordan killed from 3,400 to 20,000 PLO and 600 Syrians while they lost 82 soldiers.    There was no such thing as a Goldstone Report against Jordan for their low casualty number.  Jordan's King Abdullah II in turn married a Palestinian, now Queen Rania, born in Kuwait but to Palestinian parents, one of the most beautiful women in the world   However, the king stated that he refuses to take anymore into his land of 34,445 square miles, and has over 5,568,565 population now with 95% Sunnis, their state religion. He already has 1,951,603 Palestinian refugees in Jordan of which 338,000 live in camps.  In Jordan  approximately 40% of UNWRA-registered Palestinian refugees have acquired full citizenship rights.  

Israel's land is only 8,000 square miles and they now have a little over 7 million people of which 6 million are Jews. Those some 85% of the Arab population in Israel that left went to Judea/Samaria, Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. There are 58 registered refugee camps and 10 more were created after 1967.  Jordan has created camps for Syrians who have fled their civil war.

At the same time, the Arabs kicked out the Jews from their country, so Israel took in 700,000 Jews and quickly found quarters for them.  That was about the same number of Arabs leaving in order to give their fellow neighbor's soldiers time to slaughter Jews and overtake their property.

Other people haven't treated refugees this way.  India had a war with the Muslims in their land which led to the creation of Pakistan in 1947.  The Korean War that involved Americans lasted from 1950-1953.  It was a time that American high school seniors were ejected from class and placed in the army.  Both situations led to more than 20 million refugees.  Most were reabsorbed within one generation.  "On taking up citizenship in another country, refugees lose their refugee status.   Decades ago, Jewish Palestinian refugees took up citizenship in Israel and in other countries;   they and their descendants are no longer refugees."  That's how Israel happens to have 1.4 million Arab citizens.

The census in 1945 of all of Palestine showed that there were 1.2 million permanent Arabs living in all of Palestine which included Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem.  160,000 stayed in the newly formed Israel and are today's citizens.  Arab leaders have been something else.  They have consistently been denying land offered for their own Palestinian state since 1948 when they denied the partition plan of Palestine.  The Arab governments also refuse to allow the resettlement of the Palestinians.  In this they have evidence of how terrible it is to allow Israel's existence.  They have now made further demands that would extinguish the Jewish state.  They offer no compromise for peace.  

Resource:  Jews and Power by Ruth R. Wisse

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