Friday, March 1, 2013

EU's Condemnation About Building in East Jerusalem

Nadene Goldfoot
The EU heads really have no understanding of why Jews are building in Jerusalem.  They've taken on such an unbalanced and partisan attitude of being on the Palestinian side and against Israel.  It appears to me that this attitude really hasn't changed very much since WWI.   Ever since 1967, all of Jerusalem has been Israel's capital once again.  That's 46 years of being a part of Israel, and if they owned land for that long, what right would anyone have to say that they couldn't build on their own property?

The Palestinians can keep on yelling and crying that they want East Jerusalem  for their state, but they also keep hedging about signing the rights to it (peace accords), so they have no say in the matter.  Where this land belonged to our ancestors back to Moses in about 1391-1271 BCE, and our people have been praying daily since then not to forget Jerusalem, the Palestinians have had no such connection to it.   Also, what European country would be willing to give away 1/4th of their city to their enemy?  How about Paris?  To make it more complicated, Jerusalem isn't any old city like Paris, either.  It has a deep religious meaning to the Jewish people.  It's a part of our heart and soul and we do not want it ripped out of our bodies or the state of Israel.

If the Palestinians were really serious about wanting to be Israel's neighbor and live in peace with them, they would have accepted the first offer of having a state back in 1948, but they keep on refusing.  Refusing for what?  They refuse because their goal is to take over all of Israel, of which they would not have a clue about handling.  G-d forbid if that ever happened, the land would turn back into swamp and desert as our new generation of Jews found it in the 1880's when pioneers returned to work the land midst mosquitoes and raiding Bedouins.  Jews have made the land shine like a diamond.  Building is an upkeep and an asset for it.  Yet the EU heads just listen to the purveyors of future oil markets and think about what deals they will make out of the land and the Palestinians at the helm.

After leaving Gaza after all the push from EU, USA, etc. for the sake of peace and being hit constantly since that fatal move by rockets, mortars and missiles, Israel realizes that it was a grave mistake. From 2005 to 2012 Southern Israel was hit by 15,047 rockets, mortars and missiles.  Europe would call that war.

 On August 17, 2005, Israel moved out every single Jew, 1700 families which cost the government $900 million to do so.  They came from 21 settlements and this included even moving the deceased from graveyards.  There were 166 farmers in this population that were producing $120 million in  crops and flowers for Israelis and for export.  Arabs tore all their work apart after they left.

   So now for the EU to report that Israeli construction in Jerusalem is deliberately done to so as to prevent dividing the city so that the new Palestine could get East Jerusalem is not accurate.  It's progress for the city.  We are a people who believe in LIFE,  and we go on.

One should not forget that right now the Palestinian concept of their state is to be Judenrein, meaning that not one Jew will be allowed to live in their state.  Israel contains 1.4 million Palestinian Arabs.  Israel has not demanded that the Muslim Arabs move out of East Jerusalem but are improving this section from its rule by Jordan from before 1967.  It is a Democratic country.  These Palestinian neighbors-to-be are not compatible friends like Canada and the USA.  They originate from completely  differing religions, philosophies, viewpoints and histories.  There are already 48 Muslim majority countries while Israel is the only Jewish state in the whole world.

Israel feels that Jewish population areas are not the crux of the problem in the peace process with the Palestinian Arabs.  They're not about to make the same mistake as before by withdrawing their people from an area.

Besides that, The Palestinians have yet to accept Israel in the Middle East so have been as belligerent as they can be by fighting, killing and overall presenting themselves as the worst possible neighbors a country could possibly have.  Accepting Israel must be first on the agenda of the peace process.  Secondly, Jerusalem belongs to Israel, all of it, east, west, north and south.  It was King David's city.

Calling for action against Jewish villages and towns?  Is this such a sin when over in Syria 70,000 people have been killed by their own president?    Really!  Going on with life and making it better is a lot different than killing off one's people because they want an input about their life.  In Israel, all are living in a Democratic society.  Europeans should get themselves educated.  Right now I feel like Leroy Jethro Gibbs wanting to thump  Tony DiNozzo over the head for being stupid in NCIS.  I'd like to thump some sense into these EU heads.

Resource:  Robert Tait and Andrew Rettman in Daily Alert

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