Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UN's Human Rights Conference About Israel Coming Up

Nadene Goldfoot
There will soon be a meeting with the OSCE's annual Human Rights conference put on through the United Nations in Warsaw, Poland.  

What was the United Nations created for?  “The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. It contains multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions.”

It honored Israel’s creation by voting for its admission into the world of nations.  What has it done for her since?  Sit back and watch her being attacked incessantly.  Today, some of these organizations would like to see the destruction of this tiny Democratic Jewish state as it differs in religion and politics with its neighbors, even though 1.4 million Muslims are citizens and are enjoying a Democratic lifestyle that certainly differs from their neighbors.  Many of the very nations at the top of the Human Right agenda are nations against Israel.

In order for nations to learn to live together in peace, Way back in 1391-1271 BCE, G-d gave them through Moses,  10 commandments so they would have something to evaluate themselves with and to know just exactly what to do to be civilized.  These ways of conducting our behavior are a good 3,400 years old, now, but I see that people still are having a hard time accepting them.  .

 According to our tradition, G-d offered all of the commandments to all the people of the earth and the Jews were the only ones to accept the total package of ten including 613 more you haven’t even heard of.  Our story is that we wound up accepting all ten  because we were the lowliest of nations and our successes in life would be attributed to G-d’s might and not our own ability.  Jews may be the chosen people, but chosen to carry a very heavy burden to light the way. It seems to me that the most important commandment as far as the UN is concerned in their responsibilities to world order is #10.  Israel, out of all the nations, tries to follow these laws.

Starting with #10: the Prohibition of Coveting.  This means not to want things belonging to your neighbor.  Israel spent many years in meetings in order to create The Jewish Homeland, Israel.  They did it legally through the United Nations. The land was deserted and barren, waiting for their return.   The whole world has been guilty of breaking this law since time began by attacking other nations in wanting what they have produced.  It’s going on right now between the Palestinians and Israel.  The Palestinians have warred ever since Israel came to be established on May 14, 1948 and was accepted as a state in good standing by the United Nations.. The Palestinians haven’t stopped their attacks on Israel.   They want Israel, all of it.  That’s coveting.  They are the aggressors.  It doesn’t count to strike back at people who try to kill you as Israel has had to do.  They are defending their people and their lives.

#9: Harming a person through speech.  YOU ARE TO ESTABLISH COURTS OF JUSTICE; This is going on all the time.  You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor and this  includes saying lies about your neighbor. Iran is so guilty of this, denying that Jews were ever in the land.   This includes propaganda that is slanderous.  It’s part and parcel of war against your neighbor.  Goldstone finally did admit, ““Israel has a right of self-defense to protect its citizens against attacks. If more rockets had landed on kindergartens, the consequences would have been quite horrendous.”  Today schools in southern Israel must have portable bomb shelters as they are hit so often.  Right now the people of southern Israel cannot go 15 seconds away from a bomb shelter.  In the much biased report that Goldstone handed into the UN, he harmed Israel tremendously by his sloppy and one sided report against Israel.  Though he has gone back and admitted he was wrong in his findings, he has done irreparable harm to Israel.  Her enemies refuse to read the edited edition.  He still has a ways to go and admitted lack of staff.  “Goldstone defended his commission during a nearly one-hour question and answer session, saying he was limited in staff, time and resources. He also expressed dismay that Israeli government and military officials refused to cooperate with him.” When Israel found itself accused of premeditated war crimes, it was shocked. It considered fighting that charge a priority.  Israel had found it unbelievable that nations could not understand that after being tortured with shelling for so many years since 2001 that it did not have the right to protect itself and put a stop to such shelling.

Sitting in judgement against Israel in the United Nations are the African  States of Angola, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso (50% Muslim) , Congo, Libya (97% Muslim) , Mauritania (99.99% Muslim) , and Uganda with Cameroon, Djibouti, Mauritius, Nigeria  and Senegal’s period being up in 2012.  Possible replacements are Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Gabon, Kenya and Sierra Leone (60% Muslim).

The Asia Pacific States serving are : India, Indonesia (86.1% Muslim), Kuwait (85% Muslim), Malaysia (60.4% Muslim), Maldives (100% Muslim), Qatar(77.5% Muslim), Philippines and Thailand with Bangladesh, China, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan and Saudi Arabia’s period up 2012..  Possible replacements for them are Japan, Kazakhstan (70.2% Muslim), Pakistan (97% Muslim), Korea and United Arab Emirates (76% Muslim).  The United States is sending a representative who is Muslim and is the head of Muslim affairs in the USA, Salam Al Marayati,  and he  had accused Israel of being a possible suspect in 9/11's atrocity in NYC. I'd say that he is already narrow minded in his outlook about Israel's problems.  

Hope is that other countries on the committee will be more responsive to actual facts as the Muslim states all stick together.  .

#8.  Theft, you shall not steal.  NOT TO COMMIT ROBBERY; This includes outright robbery and stealing by deception and unethical business practices, kidnapping people included.  So many people have broken this one.  Even in wartime, it is not right to kidnap soldiers, which has happened to Gilad Shalit of Israel when he was held through kidnapping.  Nothing was done to help Israel in this situation, either.

3,400 year old laws that the United Nations has not been able to address and help out the oldest people on earth, the Jewish people, in three of the basic ten that are so important to countries.
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Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad"
From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters

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