Monday, October 15, 2012

Reasons Why Israel-Palestinian Problem Has Nothing to Do With Zionism

Nadene Goldfoot
I’m getting tired proving Israel’s right to exist to people who prefer to think the worst about Jews, and Israel was created as a Jewish state-the Jewish Homeland. To accept Israel's right to exist is to be a Zionist. Zion was the ideal nation or society envisaged by Judaism; the synonym of heaven or Utopia.  That's what our forefathers envisioned for their new state.  Three times is the charm.    Israel was a state way back in the Bible days along with a 2nd Jewish state, Judea.  After Romans attacked in 70 CE, Jews lost their state of Judea though many continued to live within the 2 states.  The rest were scattered throughout the world.  Jews have wandered and suffered for 2,000 years culminating in their close extinction with 6 million killed.  Today there are 1.4 million Arabs that are also citizens of Israel.  Their forefathers did not turn on Israel and run when Israel was attacked by all the surrounding Arab nations.  They stayed, helped, and became part of us.  They're in the Knesset, our schools, our neighbors and friends.  Some even fight with us in our army.

After much work in years of meetings with Great Britain, who held a mandate over the former land of Israel, Jews were promised their old land back to form a new Jewish Homeland.  Consequences came to be that the English also promised land to the Arabs as well.  Results were that Jews were given a small fraction of what was originally planned for them

The Arabs’ attitude first off was of acceptance and excitement of what Jews could do for the neglected land to  that of being incensed and not capable of accepting their “cousins” back home and has been that of constant war even before Israel’s new birth May 14, 1948.  They have denied their people the historic facts that brought about Israel.  They even deny that Jews today are the descendants of Jews in the past while yet denying the historic past.  Israel has had to endure many attacks and has come out the victor in wars reminiscent of David and Goliath.  Now the Arabs and world have convinced themselves that Israel doesn’t even have the right to land lost by the attackers, which is Judea and Samaria, though Arabs still live there and govern themselves with provisos not to attacks Israelis.  .  Giving up the land of Gaza has only given these bullies a place to attack Israel..  Whether we take it or give it, the results are the same; unacceptance of our existence.  And why?  Because so much  of the world goes along with their insanity. It’s the tired man’s way out.    

As traumatic the event was when Moses received the 10 Commandments on Mt. Sinai resulting in Jews having a strong will to keep their faith against Christianity and Islam, the World Wars I and II seem to have changed the makeup of Europeans.  They lack the energy to fight off aggressiveness they had in the past during the advancing empires trying to take over the world.  They have caved into pressures and are taking the least resistance of political powers as seen in UN meetings..  After what they had endured, it can be understood, so it has brought about the European Union with good and bad points.  Something that started out as good for their common economy which is now going through debate, it is creating a unified attitude that seems to be against Israel’s right to exist, an existence already decided that Israel had been accepted by the UN.  That seems to be a forgotten fact today with the present rulers of the exalted group.

Much of Europe and even parts of our USA government are caving into pressures of the Arabs of Islam to do away with Israel.  Instead of standing up to Israel’s right to exist, they kowtow to the rich oil states in agreements and bows, which only make them weaker in the eyes of the Arabs.

This beautiful planet’s nations have debased themselves to be like Sodom and Gomorrah.  What is it going to take to save this planet from going up in atomic smoke?  For people who have lost the ability to tell right from wrong, I think it won’t happen until it affects them personally.

So I say to my Muslim friends outside of Israel, instead of finding fault with Israelis, why not tell the Palestinians to accept Israel in their midst and to get along and work together.  What have they done to improve the world in their nations?  They accept the fact that they can kill each other but scream bloody heck if Israel defends itself against the offenses from their people.

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