Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jews and Native Americans Genetic Connection

Nadene Goldfoot
Some of my very distant relatives are Native Americans.  I found this out through genetic testing.  My father carries genes from his father and he carries them from his father and so on down the line of men.  This is the Ydna that tells what haplogroup they are.  Our haplogroup has turned out to be Q1b1a, and we are Jewish.  This little twig of the Q branch happens to be 5% of the male Jewish population of today.  My grandfather lived in Lithuania and immigrated to Idaho, then moved onto Portland, Oregon.  I have reason to believe that his ancestors were in Lithuania in Telsiai, and possibly before in Poland for a long long time.

How did we connect with Native Americans?  It happened pretty far back.  Q haplogroup that we came from originated in Siberia, Mongolia and parts of Turkey.  Q's came off of an even older branch called P (M45).  Native Americans that match with us are Q1a3a, and Q1a3a1.

The Q's originated 17,000 to 22,000 years ago in Central Asia, the Indian sub continent, and Siberia.  Q1's (P36.2) and Q M242 are the tags given to Q's.  There are more than a dozen subclades, or twigs off the Q branch, which we Jews and the Native Americans are.  This happened way before Abraham.  The Jewish calendar only goes back 5772 years ago.

I remember being in a restaurant a long time ago and seeing a very pretty olive skinned lady wearing a few Native American pieces of jewelry talking to a friend and she was also wearing a star of David.  She was saying that they were also connected to Jews.  This was way before the entrance of dna.  I wonder how she might have come to this conclusion, being she was right.

One thing, we both come from cultures of tribes.Our history's highlight was the 12 tribes stemming from   Jacob.  The 12 sons became 12 tribes.  Then we were left with only 2 as 10 were taken away by the Assyrians.  Babylonians did their share later by taking away many of our people, some of which were able to return to us much later.   Then again, I think all people started off in family groups that grew into tribes.  Even Britain had tribes first.  We've both done a lot of wandering.  We were warriors.

Indians with Q haplogroup crossed the Bering Straits about 15,000 years ago in small groups from the colder climates of Siberia and north of the Altai Mts.  They are found in the cold climates in the Na-Dene (50%) , Inuit, and Indigenous Alaskan areas (46%) down to many of the South American Indians. Their haplogroup has been Q1a3a1.  They were the ones that first came to North America.  Q M3 makes up 83% of South American Indians.   Not all Indians bear this haplogroup, but most do.   Others found are R1 and C3.  95% of Native Americans belong to one of these 3 groups.

23&Me, a dna company located in California, found that I have 0.23% of my genes from Asian sources and 99.77% from European sources.  This was a test they have for native American genes.  Being Jewish and not having any Native American ancestors that I know about recently, I think this reflects by Q Jewish ancestry.

Resource:  interesting results here

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