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Muslim Leader Qaradawi Calls Jews Monkeys and Pigs

Nadene Goldfoot
“Today the Jews are not the Israelites praised by Allah,  but the descendants of the Israelites who defied His word. Allah was angry with them and turned them into monkeys and pigs….There is no doubt that the battle in which the Muslims overcome the Jews [will come]....In that battle the Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them." Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi.  So proclaimed the head Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood religious leader who has been living in Qatar as an honored guest.  

What kind of man would utter such nonsense?  One that has been programmed to hate Jews to the point of being an utter fool.  To even have the gall to say that your beloved prophet, whose message you follow turned the people of the book into monkeys and pigs is dishonoring him.  How can you follow such a man who states that Allah would turn a people into animals?  That's the stuff of fairy tales.  Come to think of it, it could be found in the Arabian Nights.  

Mohammad came from a tribe that was pagan.  Arabia at the time in 570-632 CE was a mishmash of cultures and religions.  He belonged to the Quraysh tribe, based in Mecca that was a center of trade and pilgrimage.  His tribe were traders with the pilgrims.  The Ka'bah housed many pagan idols, the main one being the image of the god Hubal.  Local gods of all the tribes in the area were represented in the shrine along with other idols with trees and stones nearby.  One of the gods was called "Allah" and may have been a tribal god of the Quraysh.  They also had 3 goddesses, al-Lat, al-Uzza and Manat.  Blood feuds were frequent in this land, and the people became harsh and unyielding.  Women were chattel, girls were married off at the age of  7 or 8 and female infanticide was common.  Women were regarded as a financial liability.  

Of course Jews didn't all convert to Islam.  Many were living in Saudi Arabia in Jewish tribes that were in existence then in the 600's CE.  Mohammad came along and it was either his way or the highway.  Many Jews were beheaded because they said they were happy being Jewish and didn't want to convert.  I suppose others saw what happened and did convert.  So we'll find, no doubt, that some Muslims were originally Jewish.  

Mohammad did a number on copying his new religion from Judaism.  The resemblances between the two are obvious. 
1.  Both have systems of religious law.  
2. Both have daily prayers and dietary laws.
3. Both are purely monotheistic faiths.

Jews do not think of Muslims as idolators.  In the Middle Ages Jews thought that if a Jew was forced to embrace Islam, they should not suffer martyrdom as by doing this he would not be forced to worship idols.  

The main differences between Judaism and Islam is that Islam, like Christianity, while accepting G-d's revelation to Israel, believes that the Torah has been superseded.  Islam believes that Mohammad is the true prophet and the Koran the new sacred book.  Judaism says that the Torah is true for all time and has not been and never will be substituted by another faith.  Judaism spread through the family's growth.  Jews have not proselytized since the days of the Hasmonean rulers around Judea, the Galilee and Idumea.  In the 1st century CE the royal house of Adiabene  became Jews.  The Roman Empire experienced people converting to Judaism  like Aquila, and Flavius Clemens.  The Khazarian Empire near Russia in the 8th and 9th Century CE  listened to speakers of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  Their Royal House chose Judaism and did not require others to join them  Sammy Davis, black singer and dancer in USA converted to Judaism on his own.  Our response was, "Oy vey!  Does he know what he's asking for?  Black and Jewish?  He doesn't have enough problems already?"  On the other hand, Islam spread by Arab conquests.  

Judaism rejects totally the religion of Islam as a false religion.  However, we feel we can learn from their Islamic teachers.  Our rabbinic doctrine of the righteous of the nations, who keep  the 7 laws of the sons of Noah which are against theft and murder and other things, have a share in the world to come.  If Muslims live up to the highest demands of their own faith they belong among the righteous of the nations.

For us Jews, the Jewish community looks disapprovingly at someone who embraces Islam.  They are considered to be a meshummad, a renegade, who has forsaken the truth and has been disloyal to the people of Israel, the Jews.  

The Torah was written by Moses from G-d in about 2,000 BCE.  Mohammad came along in 570 CE and died 632 CE.  Mohammad changed the characters in retelling the story of Abraham to star Ishmael instead of Isaac. This is a big difference.  It's like making the villain the hero.  Mohammad borrowed a great deal of our Torah characters for his Koran.  They also gave Abraham a new job as being the builder of the Ka'ba in Saudi Arabia.  Noah, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus are among other prophets who were the forerunners of Mohammad.  They have taken to revering tombs in Israel as theirs.  The mosque on the Temple mount in Jerusalem they say was the "farthest mosque" reached by Mohammad on his famous night journey and now is regarded as their holy place where Jews cannot pray.  Their legends absorbed much material from the Jewish Midrash..  

.  When Jews resisted in converting to Islam, Mohammad inserted many lines divulging his developed hatred for people who didn't idolize him and follow him willingly.  That's where we see the commandment of killing a Jew who most likely will be under a rock or behind a tree.  (That tells you what the environment in Saudi Arabia was like; made up of rocks, boulders and trees.  Where were buildings?) I ask why we weren't hiding in a building?   It also tells you that if a Jew was still in the neighborhood, they had to keep their Jewishness a secret.  

Jews living in Arab countries lived as 2nd class citizens, however, as dhminnis under more extreme penalizing laws, like paying more taxes than others. Dhminnis meant the people of the book, protected but guilty people, differing from Hindus and Buddhists who were later awarded dhminni status.  Their Islamic law said that Jews and Christians were not equals of Muslims.  There was an Abdullah bin Ubayy who pleaded with Mohammad for the lives of a Jewish tribe but instead, Mohammad grew angrier.  He said he had a revelation and put them under a curse and said that most could not be trusted.  Jews were able to live in Arab countries up till the creation of Israel and then had to leave. Most all removed to Israel.  

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