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Why Israel Must Blockade the Gazan Onslaught

Nadene Goldfoot                                       

I certainly hope this is just fake news, but Batya Jerenberg from World Israel News just reported that Donald Trump has a peace plan not yet presented.  This plan includes an Israeli withdrawal from parts of Jerusalem.  Those parts withdrawn would be the capital of the future state of Palestine.
I wonder if Netanyahu knows about this?   So far, US officials are denying the report.  I hope one of the officials is Jared Kushner.

The US is also denying the report.  However, the Ma'ariv newspaper reported that Liberman, Israel's Defense Minister, was told about the plan when he visited Washington just last week.  He had met with John Bolton and James Mattis, Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt.  The Ma'ariv, an old newspaper, has been in financial troubles.  Perhaps it's trying to gain attention.

This plan also includes internationalizing Jerusalem's Holy Basin.  This wouldn't go over with any Israelis, left or right.  For all this, Trump promises support for Israel both politically and militarily if she tangles with either Iran or Syria.  Good grief, but this if true, will not go over with anyone.
Israel is constantly accused of living on ‘occupied land’. According to International Law this is a total misrepresentation of the true legal status of Israel. According to the last legally binding document regarding the West Bank and Gaza, the Jews can settle anywhere between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea. In return, they were not to “prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine”. But subsequent Arab aggression against Israel has made such peaceful co-existence impossible todate.
Two out of 20,000
Palestinian Burning Trump's picture in Gaza border demonstration
Personally, I'm not ready to have a Palestine in Jerusalem or any part of Israel.  The leaders of today's Palestinian Arabs are Hamas, a terrorist organization.  Every Friday-their holy day- have mobilized tens of thousands of demonstrators who really know how to demonstrate, wildly out of control.  They have created a MARCH OF RETURN towards Israel from Gaza, so that's not  very far as the border bumps into Israel.  They try to destroy the fence separating them and cross Israel's internationally recognized border.  They want and have been trying to destroy the Jewish majority of Israel through a RETURN of all the many many descendants now of the original Arabs who became refugees at their leaders bidding for the 1948 attack on the Jews at the announcement of their state's creation.

Jews waited for 2,000 years for their return.  Even at that, they had to wait 30 years while Britain held the mandate over it up to the very date of May 14, 1948.  When Britain left, they left Jews without weapons, they thought, at the mercy of all the neighboring Arab countries.  War did break out, their War of Independence which started even earlier in 1947 on November 29th.  Arabs became violent when the United Nations resolution on Palestine decided to create Israel.  This particular war lasted until the signing of the Armistice Agreements in 1949.  We've had patience galore and right now Israel is celebrating its 70th birthday.

Israel has gone through many wars since their first.  There was The Sinai War in 1956,  The Six Day War in 1967, The War of Attrition of 1968 to 1970; 1973's Yom Kippur War,  1982, and more and more.  I was in Safed when we had to go into Lebanon to stop terrorists from attacking.  My friend was trapped in the next town in the bomb shelter while they were being attacked in 1982.  I baked cakes to feed our soldiers while they rushed to give aid.
Wounded Palestinian from clashing with soldiers
being taken to medics 

Today with our border being attacked not by soldiers but by violent demonstrators. Europe and the world just doesn't get it that Israel's lives are again on the line and that these demonstrators show no sign of relenting and become more violent.  They've been warned and warned to stop, but keep on incurring physical harm from Israeli soldiers doing their job of trying to keep them back on their side of the fence.
IDF briefing facing Gaza March 29, 2018
 These planned protests have lasted over the last month already.  European officials scream that Israel is using disproportionate force.  Really?  Israel is facing something unique like the Mongol Horde attack. It's horrible but never makes CNN or NBC's news.   The Palestinian's massive attackers are using firebombs to attack Israelis and then have burning kites that they let go, aiming them into Israel to set fires in the fields of crops and homes.  This is an intolerable threat to this little tiny country.  How do you stop such a human whirlwind, a massive oncoming fence of humans?  What would China do?
Every single border of Israel is under threat.  Palestinians never give up trying to penetrate Israel's defenses.  They've used tunnels, missiles, rockets and these have come out of  Gaza and even Lebanon. There have been thousands of rockets aimed at Israel sitting in Syria.
Lately, horrible threats have been coming from Iran who now has planted themselves in neighbor Lebanon's and Syria's land, so they are even closer than ever.  Iran's plan has been to surround Israel's borders with "THE GOLDEN RING IN THE CHAIN OF RESISTANCE," so says their Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei.
Israel is the only Jewish state in the world.  It is also one of the smallest states in the world.  Israel is David and the world is Goliath, not the other way around, even though Europe wants to pretend that the Palestinians are being attacked by the mean old Jews.   It takes everyone of Israeli's citizens to keep on defending their tiny country, males and females from the time they are 18 till they're olden.  They practice every year when they are veterans.  When I was in Safed, everyone was immediately called in except me-a new immigrant.  At that time a soldier was in till he was 55, I believe.   I was a teacher in the junior high, so immediately rushed back to school to teach as all the others were called into service in 1982.  I saw a unit of old white haired men of ours march up the street so we knew we had someone there to defend us, G-d forgive.
The Mavi Marmara from Turkey with armed passengers
there to break Israel's blockade by

bringing arms to Palestinians
Israeli patrol boats near Ashdod, Israel 
The UN came down hard  on Israel when the Turkish ship, the MAVI MARMARA, was in the act of trying to break Israel's sea blockade of Gaza because weapons were being brought for the Palestinians to wage war on Israelis.  Remember, Israel gave up Gaza for the Palestinians in the name of peace.  That was supposed to be a promised guarantee.  Ha!  Israeli sailors boarded to inspect and the rebels attacked them.  In the act, some of the ships occupants were killed with others wounded.  The Israeli sailors reacted swiftly when attacked by these passengers and their weapons.    Israel was preventing missiles from being brought in and that's what they were looking for.  The passengers were armed.  Europe tried to sell the idea that Israel had killed peaceful humanitarian aid workers and so had committed a war crime.  I suppose they were all singing Kum By Yah, too.  They in truth they were armed as much as Israel's sailors.                                                                   
Israeli boat in Red Sea patrolling

After an inquiry a year later, the UN acknowledged that the sailors had faced organized violence.  They also decided that Israel had the right to board the ship as well as to make the blockade.  This was their self defense that is a part of international law, after all.  Probably nobody knows or remembers this pardon.  Accusations are always remembered by the masses.

Central Americans have just tried to enter the USA in about a 600 massive onslaught from Mexico,but with a much different purpose in mind.  This group is crying asylum from criminals in their country and want to live in peace.  They are too much for the immigration people to handle, which will take time to vet them correctly.

Israel, on the other hand, is trying to keep back invaders who want to kick them out and take over by their presence which is helping their Arab leaders who still dream of such a thing.  Palestinians have wasted the past 70 years in showing Israel how much the don't want to be peaceful neighbors.
What Trump should encourage is for the Palestinians to first change their written compact of never recognizing Israel and their  NO NO NO's as a state to recognizing her. Then they must write up their goals of what they will do to bring about peace between the two peoples.  Heavens knows that Israel has done this over and over.  A Palestinians state has never been in existence and never should have even been considered until vast changes had been made in the attitudes of the people involved.  Europe is trying to bring 2 vastly different people together in one small area of land.  One feels life is worthless and will trade it in a heartbeat in exchange for the guarantee of getting 72 virgins out of the deal up in their idea of heaven, and Jews, on the other hand value life and not death.  Palestinian men make it a practice to hide behind their women and children, then antagonize Israelis by shooting at them.  They hid their weaponry in schools.   Israelis will do everything they can to preserve life, and they have no intention of putting their own at great peril.
Buchenwald Concentration Camp survivors arrive in Haifa to be arrested by the British, 15 July 1945Buchenwald was also made infamous by Ilse Koch, wife of camp commandant Karl Koch. Frau Koch had a fancy for prisoners' tattoos, and would often have these flayed from the victims and preserved, sometimes as lampshades.

Brits wouldn't allow Jews into Palestine during WWII,

and other countries wouldn't let them in because they hadn't been baptized

into Christianity:  They had no baptism certificates.  

Britain had been asked to help Jews create their Jewish Homeland

but helped the Arabs instead to enter Palestine. Some managed to be snuck into
Palestine by other Jews.  We had 650,000 there by May 14, 1948, about the same
number that arrived with Moses in 1271 BCE being 600,000.  
Israel had to live through 30 years that were terrible before they had their own state once again, a state that  once existed with King Saul from the 11th Century BCE  till the Roman occupation of Jerusalem and their destroying the Jews' 2nd Temple and burning of Jerusalem in 70 CE.   

Palestinians are showing their own people that they really don't have their best interests at heart in their planning at all.  Its the Europeans and the rest of the world that haven't caught on to this.   Some of the Palestinians are already wising up.  

Update:  from Israel:  BREAKING: Muslim terrorists have torched the pipes on the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom humanitarian border crossing, through which Israel provides, fuel, gas, medicine, food and all other goods to the people of Gaza. When Hamas complains that Gaza is not getting fuel for its power station, remind them that they had sent their people to destroy the pipes.

PS, I haven't a clue as to why the Arabs in Gaza have been demonstrating in the first place.  Their own Hamas terrorists, who they voted in, are in charge of Gaza, not Israel.  Of course, they force Israel to pay for their electricity being they use all the money donated to them from other Arab countries and probably other countries as well, for building tunnels and such  destructive rebellious acts against Israel.  And why, I ask, are they still so negative?  What reason?  Because they don't own it.   They don't own Israel.  They want it.  They don't want to do anything else but play this same card over and over and over and over.  

Yossi Klein Halaevi, New York Times Article:
Batya Jerenberg, World Israel News

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