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TIMELINE of Attacks on Israel by its Arab Neighbors

Nadene Goldfoot                                             
Yizhak Rabin, General and Prime Minister 2 Times from the Left's Labor Party
b: March 1, 1922, Assassinated November 4, 1995
Prime Minister 1974-1977 and 1992-1995
Yizhak Rabin, 1993, said, " We have come from a people...that has not known a single year--not a single month--in which mothers have not wept for their sons."

1920-1921  Arab Riots and terrorism in the early Mandate Period.  Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Palestinian leader, fomented riots against Jews.  In the 1920 riots, 6 Jews were killed and 200 wounded,   In 1921,   43 Jews were killed and 147 wounded.  First fighters, later to be the Haganah, formed by Jews for defense-later to be the IDF (Israel Defense Force).

1929 Massacres instigated again by Haj Amin al-Husseini.  Arab mobs attacked Jews living in Safed, Jaffa and Kfar Darom, the kibbutz near the Gaza Strip.  Hebron, a Jewish community centuries old was destroyed, 67 Jews slaughtered.  Rape, torture, beheadings of babies and mutilation of Jews happened.  British High Commissioner John Chancellor write that it was the worst horror happened in a few hundred years.  135 Jews killed, 350 maimed or wounded.

1936-1939  Great Arab Revolt.  Nazi Germany supported Haj Amin al-Husseini and this led to a 3 year rebellion against the British who held a 30 year mandate from the end of WWI over Palestine.  The revolt of course was also against the Jews (to receive their Jewish Homeland out of Palestine in 30 years) Arabs wanted to end Jewish immigration and land purchases.  415 Jews killed, 200 Brits and 5,000 Arabs in attacks from the Arabs.

1948-1949  Israel's WAR OF INDEPENDENCE  May 14, 1948, British Mandate ended and State of Israel was legally established through UN from League of Nations previous decisions.  Less then 24 hours later Israel was invaded by armies of 5 Arab nations:  EGYPT, SYRIA, TRANSJORDAN, LEBANON AND IRAQ.  The new IDF, just formed, defeated the invasion in 15 months but 6,000 Jews died in the invasion.  That was 1% of the total population.  600,000 Jews were in the new state at the time.

1949-1956  The Fedayeen Raids:  Arab terrorists supported by Egypt constantly attacked Jewish civilians from Lebanon, Gaza and Jordan.  1,300 Jews were killed or wounded in terrorist attacks.  Nasser of Egypt was instigator.

1956  THE SINAI/SUEZ WAR  Egypt increased terrorist attacks, stopped Israeli shipping through the Suez Canal, blockaded Israeli port of Eilat which was violating international law, threatened Israel's economic survival in doing so.  This time France and Britain backed Israel and Israel took the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza.  Israel withdrew 6 months later with Egypt's promised Israel unimpeded navigation and safety.

1959  Al Fatah Raids,  YASSER ARAFAT formed Fatah in 1959 for guerrilla warfare operations against Israel.  He thought repeated attacks would force Israel to become aggressive against Arab states hosting his fighters and would escalate animosity between Israel and her Arab neighbors.  The beginning of PROPAGANDA:  hatred for Israel by the world.

1964:  Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) formed:  Egypt supported PLO backed by Arab League for anti-Israel militant groups.  1968 sees Arafat's Fatah joining the PLO and then took it over.  PLO carried out thousands of attacks against Israelis and other Jews around the world, including the 1st airplane hijackings.  Example:  Jewish home damaged by Syrian regular shelling in the Galilee before 1967.

1967:  THE SIX-DAY WAR.  4 Arab countries and Egypt involved:  SYRIA, EGYPT, JORDAN, IRAQ attacked with terrorists, Egypt again blocked Israel to international waters, Egypt expelled UN peace-keeping forces easily.  Arab countries had over 250,000 troops armed with Soviet-supplied tanks and aircraft on Israel's borders-ready for full scale invasion.  Iraq ordered to strike civilian settlements, turn them into dust and pave the Arab roads with the skulls of Jews.  So Israel then pre-empted them in a war of defense position and captured the West Bank (Judea-Samaria) original Jewish Homeland given away by Britain to Jordan King Abdullah, , Israel took Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria.

1967-1970:  THE WAR OF ATTRITION,  Nasser of Egypt attacked Israel in the Sinai right after ceasefire, had conflict for 3 years.  1,424 Israeli soldiers died and over 100 Israeli civilians were killed.

1972:  THE MUNICH MASSACRE  Following 1967 war, Israelis  worldwide were being found and killed.  The group, BLACK SEPTEMBER, kidnapped and murdered  11 of Israeli Olympic Team at the Munich Olympics.  Yasser Arafat's Fatah of PLO was the leader.

1973 THE YOM KIPPUR WAR, by Egypt and Syria with a surpise attack on Israel's most holy day of the year when all were in the synagogue fasting and asking forgiveness for sins against G-d and sins against man.  IDF fended off assault, cut off Egyptian forces across the Suez Canal and pushed Syrian troops back from the Golan Heights.  Lives lost were the worst with 2,688 Israeli soldiers killed in 3 weeks of fighting.  Egypt felt they restored their honor as they had success in first 48 hours.

1982-1985  THE LEBANON WAR, and I was there.  I was in a bus riding down the mountain from Safed to the army hospital in Haifa when we saw our trucks going up the hill.  At the hospital I was told they would be too busy to see me and I was to go back to Safed immediately.  What happened was that the PLO was kicked out of Jordan in 1970 and so they had gone into Lebanon and had been attacking Israel from there.  Israel went into Lebanon finally to stop them after our people were trapped in a bomb shelter in Kiriat Shimona .  The PLO moved to Tunis in 1985, and then Israel moved to a security Zone 4 miles wide along the border, staying until 2000.  By 1982, 95,000 people had died in the bitter Lebanese Civil War when Lebanese Christian Phalangists entered Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla and massacred about 460 to 700 fighters including 200 PLO fighters.  No Israeli participated in massacre, not knowing what was taking place as the Christians were our friends.  However, Israeli General Ariel Sharon was responsible according to Israeli court because he did not stop Lebanese Christians' entry into the camps.

1987-1991  FIRST INTIFADA  PLO started attacks after hearing fake news of rumors of Israeli atrocities committed.  Palestinians called it a nonviolent uprising, but it quickly turned into violence with 27 Jews killed and more than 1,400 Israeli civilians and 1,700 Israeli soldiers injured.   Almost half (1,000) of the Palestinian casualties were caused by other Palestinians in the Intifada which was internal fighting between themselves-different factions.

1991  PERSIAN GULF WAR  US led coalition fought to get Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait and Hussein tried to draw Israel into the war and fired 39 Scud missiles into Israel.  Israel did not retaliate so as not to disrupt the US led coalition.

1994  FIRST SUICIDE BOMBING IN ISRAEL  8 civilians were killed in a suicide bombing on a bus in central Israel.  This would be followed by more of the same acts by radical Islamic terrorist factions all over the world.

2000-2006  SECOND "AL AQSA INTIFADA  A campaign of suicide bombings and terrorist attacks began September 29, 2000.  In 5 years more than 1,068 Israelis were killed and over 7,000 injured of which 69% were civilians.  About 3,000 Palestinians were killed in this conflict.

2006-2008  "ACTS OF WAR" against Israel.  Israel citizens and soldiers withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and then Hamas and other terrorists attacked Israel with rockets every day into Israel.  Israeli town of Sderot is 1 mile from Gaza border and was hit by over 360 Qassam rockets in 6 months after Israel's withdrawal.  In June 2006 terrorists from Gaza tunneled into Israel and killed 2 soldiers and kidnapped 1.  2 weeks later, Hezbollah supported by Iran and Syria, attacked Israel across the internationally known border between Israel and Lebanon.  They killed 8 soldiers and kidnapped 2, then launched barrage of rockets against civilian towns in northern Israel.  Israel responded with a military operation of 34 days.

2008-2009  GAZA WAR-OPERATION CAST LEAD   From December 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009, a week week battle in Gaza to end the rocket attack on Israel. ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH ALREADY.  ISRAEL HAD TO PUT AN END TO THE ATTACKS.   "The conflict resulted in between 1,166 and 1,417 Palestinian and 13 Israeli deaths (4 from friendly fire)" A time where Israel did everything and more to warn Palestinian civilians that they were coming to stop the rockets, but that rockets were in schools, hospitals, and terrorists hid behind civilians, as they found out later.  

2010  Large Flotilla and Turkey's  Mari Marmara Incident on May 31, 2010:  The 9th attempt to break the blockade created by Egypt and Israel against terrorists getting through their blockade of sea route to Gaza, as they were bringing in weapons by sea to use on Israel.  Upon boarding the 6th ship, Israeli commandos, there to search for cache of weapons for Gaza,  were fired on and they fired back, killing 9 activists.  9 activists killed, 30 wounded.  

2011  Hamas fires barrage of rockets into Israel on March  19, 2011.  Hamas signs agreement with Fatah to unite.  Marriage is short-lived with power fight.  Obama calls for Palestinian state to be formed going by pre-1967 borders only, leaving Israel exposed to terrorism.  
Using Iron Dome for Defense

2012  Attack from Gaza by Hamas of 60 rockets into Israel on October 24th. .  
OPERATION PILLER OF DEFENSE, going to stop Hamas in Gaza by November 14th.  

2014 Rockets from Gaza started June 13th, so bad that by July 8th, Israel had Operation Protective Edge to stop the barrage.  

2015-2016  "An increase of violence occurred in the Israeli–Palestinian conflict starting early September 2015 and lasting into the first half of 2016, known as the "Wave of Terror"or "Intifada of the Individuals" by Israelis or the "Knife Intifada" or "Stabbing Intifada" by international media because of the preponderance of stabbing attacks, or "Habba." (an outburst) by Palestinian,."  Stabbings going on Temple Mount and throughout Jerusalem  against Jews,  Cars used to attack walkers, people crossing street by Arabs against Jews.  All this is caused by Hamas and Fatah, known terrorist groups.  Their charter calls for destruction of Israel.  

2018  Million Man March of Hamas and Fatah at Gaza Fence during festivities of Israel's 70th anniversary, which also had the US moving their embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in same month.  Gazans of 35,000 to 40,000 lined up at fence, told not to touch it or try to break through, though that was their aim.  Gazans used flaming kites that went over and burned fields of crops, trees, land, were violent, held back by IDF. Hamas urged violence, used for vicious propaganda against Israel as attacking innocent (my eye) Gazans.  Had audacity to claim they were held against their will in Gaza.   

May 29, 2018:  rocket and mortar attack worse than in 2014 put all of Southern Israel near Gaza in bomb shelters after 8 weeks of fence demonstrations that tried to break through.  At same time, Israeli jets hit ammunition dumps in Syria who have missiles aimed at Israel.  Iran's Hezbollah in Syria with Hamas-against Israel.  

Resource: Israel 101 magazine issue in 2010, p. 12-13, Published by StandWithUs

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