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One of Israel's Detractors: Javier Solana, Spanish Socialist Politician

Nadene Goldfoot
Dr. Javier Solana, born July 14, 1942 in Madrid, Spain
Donald Trump was born June 14, 1946 in Queens, NY.  
A member of the EU who is not a friend of Israel is Dr. Javier Solana.  He was appointed "the European Union's High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Secretary General of the Council of the European Union and Secretary-General of the Western European Union and held these posts from October 1999 until December 2009.  Being his father was a chemistry professor, it was natural for him to also pursue a profession as a physicist.  He speaks Spanish, French and English and lives in Brussels,  the capitol of Belgium.    "Solana's grandfather was Salvador de Madariaga, who was chief of the League of Nations' Disarmament Section, Spanish Ambassador to the U.S., and militated for a united and integrated Europe."

"In 1965 he went to the United States, where he spent six years studying at various universities on a Fulbright Scholarship.  He visited the University of Chicago and the University of California, San Diego, and then enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. There, he taught physics classes as a Teaching Assistant and carried on independent research; he also joined in the protests against the Vietnam War and was President of the Association of Foreign Students. He received his doctorate in physics from Virginia in 1971." 

"On 5 December 1995, Solana became the new Secretary-General of NATO.  Clinton must have liked him.  "The Clinton administration claimed in May 2000 that Solana was the fulfillment of Henry Kissinger's famous desire to have a phone number to talk to Europe .He's a negotiator of many treaties between Europe and Spanish-speaking countries.  
Dr. Javier Solana, member of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party,
an admirer of former President Obama 

"Solana has played an important role working toward a resolution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, and continues to be a primary architect of the "Road Map for Peace," along with the UN, Russia, and the United States in the Quartet on the Middle East. On 22 July 2004 he met Ariel Sharon in Israel. Sharon had originally refused to meet Solana, but eventually accepted that, whether he liked it or not, the EU was involved in the Road Map. He (Solana) criticised Israel for obstructing the Palestinian presidential election of 9 January 2005, but then met Sharon again on 13 January.
In November 2004 he assisted the United Kingdom, France and Germany in negotiating a nuclear material enrichment freeze with Iran.  In late 2004, Solana held secret negotiations with Hamas leaders, saying that he met them at a time when there seemed to be an opportunity for progress, and were to "pass a clear message of what the international community wants", and said that the meetings occurred "months" before.[
In 2010, after he had left office, he signed a petition along with 25 other EU leaders directed at his successor, Catherine Ashton, calling for EU sanctions on Israel in response to continued settlement construction in the West Bank.""(Judea-Samaria-our ancient homeland).   

Today, Dr. Solana is the President of ESADE's Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics, and a Distinguished Fellow at Brookings Intitution, and a member of  the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Europe.   Many people have their eyes on him.  

On February 20th of this year, he commented about the confusion that was characterizing the US Policy under Donald Trump.  It's obvious, since he liked Obama, that he isn't a Trump fan.  

It was recently, on April 20th that he worried about technical and economic changes that must be overwhelming political leaders today and their capacity to manage them.  

Then again on May 11th, he let his hair down that he expects chaos to follow from the USA's President Trump's decision to scrap the Iran nuclear agreement.  Remember, he was in on the original deal, probably with John Kerry, of working on the present Iran deal. "In November 2004 he assisted the United Kingdom, France and Germany in negotiating a nuclear material enrichment freeze with Iran."

The EU sees itself as being very powerful today, and "JAVIER SOLANA . . . is evidently the world's new spokesman via the power and authority vested in him by the European Union,"

In 2006, "EU Foreign Policy Chief Javier Solana arrived in Israel Wednesday with suggestions that Israel "act proportionately" and with excuses as to why the EU does not consider Hizbullah a terror group."  How irrational the EU is about this.  It's a proven fact that they are a terrorist groupAlready I'm pulling my hair out at his comment.  

On June 6, 2006, which explains the 666 used, he was in Teheran, Iran, presenting the Iran nuclear deal and then in 18:00 hours he was in Germany receiving one of his many many awards.  

The Iranian response to his proposal of June 6th is: "The Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran presents its reply to the package offered on June 6, 2006 by Mr. Javier Solana in Tehran following examination by expert groups, on the basis of the above states precepts and in consideration of the initiative of Mr. Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary General. "  Part of their smooth answer to Javier was, "The massive sums spent from the wealth of nations on production, stockpiling, development and proliferation of these weapons would largely contribute to uprooting the causes of insecurity, instability and injustice, replacing them with peace and security, justice, peaceful coexistence and welfare, if applied to serving the people and spread of spirituality and morality, eradication of deprivations in education, health and welfare and development of peaceful science and technology. "  Evidently he fell for it.  
Netanyahu's speech in 2012, mocked by White House

Even though this deal affected Israel the most, of course it didn't deter him in the slightest as it went through.  Israel was given a countdown of how soon Iran would be dropping an atom bomb on the teeny country to destroy it.  Even Netanyahu's plea didn't turn heads in our government.  The Democrats refused to listen to Netanyahu when he flew all the way from Israel to plead his case of survival to the Democrats and Republicans in 2012.  They didn't even stay to listen.  

At this point, the best way to encourage Israelis and Palestinians to return to the negotiating table is to work to level the playing field. Because the US clearly won't do that, the EU must take the lead, sending a message that is as forceful as it is necessary, by immediately recognizing the State of Palestine."  This recognition only whets their appetite for more.  He is rewarding not only bad behavior of the bully, but is rewarding the ability to lie and cheat and steal land.  These Arabs, who originally called themselves Syrians, never came from a Palestine.  There never was a Palestine with a king, president or any kind of leadership.  It was land renamed by the Romans for Israel's worst enemy, named this as a thorn in our side, and it remains just that.
I am not for this at all.  Hamas and Fatah have only shown that they can't live up to any kind of peace deal.  They can't even bring themselves to change their charter to destroy Israel.  Doesn't this tell sane people something?  

There are many Christians who are worried about a world control, and the EU seems to be filling that position to them. Their comment is, "Further, if the EU is about monetary matters (and not world control), why is it already mediating diplomatic matters such as the Israel Iran crisis, and maintaining armies to enforce its dictates such as EUFOR, Eurocorps and its European Union battlegroups?"

It used to be that we Jews were accused of being in control of the world, but I haven't heard that accusation for a long time, now.  It's also interesting that there are Christians who believe in the replacement theory in that Jews are no longer considered as "the chosen ones" but that they themselves have replaced us.  Funny, but these are things we never have thought about.  To us, being chosen meant that G-d gave us more responsibility on our shoulders, as as Tevyeh put it in "Fiddler on the Roof," why couldn't he have chosen someone else?  Don't we have enough on our plate?  So, out of the Christians' replacing us, the EU is now the heavy.  And they are taking responsibility seriously, taking in more refugees, causing the complexity of their own countries to radically change lately.  Just look at Sweden.  

Javier Solana is being considered by some Christians to be the anti-Christ.  Jews have no such word as this, so it's a new concept to me, but I've heard of it.  They are using their form of a bible code to be conclusive.  I note that since Jerusalem's Dr. Eliyahu Rips created his own computer program of a way to find a bible code, Christians have been making their own bible codes with the same way of using biblical texts in finding underlying codes beneath.  Solana, coming from Spain, is probably Catholic, and I don't know if such a theory exists in his religion or not.  This may be the risks involved in holding such a powerful position.  People are led to believe you are taking over the world, especially with your Socialistic viewpoints.  

From wikipedia, I learn:  "In some schools of non-legalistic medieval Jewish eschatology, a comparable (parodic) anti-Messiah figure, son of a virgin, is called Armilus, "a king who will arise at the end of time against the Messiah, and will be conquered by him after having brought much distress upon Israel."[7] The concept of an antichrist is absent in traditional Judaism; however, in the medieval diaspora, his inevitable destruction is narrated as the symbol of ultimate victory of good over evil in the Messianic age. 

However, as naive as I am as an American retired Jewish teacher, I've never thought of the EU as being powerful, being they aren't as large as the USA, nor do I think they surpass our powerful country.  In the 2nd WW, we came to their aid and wound up fighting on two fronts, Europe and the Pacific stationed Japan, and we are now friends with both Germany and Japan.  I've thought of them simply as small countries like our own 50 states banning together like we did on a common continent for protection and aid, our common good.  We are a people who left Europe and their ways.  Our Pilgrims thought they were re-living the Israelite's good fortune of finding their own Israel.  They even studied Hebrew, with Yale or Harvard taking it up as a course of study.  That was back in our early days, of course.  

The EU is made up of 28 countries.  "

Countries with dates in which they joined: 1958 - Belgium, France, (West) Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands 1973 - Denmark, Ireland, UK 1981 - Greece 1986 - Portugal, Spain 1995 - Austria, Finland, Sweden 2004 - Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia 2007 - Romania, Bulgaria.  

I remember that Great Britain has dropped out.  It was hurting them financially, I believe.  

Dr. Solana is not a friend of Israel or of Trump at this time.    He is a 76 year old man to be reckoned with who has opposing ideas that will only bring great harm to Israel.  Trump will be 71 June 14th.    I think he can handle him, even though they differ.  He's not the President of any European country.  He  has the UN"s ear,  and that we know is not a friend of Israel.  What reason does he have not to like Israel?  Probably the same as so many Europeans.  Anti-Semitism.  It behooves me!  


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