Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017

Biblical Days Melding Today With King Cyrus of Persia and President Trump: Let's Compare

Nadene Goldfoot           
From King David 1010 BCE to Herod Agrippa II 70 CE  1,080 years. 
Cyrus II of Babylonia died in 529 BCE
There is a Jewish tradition saying that Queen Esther gave birth to a son from King Ahasuerus and that his name was Cyrus.  I think he's left handed like me! 

The Dragon was probably Babylonia's animal symbol.
President Trump of USA:  Bald eagle is USA symbol
Starting with King Shalmaneser V of Assyria 721 BCE
Important Middle Eastern events occurred when the Assyrians ruled the land.  This was an ancient state in Western Asia of Semitic people of a very aggressive people.  They experienced rapid expansion from the 13th and 10th centuries BCE.  At a low point in their history, King David and his son, King Solomon were experiencing success in establishing Israel 1010 BCE to 920 BCE.  They had to fight against the Aramean states in Mesopotamia and Syria.  This break in the Assyrian battles probably gave them the rest they needed.  
Solomon's Temple built  between 961-920 BCE
Assyria, now fresh again and rearmed, overran Syria and the Phoenician cities in 876 BCE.  By 853, Shalmaneser II attacked Damascus's king Ben-Hadad II and King Ahab of Israel.  

First the horrible attack upon Israel in 722 BCE and the next year of 721 BCE from the Assyrians led by Sargon in which many of the strongest and brightest of their citizens  of 10 of the 12 tribes of Jacob were killed and those fighters surviving were taken as prisoners away to unknown lands of the Assyrians and their holdings.  King Solomon had died back in 920 BCE and the kingdom of Judah could not come to Israel's aid fast enough to save them.  Israel's King Hoshea, who had ruled for the past 9 years was killed in 721 BCE as the last king of Israel.  Sargon took away 27,290 Israelites of 10 of the 12 tribes to Assyria and Media and replaced them with Syrians and Babylonian prisoners.  

He had received the throne in the first place with Assyrian help with conditions.  His kingdom was confined to the surroundings of Mt. Ephraim.  Finally he had rebelled at this and the Assyrian king Shalmanser put him in prison.  Then the Assyrians overcame and captured Samaria, which was the surrrounding land around Jerusalem.  

It was Sennacherib who took over Jerusalem in 700 BCE when Judah was ravaged though its king Hezekiah was able to hold out by paying the Assyrians tribute as well as ceding some of his territory to them.  The Assyrians were hit with a plague throughout the army and returned home.  

Assyria thus declined rapidly and the Babylon Empire rose up in its place.  Babylon was land of the tower of Babel, land of Shinar and of the Kasdim (Chaldees).  It's known as the cradle of humanity.  Abraham came from Ur, located here.  Pagan tyranny ruled here.  Nebuchadnezzar II (604-56 BCE) inherited the Assyrian Empire and had exiled many Jews to Babylon.  
The Ishtar Gate and Dragon were icons of Babylonia
Cyrus II was the King of  Babylon and this included Persia (today's Iran).  His job became one of many conquests of the Middle East.  It was either that or have invading armies attack his country.  In the course of his conquests, he overran the Babylonian Empire of which had already taken over Israel and Judah.  His policy in dealing with people he had overcome was very enlightened.  

In 538 BCE, he granted permission to the exiles of 70 years of Judah who were captives in Babylon to return to their homeland and rebuild the Temple. " Israel's return to Jerusalem from Babylon involved about fifty thousand Jews -- much, much fewer than the more recent return, which is such a wonder of our own day. After inhabiting the land for 70 years, there were those who thought of Babylonia as home and dared not leave.   "The biblical record accords great importance to this return. (facts from Ezra 1:1-4; and II Chron.  36:22-3).  These Jewish exiles regarded Cyrus as a Divine agent.  

Cyrus was thought to be the son of Queen Esther, and that's why he had leanings  in favor towards the plight of the Jews.  It was unique how the Jews had found favor in his eyes.  

The 2nd Temple was dedicated in 515 BCE, thanks to Cyrus II.  
Though Zedekiah was the last king of Judah from 597 to 586 BCE when Judah was a free state, Herod I, known as the Great, served from 73 BCE to 4 BCE as King of Judea by the Roman Senate because of his family and his fierceness in executing people.  He was the son of an Idumean Antipater and his mother was a Nabatean named Cypros.  This was in the period of a Roman takeover that replaced the Babylonian days.  He got to his station in politics by murdering all possible rivals to his power including his own brother in law, the last Hasmonean high priest and put to death his own wife Mariamne, their 2 sons Alexander and Arisatobulus and his first son, Antipater.  In the course of events he managed to make himself very rich.  To appease the Jews, he rebuilt the Temple in Jerusalem and built 2 cities; Sebaye and Caesarea.  Everyone outside his country thought he was great-a generous patron and protector of the Jews.  How little they understood.  He let 3 sons live; Archelaus, Herod Antipas and Philip.  The Romans burned down the Temple and Jerusalem in 70 CE.

Now, Cyrus II was a mentch, a real good guy, a real man, not someone crooked thinking only of feathering his own nest and ignoring the feelings of others.   Because Trump has taken steps that have been so criticized as recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, he is being compared to Cyrus II.  Cyrus lived 2 centuries before Isaiah's time who prophesied about this hero.  (Isaiah 44:28) "Who says of Cyrus, "He is My shepherd, He will fulfill all My desires, to say of Jerusalem, "It shall be built, and of the Temple, It shall be established." 

This is a very brave and daring move for Trump to take after the last 3 presidents made promises to their constituents that they would do it but then broke that trust on those promises.  There was always some political reason not to, such as angering the local Arabs called Palestinians, a name given to them by the denigrating Romans.  These presidents appeased the Palestinians which gave them more reason to think they could take the city as their own.  
After waiting since 70 CE till 1967 when the Israelis won back East Jerusalem from Jordan, they were not about to just hand it over to the people who had attacked them, when all the Arab states had attacked and they had won miraculously.  
Lion of Judah
Everyone in Israel serves in the IDF; Israel Defense Force.
They are proud of their country and have good reason.  
The Lion of Judah is the symbol of the Hebrew tribe of Judah (the Jewish tribe). According to the Torah, the tribe consists of the descendants of Judah, the fourth son of Jacob.

The association between Judah and the lion, most likely the 
Asiatic lion, can first be found in the blessing given by Jacob to his son Judah in the Book of Genesis

USA Promises
1993 and Clinton was in office and there was home-that went up in smoke.  2001 when Bush was in office and more promises and smoke.  2009 and Obama promised and again, more smoke for appeasement.  2017 has finally brought recognition from a wildly different kind of American president in very odd times. 
Trump with wife Melania at Inauguration Ball
 This president, up against his own accusations of sexual impropriety that is sweeping across the USA, dislodging many many men from their positions; who is up against his own Republican party who are trying to unseat him, a man who is proving to be quite successful in his business of running the country in his first year of service where he is showing his unselfishness by not even accepting a salary for his work!  He's a billionaire who challenged himself to run the country better than it had been and he's doing it, even though the opposing party have been doing everything in their power and then some to bring him down.   Their latest weapons are unproven accusations of Trump's collusion with Russia in getting elected in the first place.  All that's being uncovered today is the collusion that was going on with the Democrats and the Russians!  
The bald eagle's role as a national symbol is linked to its 1782 landing on the Great Seal of the United States. ... (Since ancient times, the eagle has been considered a sign of strength; Roman legions used the animal as their standard, or symbol.)
This president has many personal faults; his language, his outspokenness, his youthful exploits,  his name calling- petty and childish; but he's also a workaholic who is proud of his country, nationalistic at a time when pride in one's country must be terribly low, as so many of our young people are finding this as something terribly embarrassing.  The point it, he's getting the job done.  He's going out of his way to keep his promises, and that's what's important.  Hey, with his lead, our army and air force are putting down ISIS!                                                      
A president at age 70, he has led an interesting life giving him skills for the job.

Our flag has become meaningless to the well-known few.  They're going in the direction of socialism and world dominance from one source-not G-d, but from one unknown person, place or thing, or perhaps just from nowhere. Bernie Sanders, Socialist, almost won the presidency. And one wonders why Hillary couldn't understand how she lost the Presidency.    
It used to be that only Vets of WWII were given special breaks and privileges, rewards for giving their service to the country.  Today's youth want it without doing anything; a free ride in college.   It's hard to fathom how they are thinking today.  Perhaps I should ask Soros or the football League what they want in their future.  We know that Trump doesn't think that way.  He's nationalistic.  The Europeans are trying it and it is floundering badly as the EU (European Union).  Ask England why they pulled out.  They are now  being led by European Commission president – Jean-Claude Juncker. Appointed by: national leaders (heads of state or government of EU countries), with the approval of the European Parliament. Actually they use 3 people, and another is the President of the European Parliament (since 17 January 2017, Antonio Tajani) of Italy.  Europeans were naysayers to Trump's action of recognition.  
I'm surprised that Norway doesn't belong.   England has pulled out.
They use money called the Euro.  

  It's ironic.  Jews had been without a country for almost 2,000 years and certainly know what's it's like to depend on someone for one's livelihood and their own personal  life as their record has been a horror; the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust, with prejudice reigning all the time in between.  Ask the Pashtuns how they feel after living in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Do they have representation?  How about the Kurds who used to live in Kurdistan but are spread all over the Middle East who would love to have their own nation.I bet the native Americans would love to have their land back minus all alcoholic beverages.     Jews have finally received their own land once again after such a long wait and the popular Western world thinking now is that Nationalism is outdated.  
Those who do have a nation are unwilling to preserve it.  This is freaky!  Thank goodness we have some people who have not bought into such a proposition and are serving in our nation's armed forces!  

King Cyrus II encouraged the Jews of Babylonia to return after a 70 year exile, and rebuild their temple which had been destroyed by his predecessor.  

President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital, something that had been put off doing by 3 previous presidents after such promises.  This also encourages the Jews of Israel that the truth is returning to the land after a long absence.  As one sees after perusing through this article how many systems Trump was up against.  A changing climate has called for a one of a kind president.  

Wallanu, a writer,  pointed out that as the 45th president of the United States, Trump would embody the 45th chapter of Isaiah, in which Persian King Cyrus rebuilds the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Others working on bible codes are coming up with interesting word connections.  

In Isaiah 45: "G-d said to Cyrus : , "I will go before you and straighten the twisting paths;...whose right hand I have grasped, to subdue nations before him.....Needless to say, there are 250 rabbis in Israel who are very happy with Trump's proclamation.  Those in the USA aligned with J Street are probably not as they rarely see the good things going on in Israel.  To live there is to really understand the land and the people. 

"In the year 1971, Iran celebrated the 2,500th anniversary of the founding of the monarchy by Cyrus."  Did they forget what he did for his Jewish captives?   
"Demonstrations against the Shah commenced in October 1977, developing into a campaign of civil resistance that included both secular and religious elements and which intensified in January 1978.  Today they are led by the Ayatollahs to hate Israel, and the USA is being led by Donald Trump and the American people, both unique among mankind.    
 Tanakh (Old Testament) Isaiah 45:1 Hashem to Cyrus
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia more on Babylonia, history affecting dendrites

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