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Andrew J. Stein: Democrat, Leader of Democrats For Trump

Nadene Goldfoot
Andrew J. Finkelstein b: March 4, 1945
A miracle has happened this morning.  Andrew J. "Finkelstein"  Stein has stepped up to the plate and announced that he's a Democrat  on Trump's side.  I wondered if anyone would see today's history in a different light.  He has been and has decided to form the group of Democrats on Trump's side--Democrats For Trump.  

What makes him more reasonable?  He's " a politician who served on the New York City Council and was its last president, and as Manhattan Borough President.  When he stepped into politics, he changed his surname from Finkelstein to Stein.  His father was Jerry Finkelstein, born Albert Finkelstein and mother was Shirley Marks who married in 1942." He was well known for his series of public hearings into the management practices of nursing homes in the state" of New York.  

He's a leader in politics.  "As city council president, Stein served as the presiding officer of the city council, was acting mayor in the absence or disability of Mayor Edward I. Koch, was a voting member of the New York City Board of Estimate, and handled constituent and policy issues. Stein derived most of his power from his seat on the Board of Estimate, which was made up of the mayor, the city comptroller and the city council president, each of whom had two votes, and the five borough presidents, each with one vote.  Stein was re-elected City Council President in 1989."

"Stein retired from the city council presidency and from public life in the city. Since leaving office, he has pursued private business as a partner in Arapaho Partners, LLC, a business consulting firm based in New York City."  He hasn't kept  all his friendships Democrats.  He dated the famous conservative, Ann Coulter, so must have at least listened to some of her opinions.  I'm glad he didn't date Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida!  Or maybe he did!  I don't know.  

In November 2016, Stein had said to a NY magazine, the Wall Street Journal in an op ed that he endorsed Trump though he was a Democrat.  "“I believe my party has become the party of the elites and moneyed class and has deserted its historic mission as the party of the working class and disadvantaged.” Therefore, he argues, “I believe Donald Trump will make a great president and I ask my fellow Democrats to vote for him.” His father must have been of the opinion as my father had been about the Democrat Party.  Most Jewish families had grown up thinking this and have been Democrat supporters as they have remained so .  It's been ingrained in us to be Democrats, in my opinion, since our parents felt they owed so much to Franklin Delano Roosevelt for taking their parents in as refugees escaping Hitler.  He said i;n 2016, "I have been steeped in the Democratic Party all my life. My father, Jerry, was a New York City Democratic chairman and power broker, and I grew up in and around the Democratic Party. "

Yet this was announced today that Stein is now the leader of Democrats for Trump, so he hadn't changed his opinion.  Now he's going to try to do something about the situation of Democrats nay-saying Trump regardless of what it's about.  Our country has never been so divided since the Civil War of the 1860s.  Never before have our values been so different, either.                                                              

Andrew,  "a lifelong New York Democrat, explained to Neil Cavuto why he is separating from many in his party to support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump."

He defends Trump of the accusations made by the Left.  " He refutes the charge that Trump is a racist by asserting, “Donald Trump is no racist,” a defense that may not fully address every concern on this front. His affirmative case for Trump states, “He is for strong pro-growth policies like reducing the marginal and corporate tax rates and eliminating thousands of job-killing and business-stifling regulations, the biggest of which is ObamaCare.”

"The country is not only divided, it is separated. For decades, researchers pointed out that shifting demographics—including the tendency among those with advanced degrees to move away from where they grew up—our communities have grown more ideologically homogenous. "

From the looks of the situation as it stands today, Andrew might be the only person in his group.  I hope it grows.  People have dug down as if they are defending their choice of football groups.  

Resource: Fox News on TV

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