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Bigger than Watergate? Reason Why USA Is So Divided

Nadene Goldfoot                                               
Something is about to be reported, bigger than Watergate
I just watched a debate on Fox News between a white Democrat lady and a black Republican man  who was a former soldier.  They debated the term, "Patriotism."  They had completely different understandings of the term.  The lady thought that all the leftist practices going on such as kneeling during the anthem was a declaration of patriotism; and she mentioned all the practices democracies have that people under kings and queens never had, freedom of speech, etc.  The man thought that such things as kneeling during the anthem was very undemocratic and was a knife in his heart after bleeding for this country in order that there was a country that could practice democratic rights in the first place.  He wasn't against protesting per se, just protesting with the flag's involvement, the symbol of his unique country he was fighting for.

The whole thing boiled down to the resistance of the Left to accept that Trump was elected as our President.  He's a man who has always thought outside the box.   They did not see that it was our democratic values that put him in the office, that of our election practice.  What they are doing is picking and choosing what is democratic and what is not.

.  Hillary was out of touch with the common man
.  She said that people that voted for Trump were the deplorables!  

Trump, a billionaire, was able to get down and mix with such people.  He felt most comfortable being with builders being he was in the business of building hotels.  He's the original wheeler and dealer.
Worms, Germany where Jews settled in 10th century CE
Back before and up to the year 1620, people were ruled by kings and queens with no Democratic values for their population.  England, France, Germany and such European countries were fully populated with bulging cities whose buildings had been up for some time.

Only the first born male in England would inherit the land of his father.  The others arriving afterwards had to scrounge around to find a way to keep them in the style they had grown custom to.  They found they could leave and get to this new found land of North America and start their own dynasty.

They had to use bravery and imagination to become successful, and some even  sailed back and showed off their success to their English family and friends.  They had developed a new way of thinking; developing  their dendrites in their heads in new directions.

The new population attracted others from countries who were also tired of being lackeys to their kings and queens and enjoyed prosperity like the English.  There was room for all comers.
Suddenly, by the 1836, they went from a covered wagon transportation from Independence, Missouri to the West, and  to the development of trains in 1830 which reached Council Idaho by 1900. "Construction of the railroad up the Weiser River brought a boom to the town beginning in 1898. For a couple of years Council was a “wide open” town, with about six saloons. The arrival of the tracks in March of 1901 shortened the trip to Weiser from a bone-jarring two- day trip each way in a wagon to a matter of two or three hours in the comfort of a passenger car. "  By late 1800s, the automobile was invented and by 1920, Henry Ford started his business.      This meant that blacksmiths had to retrain into learning about motors and steam, gasoline engines and such.                                                           
Within the same century, we were landing on the moon on July 20, 1969!  This takes a lot of change for people to keep up with our technology and a change in skills; a change in people themselves.
TV came to Oregon and my parents' home in 1953, but arrived a little sooner on the East Coast. Suddenly this was another invention requiring new skills from workers involved and a new source of entertainment for the masses.
I moved to Israel in 1980 and had not known about computers.  I left Israel in Thanksgiving, 1985 and returned to a states that had started to use them, so I went back to college to take a class in these contraptions.  I used a crank up kind then, and learned a program that I would never find applicable to use in the classroom as the development moved faster.  I had been using a copy machine that I had used in the USA where you type your lesson on a long sheet of paper that had carbon on it and put it on a roller and turned the crank.  Suddenly a new one developed where you just place a your lesson on the machine and press a button and it shot out the amount of pages you wanted.  Remember these times?
 Phones were useless in Israel during these years, for some people were just then getting them installed in their apartments.  I had to use public phones in the lobby of the building I was living in when I first arrived.    People were talking to family members in Russia and they really shouted.  To me it was too complicated to use them, being a spoiled American used to a phone in my home my whole life.  I just waited for my own apartment and get my own phone.
Cell phones changed the USA and were being used by 1980, but I hadn't heard about them being I was in Israel then.  I never have become a user, probably being about 1% of the population not as my life has changed and I do not need one.  I did get one long ago through Walmart where you buy time, in segments of 3 months, I think it was.  Now people go wild with extremely expensive ones.  The iphone can cost $970, and most all come with cameras, and touch screens like the newer computers.  Everyone walks around with their cell phone talking to someone, and ignoring all the people they pass by.  It's amazing.  Sit down in a lobby and wait for a friend and other chairs are also occupied with iphone users.  No one notices you.  I wonder what family dinners are like today.  Do they all come armed with their iphones?  People are not talking to each other like they used to.  They talk into a phone, instead.
Japan's 17 year old computer programmer who's started up her own company!
Schooling is very important in Japan.  Children are used to going to a tutoring
program after school to keep up their grades.  Many of our children in American schools
just work on defying their teachers, and then it's all the teacher's fault, not the parents that they're not getting A's.  The TV program from 1975-1979  about Mr Kotter was quite realistic besides being funny.

Now, my question is why is what has happened to our people?  At a time when we are facing extreme danger, we are at each other's throats.  I conclude that with the rise in technical skills needed, the average man of normal IQ is being left out.  To get a job, one has to be a mathematician, or someone highly skilled technically.  Our population is not changing.  They can not all develop skills the brain is not developing.  To be a nurse takes a lot of reading of technical biology.  Teachers need to know how get down to a level of learners in order to get them to progress, a special technique.  Jobs have changed, and only highly technical skilled people are finding work.  We're bringing in people from other countries who have such skills and want to leave their countries for the "Golden Medina."  We've had lots of unemployed in the last 8 years, now becoming rectified by the distasteful Trump.  He's reached the average man without all these valued technical skills by working to bring back business that had moved out of this USA in order to earn profits, as  they couldn't under the Democrats.
Democrats had come to the conclusion that all sorts of comforts should be coming to them automatically; cheaper higher level schooling, cheaper health like England has, just all sorts of things.  They even had a Socialist running for President, Bernie Sanders,  that came close to winning the position of running against Trump.  He was the champion of everything coming to people on the silver platter to make life better.  Evidently they want to use the tax monies for these enterprises, whereas Trump is going to use it re-furbish our armed forces, etc.  I notice my social security only went up one dollar per month for 2018.  It's been stagnant since our raise in 2015, while prices keep rising.  Rent has risen to such heights  that a home bought in 1935 for $3,00 now sells for $400,00 or better! 
We've gone from a society made up of people that had to rely on their own instincts to make a life for themselves who developed skills they never knew they had and of course then felt pride in themselves and their peers for making something new and wonderful.  This developed their nationalism.

Some have come to a point where people may have felt like those back in 1620 who felt neglected and unimportant to the society because they were unable to make a living for their family and were faced with two choices;   a world where their skills could be useful again and get work once more or  all the things money had been buying but want it all without working.  We see former workers put Trump in office-people that want to work again.  They were the unwanted, unwashed deplorables that Hillary had ignored.
Jerusalem and the Western Wall where Jews pray
What I have been concerned with is: who is the one to be Israel's friend.  In this decision I picked Trump.  He hasn't let me down in that he has decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of this tiny country of which I also have dual citizenship.   The USA backed Israel with Truman back in 1948.  Now, 2016, we have another good friend with Trump.  The simple fact of recognition, something other countries haven't done, is most important.  The plan now is to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem where the Israeli government is.  This will be taking some time.  I hope it'll happen while Trump is in office.  Otherwise it may never happen.  This would be another symbol of acceptance, more important than in settling into another building for convenience sake.
 We see Palestinians raging now over this decision as they intended to own and take East Jerusalem for theirs.  They're raging in Jerusalem, in Israel in other places most likely, and in Europe as well.  We've gone through so many of their rages, that it's just an example of how they think and react all the time.  They also haven't kept up with the world's changes.

I used to be a Democrat. My father taught me that Democrats were for the little business man.   Many of my family members are still Democrats.  This is like asking if the glass is half full or half empty, and facing rage if those around you don't agree with you. Democrats have not been for the little man lately.  These people have been hurting.   The news coming out now is exposing the extreme lengths that the Democrats have taken; the insurance policies they have planned for to unseat Trump.  They are really using their imaginative skills that almost went to sleep.  Maybe they'll reawaken the Republicans in rethinking their position they've been taking in pouting about a Democrat who turned into a Republican so quickly in order to win a seat that one of them should have had.  They're dealing with a workaholic who doesn't drink nor accepts a salary for his work.  He donates his time and money, instead.  He's a one of a kind, like Festus from the Smokey Mountains on Gunsmoke; roughly cut but but with good intentions.  He cleans up well, pretty much. 
Donald and Melania Trump at Inauguration 2017 
And then there's Trump who is not the perfect man. He uses his cell phone constantly in tweeting!    Outlandish man!  Full of ideas no one else dared to exercise.  Hated with a vengeance like Jews have been hated.  Jealousy seems to be a part of it.  Jealousy that he's president and they both think he's unworthy of this honor.  It's laughable to me to think that he learned how the system of election worked and traveled to the states most important to the electoral college to see his plans, and Hillary didn't think this way.  She lost and he won even though more people voted for her.  She didn't think like he did.  This is why people who voted for him in the first place are pleased.  This showed he was a better planner with more foresight, something greatly needed today.  He outwitted her and his former party!  And with such a regal, gorgeous wife! A former international #1 model!   He is rubbing it into all of them with her at his side.  An immigrant with an accent, no less.  All is coming out now about what has been going on behind the scenes that we, the public, have known nothing about.  Most Democrats, maybe all the voters, have had no idea of the exotic plots that their democratic leaders have been percolating.  I'm afraid they have just fallen into the trap of relying on their TV new programs to develop their thoughts about their country. TV news has become a form of brain washing-warned about from England in Brave New World.
Hitler meeting with the Grand Mufti in Germany 1941 to
plan what they will do with the Jews of the world 
 It's sort of like where Germans were before WWII  relying on the rulings of their government in getting rid of the "Jewish problem."  That should have been a warning to the whole world but it wasn't.

The USA was born in 1776;  almost 242 years ago.  They've had a radical change during this span.
Israel was re-born in 1948; almost 70 years ago.  They've had to go through a huge change within a very short span of time and fight for their very life throughout most of it!  To think that from 1981-1985 I kept precious stubs of chalk in my pockets to teach with, something I never had to do in the States.  Teaching aids have gone technical along with everything else.

Update: 12/19/2017 I see the reason that the USA is so divided today is because of our concept of patriotism is so different between the Republicans and the Democrats.  The reason for this difference can be due to the growth of our technical changes in such a short period of time.  It has affected us all differently just like we're all so individual.  The question is, can we all live together under our one banner, our flag?   The battle continues with a flare-up referred to by both political parties as something bigger than the Watergate scandal.  Continue on to my next article on the subject and see the players in this event listed, which will have to go onto page 3 as there are a lot of players in this tragic happening.


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