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Madness Encompassing Many in Senseless Killings in Forecast

Nadene Goldfodot                                        
Brandon Roy, former Blazers of Portland, OR, Shot in front of
Grandmother's home in the leg in California
 As a senior citizen in the USA, I have been appalled at the senseless killings I am confronted with on the news I see on TV lately.  Every time I turn it on, the reporters are reporting another crazy killing of someone shooting others for apparently no reason.  It's always innocent people that have nothing to do with the shooter that gets killed.  They were just in the way.
I was talking about this just yesterday to my good friend and other grandmother of our shared grandson.  I said it was like there had been a virus or a gas let loose in the air and people are being affected and are going crazy.  Neither of us felt safe going anyplace anymore.  Too much has been happening.   So many shootings have been happening everywhere, but especially in places like Cleveland, Florida and Las Vegas.  What's going on?  Is it drugs?  The underachievers?  Lack of jobs?  Lack of parental control?  I wonder what is going on in places like Damascus, Syria where people are surrounded by rebels, soldiers, and ISIS?  Are Damascans dodging bullets?

Then this morning, what was the morning news?  Portland's former Blazer basketball star player, Brandon Roy was shot in California in an apparent gang shooting.  Brandon was an innocent bystander being it took place right in front of his grandmother's home and he was shielding some children and got shot in the leg.

All this anger, shown in shootings, politics, and problems taming Iran and North Korea have been forecast by people thousands of years ago in the 3 major religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  This outburst of behaviors has been expected.  It's the foretelling of the Messiah, an entity each religion sees differently, telling of a time each sees through their own ideas that are quite different from each other.  However, each wants and expects their own idea of what a Messiah is.
The Mount of Olives which is in Israel is prophesied in the book of Zechariah as the place where the Messiah will show up at the end of this age and before the new expected period will begin.  Zechariah said in 12: 2,3, "Behold, I am making Jerusalem a cup of poison for all the peoples all around;  also Judah will take part in the siege of Jerusalem.  It shall be on that day that I  will make Jerusalem for all the peoples a burdensome stone, all whose bearers become lacerated;  and all the nations of the world will gather against it.  On that day---the word of Hashem---I will strike every horse with confusion and its rider with madness. 
 But I will open My eyes to the House of Judah."

For those that don't know.  Jews of today are the people of Judah, one of the 12 tribes of Jacob that has survived.  Remember that Israel, made up of 10 of the 12 tribes,  were taken away as slaves when the Assyrians attacked in 722-721 BCE and conquered Israel.   Judah, the most southern tribe, was not attacked as they held off the invaders.  They were the largest tribe.
Stabbings in Jerusalem by Palestinians
The UN has been thumping against Israel after voting her in twice as an accepted country of the world; the first time through the League of Nations;  2nd time being May 14, 1948 when it was officially through the UN, voted on and accepted after Israel's announcement of being formed as Israel once again.  Even today, after the Palestinians have continually attacked Israelis and express their plan of taking over the land of Israel, UN members insist on allowing them to create a state right alongside Israel.  It's as if they are doing everything in their power to allow the Palestinians the opportunity to meet their goal of getting rid of Israel and its 6 million Jews.  The Palestinians have been refusing to stop attacking and change their attitude, shown in everything they do from naming parks for murderers of Israelis to teaching such hatred in their schools and changing the maps to show Arab ownership instead of the Jewish.  They are manufacturing their own kind of history by denying that Jews were ever in the land.  Israel is asking that they stop acting like this before they are rewarded their own state on former Israeli land of Israel and Judah.  That was expected to happen many years ago and hasn't happened.  In fact, aggression always steps up against Israel.  The only change I see is that Syria and Iraq are no more the countries they were, but are being taken over by ISIS, an extremely violent group who cuts off people's heads with similar violent religious views.
In another piece of Jewish literature, the Yalkut Shimoni, we read the warning of a conflict in the Middle East involving the Arab nations and Persia-today's Iran. This is a midrashic collection relating to all the books of the Bible, compiled by Simeon Ha-Darshan presumably of Frankfort-on Main in the 13th century.  The work preserves many sections from Midrashim which are no longer extant.   This is amazing because it tells exactly what's happening today.  Iran has been repeatedly threatening Israel with atomic bombs being carried on their missiles and being destroyed.  Not only by missiles but Iran has been supplying the surrounding enemies of Israel with weapons just for this purpose.
The writings continue to say that the Persian conflict will cause Israel to be in fear.  This true statement is shown to have happened when Prime Minister Netanyahu flew to Washington DC and begged the Senate-those who respected him enough to attend, for the Democrats did not, to not give Iran the advantage in the Iran Deal that they were working on.  His fears have been ignored and the worst deal possible had been made, allowing Iran to most likely reach their goal within the next 10 years.  North Korea, who had helped Iran with the creation of their missiles, keeps testing theirs, hoping they will be able to reach the USA.

The Yalkut Shimoni prophecy leads to the final redemption through the coming of the Messiah king.
The term is originally Hebrew, pronounced as mashiah or moshiach.  It means the Anointed One, the ultimate deliverer.  It's in the Bible and used as an adjective referring to kings, etc. who have been anointed;  therefore one who has received divine sanction and a unique inviolability of status.  High priests were also anointed.  Jews see the moshiach as a man, a strong leader, general, king, president.  
Not all people are aware of the times we are living in.  So many do not believe anything written in any of the Old testament today.  They just consider it Old and not applicable.  Othodox Jews do and are aware of the period we are in.

According to other Jewish writings, the coming of the Messiah will be preceded by days of spiritual decline and trouble.  Rabbi Sokolovsky, in his book "Prophecy and Providence," quotes a number of passages from the Talmud speaking of times of distress during the Ikveta d'Meshicha (the heels of Messiah, the days before the coming of the Messiah).
"Tragedy will come upon you at the end of all the days."  Targum Yonathan.
"during the Ikveta d'Meshicha, insolence will abound.  The young will make the faces of the elderly grow ashen with shame;  the elderly will have to rise before the young;  sons will disgrace fathers;  daughters will rise up against their mothers;  the members of one's family will become his enemies."  Sotah 49b.  I've seen families divided over our latest Presidential election.  The failure of Hillary Clinton being elected has caused much hatred to erupt.  She was just interviewed and it was being shown on today's news.  She accepted responsibility but then blamed acts of others that caused people to not vote for her, which was originally brought about by her insisting on having own server in her home for email while the Secretary of State.  The domino theory of events took place after this was known that her world fell apart.  

Right now the world does seem to be falling apart in many avenues.  Drugs are no longer against the law but big business.  People have turned against Israel's existence.  Socialism is being accepted in a Democratic country.  Orange is the new black.  Alice in Wonderland fell down the hole and can't get out.  Everything is topsy turvy.    Even we seniors are prey to those trying to make a buck in an illegal way.  I hate to see life getting any worse.  We're ripe for the Moshiach to come along any time.


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