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Why Hillary Didn't Get My Vote

Nadene Goldfoot                                                
This book, "Game Change" by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin , about the 2008
presidential election, when Hillary
ran against Obama, opened my eyes.
  There has been a never ending discussion going on TV's news programs about why Hillary lost the presidential race to of all people, Donald Trump.  Finally she has said she accepts the blame for losing as in her comment beginning an interview about it, but the next words are defensive where she blames the FBI director, James Comey and such.                                          
James Comey, FBI Director
 That's not why I didn't vote for her at all.

My yardstick has always been how people react towards Israel.  I have become an Israeli in my middle age and am an educator about it's history and am an advocate for Israel.  Anyone anti-Semitic or anti-Israel is not going to get my vote; that's for sure.

The book, Game Change, was given to me as a gift.  After reading it, I felt I knew what each candidate in 2008 was like in their behaviors while working on their election.  I found I was so happy to be an elementary teacher working with  4 th graders and not one to work under Hillary.  She did not get an A+ from the author in being a marvelous boss.  It didn't tell me much about how she felt towards Israel but how she treated people and acted under stress and in making important decisions.  She was not my "father" figure like Roosevelt was who would take care of us under horrid circumstances like the 2nd world war.  She was not a wise "mother" figure either like Golda was for Israel.  Golda was so wise that we still think of her wise comments she made all the time. Examples like this still ring true:

Don't be so humble - you are not that great.

A leader who doesn't hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader.

We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when 

strawberries bloom in Israel.

Before that, I had read much about Obama.  I remember hearing him speak at the Democratic Convention and thinking that he was a marvelous speaker and someday would be important in the Democratic party, never thinking such a young man would soon be running for president.  To me, he was one that was just coming up the ladder.  So I started investigating him.  What I found in references available to me was frightening.  He went to a church that was very anti-Semitic.  He had been attending for a good 20 some years.  That was a huge turn-off.  I read the sermons and studied his friends and their behaviors.
Things that bothered me a great deal about Hillary was her great admiration for Yasser Arafat.  She and her family had many pictures of being quite close to him.  It didn't get my vote at all.  He was a main enemy of Israel.

Along that line, her main woman helper, Huma Abedin, who is like a daughter to her, is a Muslim lady whose parents were active in the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood's charter is against Israel and is for her destruction.  Whether Huma was also active in the Brotherhood or not is immaterial.
 There were too many decisions being made that were against Israel and it only takes a little nudge to put someone like Hillary over the edge to be against this little country that has so many Muslim countries against her existence.  Right now only 2, Egypt and Jordan, have signed peace treaties, and there is ISIS in the neighborhood ready to take her out waiting like a Mafia hit man for the right moment.  They're already hitting places and people in Egypt.

I wrote articles about it in my blogs.  I had decided to write about each candidate and their views known to us about Israel.  Hillary and Obama were not getting my vote.  They didn't meet my criteria of my yardstick. She was responsible for losing an American Ambassador in a Middle East Country.   Hillary was a woman and I was a woman but so what?  She was no Golda Meir.  As it turned out after being the Secretary of State, I saw her as a carbon copy of Obama in her attitudes towards Israel, and Obama made it very plain as to what his deep feelings were when he threw Israel under the bus just before his last term was up.

Of course, I feel that Obama was very pro Palestinian.  He tried to trick Netanyahu on live television about moving to the 67 lines, only Netanyahu embarrassed him by giving the  best lecture I've heard about why Israel could not do such a thing.   It would have been suicidal.  Obama made a beeline to Egypt when he first  be came president and spoke to the Muslim Brotherhood-insisting they be able to sit in the front rows, even.  At the time, the Muslim Brotherhood was outlawed by Egypt!

Since Obama has been president these past 8 years, the White House has hired many Muslims in many positions, even security.  Obama has some relatives who are Muslims, even though he is not.  His preference lies with the Muslim community as far as I see it.

Russia didn't play any part in Hillary not getting my vote.  I was not surprised at all that she had wanted to have special favors and expected them, being a former 1st lady of Bill Clinton, to have a server in her home.  This was something out of the norm, and her demanding it certainly has  gotten her into hot water.  I wonder if the email personnel isn't standing back saying, "I told her so."

What I've been angry about it how Obama was behind the Democrats opening up an office in Israel trying to sway Israelis to vote for Hillary!  Talk about: don't do something you would not want done to you, Hillary.  You were doing this to Israel, and then you have the audacity to complain about Russia doing it to you, or I should say Obama, not you, but then you were just a copy-cat of Obama and probably backed the move as well.

In my opinion, the only president up to now that has given Israel a fair shake has been Truman when he voted yes in the UN for the creation of Israel.  The rest have not had a spine of steel, ready to set the pace and see the negativity towards Israel and where and why it is coming from.  That's what I try to explain in my articles.  The circumstances that Israel has been under and what it has had to be dealing with has been horrible.  I think that another country in this circumstance could not stand up under such pressures, but then Israel is a very special case.  It is special in so many ways, but the world's countries in the UN act against it all the time, and we need a very special and unique president to stand up against these pressures to be Israel's real friend.

I've been a Democrat all my life until Obama ran again in 2008.  I couldn't take it anymore.  Here I had been a representative going to meetings on the Democratic Central Committee and my parents had been Democrats, something so many of us  Jews had been, but I was one of the few who left the party.  When the Democrats took out Israel from their party platform, they had really had it from me.

Now, as fate would have it, we have Trump in office.  He's a man whose forte is in making deals.  He won his position when all others thought he was failing.
He's a man with  wonderful children.  His daughter has married an orthodox Jewish man and has converted to Judaism, so I would say that this president is going to have some understanding of Israel's unique position in the world today.  Israel is not too sloppy about making deals, either, and will not be pushed into something they see is dangerous.  Each has met his match.  If Trump takes this challenge on to make a deal, he'll want to win and is known for giving in order to take.

My feeling is this:  Israel has given  more than anyone in this world.  They had to wait 2,000 years quietly to have the opportunity again to regain their lost land.  After being promised the Jewish Homeland, they had to witness Britain give away 80% of it to Jordan.  They've been left about 8,000 sq. miles and of that,  the Palestinians want a Palestine-something they have never had nor even thought of before, out of land that was to be the Jewish Homeland.  They refuse to do anything peaceful to show a peaceful intent.  All they show us is their hatred-actually their envy of what Israel has obtained.  Anyone in their right mind would see what is happening and how it is unfair and unsafe for any country in Israell's position, but the UN clamors for such craziness, and look who is in the UN today pulling the strings.
This is why.  Our president has to be unique enough to see through this smoke and ashes, and at least Trump as done one GREAT thing so far, appointed a woman ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, not Jewish but with a heritage from India, who has the ability to stand up to such illogical acts as we see and hear from the UN.  She's been articulating the truth without batting an eye of fear from these macho men.  Hillary would never be able to stand up to them like she has, even with her wicked tongue.  Nikki has the knowledge to fight with and is cutting down their baseless arguments and making them into mincemeat.

Hillary was going to be another Obama in my opinion and I had had enough these past 8 years of that.  I wanted someone who would treat Israel fairly, not with preconceived bias.  She was not getting my vote.


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