Thursday, June 30, 2016

Threat to Israel: Hamas: Not Partners of Peace

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                           
Hamas Terrorist in uniform

As President Obama is gearing up to start another round of peace talks between the Palestinian Arabs and Israel, let me remind him that he is trying to make peace between Israel's closest threat to her, the terrorist group of Hamas who have taken over Gaza.  The problem is that Hamas has influence over Judea and Samaria's political leader, Abbas.
Fatah and Hamas, on and off rivals,  joined together in 2011.  Here's Hamas' leader in Gaza,
Ismail Haniyeh right in the front row.  
They had joined together to create a Palestine, remember?
Hamas is a designated terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.  It is an immediate, ongoing threat to Israel and its citizens.  It would be lovely if a miracle happened after these 68 years and they decided not to follow their life time swearing of never making peace.  Indications are that they are as adamant as ever in not pursuing such a peace.  Even President Rivlin has said that now is not the time.
More Hamas Terrorists
Since 2007, they have started 3 wars with Israel.  
This is because the group is constructing an enormous infrastructure with which to attack Israeli communities, including a broad network of terror tunnels that are rebuilt with funds diverted from international humanitarian assistance to the Palestinians.  This means that 7.6 million Israelis are now within range of about 10,000 Hamas rockets.
Morsi and Obama were tight.  
These terrorists founded Hamas in 1987 as an offshoot of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.  This is the group that had taken over Egypt temporarily with Morsi as its President who their General  Sisi finally ousted at the USA's President Obama's objections.
Later talks in Cairo with John Kerry.
 He was defending the Muslim Brotherhood a 2nd time, as he also showed favoritism to them when he first spoke in Cairo and wanted them in the front seats of the auditorium. At the time they were being blackballed by Egypt.  Morsi was a high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leader. The Muslim Brotherhood is all for wiping Israel off the map and killing Jews.
Hamas Unit Right  on Israel's Doorstep
Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement) rules the Gaza Strip and wants Israel destroyed.  Since 1987 they have murdered more than 500 Israeli civilians.  Since 2007, when the group violently overtook the Gaza Strip, it has started 3 wars with Israel.  They get money and arms from Iran, who also wants Israel destroyed; not made peace with but completely destroyed into oblivion.  There are other smaller jihadist militant organizations in Gaza.  One is the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Islamic State called ISIS.
To show their interest in peace, Hamas builds attack tunnels, so why does Obama think they will come to a peace table  and be sincere about it?  In the last war with them in 2014, Israel found and destroyed 32 Hamas tunnels which were going right into Israel from Gaza.  The Hamas terrorists' aim was to kidnap and kill Israelis.  Here they now are, 1,000 Hamas men are rebuilding the attack tunnel network, diverting materials provided by the international community to rebuild Gaza's home and civilian infrastructure for postwar progress.  The Israelis living near Gaza have reported hearing digging sounds beneath their communities.
Why dig tunnels?  Last year Israel prevented almost 1,000 Hamas smuggling operations to import weapons and other illicit materials into Gaza that could be used for bomb making.  The  contraband included rocket components, explosives, rocket fuel, drones and banned dual-use items.
 Also, scuba diving equipment was confiscated that would be used for sea attacks.  This shows that Hamas' continued investment in naval infiltration operations  are going on against Israel.

Two years ago in 2014, Hamas and Israel were at war and 4 Hamas divers attempted to perpetrate terror attacks at Israel's Zikim Beach.  Since Operation Protective Edge, Hamas has doubled the size of its naval commando force.
Long-range rockets hitting Israel 
Since 2001, which is only 15 years ago, terrorist groups from Gaza have fired more than 17,000 rockets into Israel.  Israel protects itself with their invention of the Iron Dome rocket defense system, but it cannot totally eliminate the threat.  Just 2 years ago, there were hundreds of rockets and mortar attacks from Gaza.  This included missiles made by using Iranian techniques and included longer-range Iranian rockets.  This forced Israel to launch another defensive operation known as OPERATION PROTECTIVE EDGE.    More rockets have been fired into Israel since the attack was officially stopped.
Hamas's leader is Ismail Haniyeh.  He would be the one Obama needs to convince that peace is important.  Yet Haniyeh is busy praising the recent violent attack of his men against Israel by his terrorists from Judea and Samaria and east Jerusalem and called for another Intifada in Judea and Samaria.   That's how he answered the EU and Obama's desires of being able to stage another peace initiative.  With WAR!  In this way he's telling Abbas that he cannot sit down to any peace talk as there will be no peace.  
Chart showing Palestinian activity against Israel : Hebrew goes from right to left instead of English that goes from left to right.  
Israel and the PA of Judea and Samaria, the rulers there, uncovered Hamas cells preparing violent attacks against Israeli civilians and other actions meant to destabilize Judea and Samaria.
PA leader, Abbas
During the 2014 summer war, Israel's internal security service stopped a Hamas coup attempt in Judea and Samaria aimed at overthrowing Abbas and instigating a new round of violence.

Israel and the PA have broken up Hezbollah and other Iranian sponsored terrorist cells in Judea and Samaria.
Remember, Israel is and has been the only Democratic state in the Middle East.  Israel's survival is important to the USA's national interests.  The USA has been the only one to provide annual security assistance for its self-defense against mounting threats across the region. which now includes ISIS.  There has been a 10 year Memorandum of Understanding between these 2 allies.  They also have going between them other cooperative programs including a missile defense and tunnel detection.   Israel is the creator of defense methods both in their own airport and in other ways that they share with other nations.  Right now they might even help Turkey with airport defense due to Turkey's current attack there.  One thing Israel can't do without are resources to buy weapons for protection so they can develop systems needed to respond decisively to threats from Hamas and Hezbollah and a potential nuclear armed Iran.
Congress has been more understanding of this need than our President may have been.  We must insure that this continues.  Israel is the child of the USA who is about to receive their PhD in 6 months after 4 years of hard studying.  We cannot stop our assistance now when Israel is so close to receiving its degree.  One doesn't walk out on their children.  The same with the state of Israel.  The USA cannot come to a point of pulling out its much needed alliance with new senators who might  not see the forest for the trees.  Israel has been self reliant.  She is  not costing the USA with American lives, just money well spent.  Of all the money spent in attacking, here is one place it's used in defense.

 If they are concerned about a difference in numbers of lives lost, another reminder is that to Israel, lives are to be defended, but to terrorist groups such as Hamas, lives are there to be used, and have little value.  That's why numbers have been so lop-sided.  Don't blame Israel for keeping their people alive under attacks.  This is a difference in the two value systems.  Israel preaches "TO LIFE" and Hamas and ISIS preach 'TO DEATH' which will get us what we want.

Resource:  AIPAC


  1. CUFI (Christians United For Israel) Action Fund applauds efforts by Senator Dan Coats (R-IN) to prevent U.S. taxpayer dollars from going to Palestinian terrorists. The Palestinian Authority has been transferring U.S. money for humanitarian aid directly to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The PLO has in turn used those funds to pay stipends to convicted Palestinian terrorists.

    One study found that "Terrorists in prison receive a higher average salary than PA civil servants and military personnel."

    This week, a key Senate committee approved new language by Senator Coats specifically intended to cut off the flow of U.S. dollars to Palestinian terrorists. Senator Coats is optimistic that his language will be approved by Congress this year.

    Christians United for Israel Action Fund is strongly urging all members of Congress to support this important effort to ensure that your hard-earned tax dollars are not being used to subsidize terrorism against our ally Israel. ​


    these are the kind of people and policies that embolden abbas and his murderous minions just like they did with arafat. keeping watching these folks and how the up the ante with israel to cripple and maim israel's economy and reputation in the world. they have inflicted very much damage already and others have jumped on the bandwagon. note to name of the man mentioned in the article. i have written to you of him before. he is in the background now-was at the helm at one point but these are his ideas from which the directives come from. he is good friends with the clintons and soros and many others who are making policy aimed at taking israel's statehood away. these people are evil. on the wrong side of history and most assuredly on the wrong side of the Bible. God will be dealing with them in the not too distant future and it will be epic. prophecy says so.

  3. Evidently our country has nothing better to do than go through the motions of attempting peace making between the Palestinians and Israelis and should know darn well that the Palestinians do not have peace in mind. The country is getting wise to it. Read this:
    "Two-State Solution Won't Solve Mideast Crisis, Says Brookings Expert - J.P. O'Malley
    Shadi Hamid, born into a Muslim family in Pennsylvania, is a senior fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington, and recently authored a new book, Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle over Islam Is Reshaping the World. He says, "Bringing about a two-state solution [to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict] would help. It's something that the international community should strive to do. But we shouldn't be under any illusions that it would unlock the puzzle of [failed states] across the Middle East right now." Even if the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were somehow miraculously resolved tomorrow with a two-state solution, the Middle East would still be "a bloody dangerous place."
    "It feels like Israel-Palestine has almost become an afterthought for how we talk about the Middle East nowadays. It isn't the central conflict in the region....The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not the key to resolving the ongoing problems, or making peace, in the Middle East." " (Times of Israel)Observations:

  4. the two state solution is a totally anti-bible anti-israel concept in the first place. no one will come away unscathed for meddling with the land and the people of it that God Himself established--but these in the article are still at it and brookings is part of the problem, solana i told you about (an author of the two state solution) is one of it's senior fellows so that is very bad right there. indeed, the two state solution will not resolve the issue. murderous islam is still carrying out the mandates of it's koran and that is the whole middle east problem in a nutshell that i can see. israel is not the problem. their ancient hatred is...and on the political/religious climate of today they have lots of backers. the Bible has already spelled this out for us. like i said--on the wrong side of history--but especially the world today is on the wrong side of the Bible.......

  5. Andre, I wish people would listen to your words about the 2 state solution, which is impossible, instead of pushing for it. It's like mixing oil with water and it's not blending. The value system of these 2 groups are opposites, and the Palestinians have leaders that have one thing in mind: destroy Israel, not live in peace. It seems like we've come to a some sort of Mexican standoff right now. I'll have to look into Brookings and Solani who are pushing everyone towards peace while the rest of the countries are not facing their own situations.

  6. the road map for peace is anything is the ultimate snake in the grass...

    the most epic happenings in the history of the world are taking shape in this. bad seed is producing a really bad crop and God will "glean" this field when He is ready. His time-His way. all will take a hit--some will be completely undone and israel.....israel has a remnant that will be saved and will be handed all the Lord has promised. the world will come to israel on it's knees to make amends--that is a promise from God in the bible. God will see to it...and it sooner rather than later now.

    yes, that organization and mr solana himself have very dirty hands. i have been watching this for a decade now. their policies continue to move forward (despite things that look otherwise such as brexit and other hopefuls to regain ground from the elite) and it is anti-semitic to the core. no wonder all of israel's old enemies are emboldened now. they have policies and practices backing them from the likes of these from the secret board rooms that are not so secret anymore. america has been asleep at the wheel and brussels with it's many many tentacles throughout the world are even using "setbacks" as opportunities in "crisis". terrorism has been a handy tool in their toolbox to fundamentally change once sovereign nations forever. they hate israel because she stands on her God-given sovereignty to defy their global takeover. (and why america was handed over by many and as the final-by obama who has finished the job--waiting for his reward of higher office because the american presidency has been his stepping stone). the prophecies of daniel (the image of gold, silver, etc) and the revived roman (global) empire are very advanced. we know how the roman empire of old (global at that time in history) treated israel. it has come back much broader and more powerful than ever, but it has been weak at it's feet (iron/clay toes) so much helter skelter in public but from behind closed doors it is about ready to roll out the new and improved model. watch the eu's dealings with israel and world peace and security issues proposed. sounds high and mighty and good for the world but is anything but.

    glad i've read the end of The Book. God keeps His word and those who belong to Him--and those who are His beloved israel will be saved, restored and established just as He declared long long ago. though it tarry...wait for it. habakkuk's 3 chapters spell out much for our understanding---of then.......and now.
    nadene i will always pray for israel she has her place in the sun as the head of the nations and that day is getting closer every day.

  7. I've found even more problems with the Brookings Institute and our policies which I just published. Hope you comment on it. I've yet to get to Solana, but will next.