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BDS Founder and Lobbyist for BDS, Omar Barghouti

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This nice-looking 52 year old Omar Barghouti, born in 1964 in Qatar, is a co- founder and lobbyist for BDS against Israel.  His comment on this is, "Definitely, most definitely, we oppose a Jewish state in any part of "Palestine."  

BDS is a calculated and cynical strategy based on lies about Israel.  It's just another missile they are dropping on the whole 8,000 square miles which is only 20% of the original accepted size of the Jewish Homeland by the League of Nations and the UN by all the members.  As you see, Barghouti doesn't even recognized Israel.  He still calls the land the Roman name of Palestine. and is opposed to its existence.
Israeli girl enjoying Tel Aviv's beach. Barghouti is even against exporting
Israeli dance groups for culture.  No one can work for Israel and
 no one can enjoy anything from Israel.  That's BDS.

Tel Aviv-Warmer than Seaside, Oregon for sure.  Friday, June 3rd is to be 90 Degrees, 72
for a low.  Perfect for a dip in the Mediterranean Sea.  Shabbat will go up to 94
and 74 for a low.  This is in F.  Humidity is 60%.  
  Why would this Qatarian-born engineer want to follow the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas's charter of not accepting the only Jewish state in the world from being whence it came from?  He grew up in Egypt and when an adult, moved to Jaffa, which could have been in 1985, when I returned to the USA from Israel.   

Jaffa is joined with Tel Aviv.  It had been a Jewish port at the time of Jerusalem's take-over by the Romans in 70 CE.  Arab riots forced Jews to move to Tel Aviv, founded as a suburb of Jaffa.  In 1946 the population of Jaffa was 101,000 of which 30% were Jews.  The Arab sections of Jaffa capitulated on May 14, 1948 when Israel announced its birth, and almost all the Arabs then left, their places being taken by new immigrants.  Finally, Jaffa was joined with Tel Aviv into one city called Tel Aviv-Jaffa.  The port was closed in 1965.  One quarter has become an artists' colony, similar to the one in Safed.
Caterpillar tractor Co outlawed in BDS in Israel.  
He has the chutzpa to be studying at Tel Aviv University.  He has a master's degree in philosophy (ethics) from the university already, and is working on a PhD.  He had already received his master's in electrical engineering from Columbia University in New York,  USA.   It is notable that though there has been a petition with over 184,000 signatures to be expelled for his BDS goal, the university has refused.    His comment to the Associated Press was that "Palestinians cannot possibly observe the same boycott guidelines as asked of internationals, and that indigenous population is entitled to all services they can get from the system."

Evidently Barghouti touts that his parents were Palestinians, which is a lie.  His parents live in Jordan.  His parents were shocked when he left the United States where he lived as an adult and took his wife to live in Ramallah in 1993. It's possible his grandparents were some of the Arabs from surrounding states that entered "Palestine"  in the 1880's, coming because Russian and Romanian Jews had returned escaping the Pogroms of Russia and deciding that after 2,000 years, it was time to return to their homeland.  They had joined Jews whose ancestors had  never left the land, Sabras, and were building Tel Aviv, and the Arabs needed work, so came and worked for them.  Whereas the Bible is the history of Jews living in the Jewish homeland of Israel, showing the world that they were there, and following history has recorded the Roman occupation that caused the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem, the Palestinians have no such record of ever having a state of Palestine.  Palestine was the name the Romans gave to Israel in 135 and they had beaten the Jewish General,  Bar Bakhba after a 3 year war over Jerusalem.  They were so angry that they named the land after the ancient  Jewish enemies, the Phillistines.
1920's map of the Jewish Homeland out of Palestine.  Israel was to be 120,466 sq km which is
46,512.1826 miles.  What Jews got is an  Israel of  8,000 sq. miles, 20% of the promised land.  
Ruled by a slew of different emperors, the land finally had been under the Ottoman Empire for 400 years, and the Turks lost it to the Allies by siding with the Germans in WWI.  In 1917 it was under British mandate, and it had been decided to be land of the Jewish Homeland once again.

He opposes the 2 state solution and calls Israel an apartheid state, saying, "from now on, it will be acceptable to compare Israel's apartheid system to its South African predecessor.   As a consequence, proposing practical measures to punish Israeli institutions for their role in the racist and colonial policies of their state will no longer be considered beyond the pale."   He is really stubborn, as it is proven over and over that there is no comparison between the Palestinians and the Blacks of South Africa.  Israel has been the opposite of being apartheid.  He nevertheless, holds to his lie.

Samir El-Youssef, born in 1965,  thinks that Barghouti's "true peace based on justice" is that Israel must be punished, brought down to its knees, before a Palestinian is allowed to greet an Israeli in the street.  Samir El-Youssef is a Palestinian-British writer and critic, who was born in Rashidieh, a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon, where he lived until he was ten, before moving to Sidon, Lebanon. "  Ending the Israeli "occupation" in the "West Bank" (Judea and Samaria) will not end the BDS movement actions because the majority of Palestinians are refugees who live in exile and have a right to return to live in Israel. or Palestine, as they would rename it" he said. 

Barghouti has written a book which Joel Fishman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs  read for a review and discovered that he felt that Palestinians had inalienable right to the land, while those rights of the Jews had been acquired, no matter that Jews had received international recognition.  According to Barghouti, Palestinians have more equal rights than Jews.  Historically, Barghouti is way off, as this is not true at all.  Needless to say, there never has been a state of Palestine.  The Palestinians were people living on the land after 135 CE, both Arab and Jew; people who had been under the Ottoman Empire, and Jews had never left the land.  There as always been Jews living on the land.  

How is it that so many universities full of college-aged students who should be learning to do research for papers, etc, and countries  go along with this BDS act which is completely anti-Semitic?  It's not based on any historic truth.  Even the New York Daily News in February 2013 responded to Barghouti's published opinion piece supporting his own Boycott, divestment and Sanctions movement, came out with an editorial saying that Barghouti was a skilled propagandist and that he piled falsehood upon falsehood to present Israel as relentlessly oppressing Palestinians in violation of human decency and held Israel completely responsible for the ills afflicting them.  The newspaper told that what Barghouti wanted was a secular democratic state built on an influx of ARABS who come to dominate the population and vote on an end to Israel as a Jewish nation.        
                                                                 Roberta P. Seid, PhD. Dr. Roberta P. Seid, an historian, is Education & Research Director of StandWithUs and has taught a course on Israel at the University of California, Irvine. 

Roberta Seid described his speech at UCLA as bringing hate and was an anti-Israel show.. A rabbi, perhaps not a member of J Street, , stormed out declaring, "This is anti-Semitic!"  The rabbi had wanted to challenge Barghouti's statement  about Jewish communities and was turned down.  Roberta noted that Barghouti also denied a right to self-determination of the Jewish people.  He said that Jews were not a people and denied that they had collective rights.                                                                           
What Palestinian Arabs have been teaching in their schools.  

 Barghouti stated: that" BDS is a non-violent human rights movement that seeks freedom, justice and equality for the Palestinian people, based on international law and universal principles of human rights.  As such, BDS has consistently and categorically rejected all forms of discrimination and racism, including anti-Semitism as well as dozens of racist laws in Israel." 

The destruction of the BDS movement is actually harming the Palestinians that they say they are helping.  On February 29, SodaStream, an Israeli company, had to shut down their factor in Judah and let go its last 75 Palestinian workers.  The BDS had a ferocious campaign against SodaStream and its spokeswoman, Scarlett Johansson.  The company, in Ramallah,  had 1,300 workers, 500 of which were Arabs  from Judea.   They had been treated well by the fair-minded Israeli firm and now are out of work.  It's isn't like there are other places to work, there.  SodaStream moved to the Negev Desert  area. 
 Ramallah was the city SodaStream was located in, which is 10 km (6 miles) north of Jerusalem at an average elevation of 880 meters above sea level.  Think; 6 miles from Jerusalem and this is Judah, the ancient site of Israel.  Many people can walk for 6 miles.  It's 5 minutes by car.  This close, and Jews are suffering from BDS because some Jews chose to live there.  " Ramallah was part of the West Bank territory taken by Arab forces in the first of the Arab-Israeli wars (1948–49) and subsequently annexed by Jordan. That's how it did not come into Israel in 48.  Situated on the crest of the Judaean Hills at an elevation of 2,861 feet (872 metres) above sea level, Ramallah, with its fine summer breezes, has long been a popular resort site.  According to the special census of the West Bank taken by Israel in 1967, Ramallah’s population was 12,134, only slightly more than half Christian, while that of Al-Bīrah, including a large refugee camp, was 13,037. Pop. (2005 est.) Ramallah and Al-Bīrah, 62,800."  It has more than doubled.  

Florida is among the first states to reject BDS efforts who  want punitive actions against Israel.  They realize that what is needed is bilateral negotiations between Israel and the PA  This means Abbas has to come to the table, and how many times has he sided and melded himself to Hamas terrorism who are against Israel's existence?  Dozens by now.    

If you are one to believe what you are told, no matter what, that the sky is orange and not blue and you believe this, you are one prone to believe that BDS is okay.  Why is it that only a few people have realized that the BDS movement is harmful?  Why aren't  our students thinking and analyzing facts?  What is it that the universities are teaching?  Mind control?  I've given up thinking that Barghouti is learning anything at the university in Israel.  He must be just thinking about his future vision of Israel; Palestinian take-over and teaching his ideas in class, instead.  

Our Congress has a  bill written to combat BDS Act of 2016.  I hope it passes.  Then states can stand up and be against such a weapon.  The decision will be most interesting when it reaches President Obama's desk.  Will he sign?  Our congress is divided and at least half follows in his footsteps.  This is how many of our representatives , senators a way to fight against BDS and its goal of eliminating the one and only Jewish state.  Don't be deceived by it's leader's goals of doing just this.  
Any relation?  Marwan Hasib Ibrahim Barghouti, born in 1959,  is a Palestinian political figure convicted and imprisoned for murder by an Israeli court. He is regarded as a leader of the First and Second Intifadas.  Israeli authorities have called Barghouti a terrorist, accusing him of directing numerous attacks, including suicide bombings, against civilian and military targets alike. Barghouti was arrested by Israel Defense Forces in 2002 in Ramallah .  He was born in Kobar, west bank of Jordan- no doubt our ancient  Judah.  He was a member of Fatah.    Wikipedia

Mustafa Barghouti, born 1954,  is a Palestinian doctor and activist in that he was a member of al Mubadara-General Secretary of Palestine National Initiative.  He graduated from Stanford.  He was a member of the PLO as well.  One source has described him as being born in Bait Rima on the West Bank, although Barghouti himself has said that he was born in Jerusalem.  Barghouti's family is from Bani Zeid, a village about 15 miles from Ramallah, neit Birzeit. He grew up in Ramallah and his father was the municipal engineer for the nearby village of Al-Bireh.   Barghouti has said that his family “has always been very political, very active,” noting that under the Mandate, his grandfather and great-uncle “were jailed by the British.” He has said that he “grew up surrounded by internationalist, progressive literature,” and has described his family’s politics as always being “shaped by opposition to social injustice, rather than by nationalism.” His father, he has noted, “used to speak to us of his Jewish comrades in Tiberias or Acre.” 

The BDS movement was launched on July 9, 2005 when a broad alliance of more than 170 Palestinian political parties, trade unions, refugee networks, NGOs and grassroots associations published an open boycott call to international civil society organizations and people of conscience. It called to “impose broad boycotts and implement divestment initiatives against Israel similar to those applied to South Africa in the apartheid era,” Barghouti says. “Today, the global BDS movement is led by the largest coalition in Palestinian society, the BDS National Committee (BNC).”

AJC Global Jewish Advocacy on BDS, David Harris
The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia  I mentioned a Mustafa Barghouti in this article.  Any relation?  

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