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Anti-Semitic European Statistics in Today's End of Times Days

Nadene Goldfoot                                                      
75 years ago, The Sherif of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini met
with Hitler in Germany  to discuss getting rid of Jews.  Nazism has
been captivating anti-Semites of all countries to this day..  
In the past 136 years, from when Russian Jews were escaping constant pogroms and taking the initiative to brave the waters and get to Palestine, their original home of Judah, to day, we see we are heading right for the anti-Semitism found in the 1930's for the same old reasons plus one new one.

Europe is not winning any battle against this upheaval of anti-Semitism.  Their situation has changed with an abundance of Muslim refugees entering their lands of Sweden, France, Germany, England, etc.  I'm afraid they've brought no only their children but their attitude towards Jews and Israel.
At the end of 2013, Europe's European Union's Fundamental Right's Agency did a sweeping survey of Jews living in Europe.
1. 66 2/3%  Jews found anti-Semitism affecting them.
2. 75% of Jews said anti-Semitism had worsened since 2008. This was an increase in the past 5 years.
3. 50%of all European Jews fear being victims of anti-Semitic rhetoric.
4. 50% of all European Jews fear being the victim of physical assaults.
5. 25%  of all European Jews avoid Jewish sites because of fear of attacks.
6. 60 % of all European Jews heard or saw someone anti-Semitic claiming the Holocaust was either an exaggeration or was a downright myth.
7. 66 2/3% of all European Jews violently assaulted were too afraid to report the crime to local police.
8. 84% more French anti-Semitic attacks on Jews since the murder of 4 Jews in the kosher supermarket in Paris, reported by Service de Protection de la Communaute Juive (SPC). 


1. The Guardian newspaper reported that anti-Semitic attacks in UK are at the highest level ever recorded.
2. The Jewish Telegraph Agency reported of anti-Semitic attacks in France climbed 84%E AFTER the Kosher shop killings.
3. The Business Insider reported about Hungary's anti-Semitic Jobbik Party spreading across Eastern Europe.
4. The Atlantic asked in print, "Is it time for the Jews to leave Europe?  The answer would have to be, to where? and that would of course be Israel, for it's very hard for Jews to get into other places.  The Syrians are first in line and not exactly welcome anywhere, either.
Anti-Semitic act in Jewish cemetery in France, 2010. 

                                                              A Few of the ACTS OF VIOLENCE
1. Malma, Sweden:  has been the site of many acts of violence against it's Jewish population who came there looking for refuge from WWII. Many of  the 3rd generation of Jews have fled to Israel after much anti-Semitic acts.  I've been writing about this situation in several articles.

2.  Paris, France:  A 13 year old Jewish boy just outside of his school was viciously beaten and taunted by a group of nasty thugs calling out, "Take that, dirty Jew."
 4 young men killed in Paris Supermarket 
3. Paris France:  The kosher supermarket where anti-Semitic killings took place after the terrorist attack at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper.  They killed 4 Jews before the police killed the gunman.

4. Brussels, Belgium, where so much trouble has been brewing lately, the Parliament received a letter accusing Jews of being "thieves, murderers, liars and degenerates."

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands:  where Sephardic Jews left to live in New Amsterdam, America, which became New York: Elderly Holocaust survivors, Diana and Shmuel Blog,  were attacked verbally and beaten by 2 men who said to them, "Dirty Jews, you don't need your jewelry anymore.  You've been wearing it for too long.  Now it's all ours."

6 Copenhagen, Denmark: During a bat mitzvah (girl) celebration at the Jewish Community Center near the Great Synagogue, the security guard, Dan Uzan age 37, was shot and killed by an Islamic jihadist.  Evidently this was not a robbery but about murdering a Jew to cause fear.

7. Manchester, England,  major city in the northwest of England, where writer Victor Sharpe has told of seeing  growing anti-Semitism every time he visited his mother,  4 teen-aged  Jewish lads were attacked by 4 anti-Semites which left the 17 year old in hospital with a brain hemorrhage.  A hate attack.  London's new mayor is Muslim.  "Sadiq Khan is excusing Muslim terrorism as some punishment from G-d Almighty on a non-Muslim population, as if people, (Jews)  deserve it.  You just cannot excuse such terrorism.  He's getting away with it.  Now he's in a seat of power as a Mayor. Is he going to stop anti-Semitism in London? Time will tell.  

8.  St. Polten, Austria:  A Jew  outside a mall wearing a Star of David was violently assaulted by thugs who called him a F***ing Jew.  A hate attack.

9.  Zurich, Switzerland; land of people who haven't mixed into wars, has a neo- Nazi rock group.   Amok, one of their members, spat in the face of a Jewish man who was leaving a synagogue.  Amok shouted, "Heil Hitler!"  Is this "freedom of speech"  or is it hate speech.  I'd say hate speech that will undoubedly lead to other actions.  

10. Warsaw, Poland:  where thousands of Jews were slaughtered in WWII, Poland passed a ban on kosher meat, and has said it is now illegal to kill or sell such.  So now vandals desecrated the fence outside the Jewish cemetery.  Good thing there was a fence or they would have tipped or and broken the headstones as well, as other places have found.  Why the ban on kosher meat?  It's a way of killing cows that is the most humane with the least amount of pain if any.  Poles marked their anniversary of the decision from their Constitutional Tribunal with this announcement. They're not trying to spread Vegetarianism or even Veganism.  They're just against Jews living in Poland.  The records show that there were more than enough Poles helping the Nazis during WWII in rounding up Jews and other matters.

11. Grassina, Tuscan, Italy, where Jews who could went to escape the Holocaust and perhaps board a ship for Palestine, anti-Semitic vandals spray-painted "Jews to the gas," and painted swastikas on the Jewish Community Center.  Younger Italian Jews in 2015 were planning to most likely leave. The old cannot, and will stay.  This is the situation.  Older people have the hardest time picking up and leaving a country.  They become victims.  Jews in Italy have lived there since Biblical times.

12. Bilbao, Spain in the north,:  A Jewish teenager was attacked by a gang of neo-Nazis who carved swastikas into his arm. The attackers kicked and punched the teen after carving a swastika and the number 88 into his arm with a razor blade."

We may be only 0.02% of the world population, with 6 million living in Israel and about 6 million in the USA, but the rest are spread over European countries and South Africa and different islands and South America.  There are good people in over 100 countries on 6 continents who are not anti-Semites, but Europe is just not doing the job, and most  the remaining 2 million Jews live in Europe since we have about  only 14 million in the world.   This anti-Semitism is reaching a boiling point which makes the present time the most dangerous for Jews living there since WWII.  Complacency leads to disaster, and I don't see many making a move to correct this situation in Europe.
The EU (European Union) has a Parliament President, Martin Schults.  They have a European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker.  They have a European Council President, Donald Tusk.  They must do everything possible to prevent more anti-Semitism in Europe.  What's odd is that the Arabs have not wanted Jews back home in what was being called "Palestine."  However, it's now with their help that European Jews are fleeing to Israel from persecution once more, like they were being treated by the Nazis and by the Russian pogromists.  It's the story of our history.  We do indeed need our one and only state of Israel.

 Resource: World Jewish Congress, American Section, New York, NY, USA In New York, by Michael Oren., Manchester, England attack 9/7/2015

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