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Netanyahu's Opinions About Iran Deal on Fareed Zakaria's Program

Nadene Goldfoot                                                      

Fareed Zakaria from CNN went to Davos, Switzerland to attend a meeting there, the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM,  and was able to interview Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel while there. Obama's deal with Iran was implemented just last weekend where they will now receive the billions of dollars held from them during the agreement talks about their ability to enrich uranium.
Fareed Zakaria's Sunday Morning Program on CNN
Netanyahu answered Fareed's questions by stating that his concerns were about Iran's ability to reconstitute whatever they had given up for now since the agreement ends in 15 years (2030-31) .  There is nothing in the deal to stop them from attaining their goals to wipe out Israel..  They will be able to resume their plans on a much larger scale and will enrich as much uranium as they want.

Netanyahu hopes to be wrong and that Iran will change to be a moderate country but he has his doubts.  Iran has not ever stopped its goal since the Ayatollas to eradicate Israel and deny that the Holocaust ever happened.  They show this by giving money to all the terrorist groups from Hamas to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Their goal always has been to wipe out Israel.

There is no symmetry in the goals between Iran and Israel.  Israel, even though it also has nuclear power, has never had a goal of wiping out any country or group whereas Iran has.  They are all about this.  Now Saudi Arabia and Israel find they have a common enemy, Iran.  This has caused a common alliance between the 2 people.

Netanyahu told Zakaria that the reason this has come about is because he sees the world as it is, not like he would like to see it.  Iran and ISIS are the enemy of Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Netanyahu attended a dinner in Switzerland and was able to speak with EU leaders from Brussels.  He now  felt that nurturing present relationships will solve the Palestine-Israel problem whereas they used to think that solving the Palestinian problems would solve world-wide problems.

Fareed Zakaria wanted to know Netanyahu's opinion of the Syria-Iraq war in attacking ISIS.  He asked what Israel has done to help out?  Netanyahu explained how they have given humanitarian help and had set up a medical station only 50 yards away from the border of Syria.  They have had thousands of patients there who were injured during attacks.  They take no photos since these same patients can be killed for getting attention from Jews.  He sees 2 enemies fighting each other and is trying to stay out of it and let them have at each other.

Israel also watches and interferes with Iran and Hezbollah's attempts to transport more ammunition through Israeli  land.  The IDF watches the Golan very carefully.

Netanyahu explained the differences between ISIS (Dash) and Iran.  He said that ISIS wants to establish a Caliphate NOW.  Their goal is for immediate paradise and those 72 virgins.  Iran is postponing gratification and is waiting for the Imam that is coming a little later. (One should read about their idea of the end of times and what is to happen according to the Shi'a ideas.  )

Netanyahu had to remind Fareed that he is not finished yet in his role as Prime Minister.  What he wants to be remembered for is as a PROTECTOR OF ISRAEL.  His father lived to 102.  In his day, they brought about the one and only Jewish state again.  Now Benjamin's job is to keep it safe.

I hope my readers understand this.  Israel is not out to take land away.  They are defenders of their own land.  Their land came to them through the only legal means available to them in the 1920's after losing it in 70 CE due to the Roman Occupation and destruction of their land when Jerusalem and their Temple were burned down.  The law to create Israel was used once again.  It  happened twice;  through the League of Nations in the 20s  and again through the new United Nations in 1947.   Since 70 CE, Jews have been stateless for the past 2,000 years until May 14, 1948, just 3 years after the end of World War II.  Since it was G-d who led them to their Promised Land through Moses, no other land can satisfy their needs.

Resource: CNN 1/24/16 Fareed Zakaria's program, 7:00am.

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