Saturday, January 30, 2016

Behind Leftist Anti-Israel Propaganda

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                                
George Soros, Billionaire

Ari Yashar has found 27 Israeli NGO"s that are responsible for financing anti-Israel groups from 2012 to 2014.  NGO Monitor ( (Non-governmental Organization Monitor) is a non-governmental organization based in the western part of Jerusalem, whose stated aim is to generate and distribute critical analysis and reports on the output of the international NGO community for the benefit of government policy makers, journalists,)  ...dug into what foreign governments are funding Israel's radical left and found 21 governmental and intergovernmental groups that include the EU and the UN.  What bigger groups can you get?  That's pretty inclusive.  Yet there are others.  The Human Rights and the International Humanitarian law Secretariat is doing it, too.  They are funded by Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Switzerland.  So we see governments involved in this anti-Israel movement.  Right now, 25 shekels equals one dollar.

NGO's are "A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business. Usually set up by ordinary citizens,NGOs may be funded by governments, foundations, businesses, or private persons.

From this we can see what countries are the most anti-Semitic today and are actively funding anti-Semitism.  Some people have probably been duped into donating to these NGO's, not realizing what they really are doing.  

Running for next UN Secretary 
Chancellor Angel Merkel of Germany
The ones donating the most money are:
1. EU with 28 million shekels or 7 million dollars ($7,000,000 ).  .
2. Norway
3. Germany-remember, the Chancellor  of Germany , Angela Merkel nee Kasner, was an architect  of the EU. She's also the leader of the Christian Democratic Union and has been since 2000.
About $17,000,000 total from this group alone.

1. Sigrid Rausing Trust-London based-with 14% of this group's total:

Sigrid Maria Elisabet Rausing is a Swedish philanthropist, anthropologist and publisher. She is the founder of the Sigrid Rausing Trust, one of the United Kingdom's largest philanthropic foundations, and owner of Granta magazine and Granta Books.

2. New Israel Fund-12%  The New Israel Fund is a U.S.-based non-profit organization established in 1979, and describes its objective as social justice and equality for all Israelis.  Not true! 

3. Open Society Institute -7%  The big Macher (Mah kher)  is backing this one:  George Soros:  Open Society Foundations, formerly the Open Society Institute, is an international grantmaking network founded by progressive-liberal business magnate George Soros.  Their ad should say leftist business magnate.  He also helped fund J Street in its beginnings and most likely is still a member.  

CHRISTIAN GROUPS: 19% of total funding in 50 million shekels.(about 12.5 million dollars $12,500,000).
Presbyterians and Methodists have been internationally active in promoting BDS against Israel. This again is motivated from Palestinian Christian groups such as Kairos.
This group receives large governmental funding themselves, then used for anti-Semitism


  One problem allowing all this to happen is that Israel had not passed an NGO transparency law like the USA's.  They will be doing this now since this has come about.  It would obligate any NGO that gets 50% or more of their funding from foreign states to open their books to the public and identify themselves as "foreign agents" when lobbying in the Knesset.

1. B'Tselem:   The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
2. Breaking the Silence: Israeli soldiers talk about the occupied territories

An investigative TV report showed how leading activists hand over Palestinian Arabs who want to sell land to Jews to the PA (Palestinian Authority) which then tortures and then executes them.  So the activists supposedly acting in favor of the Arabs are causing  some their horrid deaths.

I notice that Sweden has really become active in anti-Semitism whereas it had been a country that took in many Jews from the Holocaust.  Today these same but much older people are being tormented by young Muslim refugees who have now entered the country.  It's been so bad in Malmo that many younger Jewish families have moved out and to Israel.  I'm afraid this has happened to much of Scandinavia.  If you notice, anti-Semitism has risen in Europe, and that goes along with all the Muslim refugees that have been entering.  They were anti-Israel while in their Middle East country and that hasn't changed.  After all, the Holocaust started in Europe, so they must have rapt listeners to the accusations they are spreading.




    just a couple of things soros and his good buddies are part of to reshape the globe to their way of thinking, including a world without israel. his dear friend javier solana is one i have watched for years. the disasterous "roadmap for peace" is his baby. they've worked tirelessly behind closed doors for a long time but they are pretty proud of themselves lately and are getting more openly known as the movers and the shakers. fulfilling prophecy is what they are doing..........

  2. Yes, I read up on this Javier Solana of Spain, and he and Soros are neck to neck in doodoo. The EU seems to be the leaders of trying to bring down Israel. Can't stand the competition and other matters, I think their problem is. It's almost like the shades of 1492 and how this anti-Jewish doctrine spread all over Europe.