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POPULATION OF ISRAEL:6 Million Jews in Vast World of Muslims

Nadene Goldfoot
As of September 2012, Jews number only 12.9 million in the world  that has 7,088,328,060 people while there are 1.48 billion Muslims.  This is a ratio of only 0.02% Jews and 25% Muslims in the world.  You try the math.  12.9 million out of 7.1 billion.  Jew have been less than 1% for some time, now.

There are 1.1 million Jewish living in Europe and a whopping 44.1 million Muslims living there.
In the USA, 6.5 million Jews live along with 5.1 million Muslims.

Israel's population as of September 2012 is 7,933,200 with 5,978,600 as Jews.  Jews make up 75.4% of the Israeli population.  1,636,600 are Arabs (Muslims, Druze) making up 20.6% of the population.  Others are 318,000 or 3%.

Immigration has grown in Israel  in 2011 by 16,898, made up of Russian, Ethiopians, Americans, Ukraine, and French Jews.  2,363 Americans and 1,775 French Jews immigrated with anti-Semitism being the strongest reason for the French to immigrate.

Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, has 8,000 square miles whereas Muslim lands total 5,120,000 square miles.

All this leads up to the fact that Jews have been around since Abraham when he led his family out of Ur and into Canaan, becoming the father of monotheism.  One branch of his family stuck to his teaching without any change, and became the slaves in Egypt for 400 years without wavering.  Moses gave them the laws and founded Judaism which if figured to have happened either around 1440 BCE or 1391-1271 BCE.  That means that Jews have been around for about 4,000 years as a people.

12/31/12 Arutz Sheva just reported that Israel has reached the 6 million Jews mark in November, making the population 75.4% Jewish and 20.6% Arabs with 4% Christians and other denominations.  319,000 mostly from the Soviet Union call themselves Jewish and are  not included in the tally as they are not converted as yet.  Lots of males came with their non-Jewish wives, and this might be a factor.  6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.  It is a good feeling to see we have this number once again, and in Israel.  

1/2/13 New numbers are that 8 million live in Israel.  One tenth of the population live in Jerusalem which has 804,400 residents.  

On January 1 the population is 7,981,000.  It is 1.8% higher than last year as 16,500 made aliyah in 2012 of which 4,000 were from North America.   

Arutz Sheva
added 1/2/13, population numbers

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