Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Israel Building Plans Create Spark in Europe

Nadene Goldfoot
The morning newspaper is just coming out with the old news with headline : "Israeli settlement plans spark international uproar."   Israel announces it's plans to build new apartments, for that's all the room they have to build, not individual homes, and the US announces that their actions are "especially damaging" to peace prospects."  Did the US tell Palestinians that their rockets, mortars and missiles shot into Israel's communities were "especially damaging" to the peace prospects?  

Did the rest of the world ever come out and condemn the Gazans of shelling southern Israel and of late shelling Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, slightly more north?  For the past 12 years Israel has had to handle this problem alone in the press and in political circles.  Doesn't anyone realize that such war-like actions damages future peace prospects?  9 countries must have to have the courage to stand with Israel against the Palestinians gaining observer status in the UN and the USA was one, but outwardly they can't take the time to check out international law and stand by it and be the beacon of righteousness.  .

The Arabs have decided not to make peace way back in August 1967 at the Khartoom, Sudan Summit where they decided to never have peace, nor to recognize Israel and nixed any negotiations.  The Palestinians, both in Gaza and "West Bank" Judea and Samaria have been drooling over their plans to take Jerusalem as said in speeches, 9 to 1 that they mean all of Jerusalem, not just East Jerusalem.  Yet the Obama administration harshly criticized Israel, it's only Mideast ally over their building plans.  Who are they trying to impress?

They continue to remind us  that they have taken the stand for a long time of opposing Israeli. "settlement" activity and east Jerusalem construction.  Since June 10, 1967, this part of Jerusalem has been united with the rest of the capital.  That's the past 45 years 5 months and 24 days to today that the city is whole.  Do they think that Israel is going to sit back and allow east Jerusalem to be annexed to a people who will not even recognize them let alone negotiate?  Hamas's only goal is to destroy Israel.

 The state they just recognized in the UN is divided  both politically in sporadic moments  with 2 different leaders as well as by land mass.  It's so reminiscent of the 1920's when Arab leaders then demanded their country to rule from Britain's mandate and they got it.

The US goes on to state that "We oppose all unilateral actions, including settlement activity and housing construction as they complicate efforts to resume direct, bilateral negotiations and risk prejudging the outcome of those negotiations."

So that means that Israel has been a target since 1948 offering peace and giving up land in order to make such offers tempting.  In fact, Israel is always giving and the Palestinians are always taking.  What have they done in order to achieve peace and do they really want it?  Are their words reliable?  Are they trustworthy?

The Middle East produces sons that are tough nuts to crack.  Amadinejad in Iran  is unbendable in his hatred for Jews and plans to use atomic warfare to obliterate Israel.  President Mohammed Morsi of Egypt  has taken unrestricted powers in a Pharaoh-type ruling and is the past head of Muslim Brotherhood who plot to wipe Israel off the map.  Assad in Syria has has driven UN staff out and has chemical warfare stashed that they say won't be used on their own people but...probably meaning it for Israel, and Iraq had Saddam Hussain.  Is it a wonder that Netanyahu has also had to take a stern approach to the rights Israel has in its own capital?  Is it a wonder that international law backs his rights in plotting such  "evil" construction of apartments for a growing population?  Yee gads, he's building homes and not building rockets to smash people!  Israel is not about to wait another 100 years for the Palestinians to accept Israel and decide to live in peace before they build and live in their own land.

Let them sit back and see what a country will do when they are adamant about not making peace with them.  Arabs  lost land in 1967, not because Israel attacked them but because they attacked Israel and lost it all.  Not making peace only gets them mired deeper and deeper.  Israel has withheld attacking people with rockets like they have tried to do  to Israel with their blasting away with rockets, mortars and missiles, and this is one legitimate way Israel can punish their behavior and at the same time live productively in this era.

Netanyahu, a man not controlled by upcoming elections as some are,  added up all the facts and decided to go ahead with life in Israel.  Our motto is L'Chaim;  to Life!

Resource: Oregonian newspaper 12/4/12  page A7

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