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One Reason Why Arabs Refuse to Recognize Israel: Caste System in 1920's Palestine

Nadene Goldfoot
India may have had a caste system going on for a long time, but the Arabs thought they had it too, in Palestine in the 1920's.  They thought Jews were their dogs. Only when they said that, it wasn't the typical American outlook on their pets.  It was a nasty derogative term.

At this time the French and the British held the mandates as to what to do with the land.  In March 1920, an Arab mob assaulted Jews in Jerusalem while calling out to slaughter the Jews, and that they were affronted with Jewish presence by chanting,  "Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dogs."  The Jews that lived in Arab countries were of a lower status or caste;  dhimmis, or 2nd class citizens who had to pay more in taxes  the Muslims.  They were restricted in many areas.

They felt that the fall of the Ottoman Empire had changed the order of things and word was out that the Jews were coming to live in the Jewish National Home and would stop being subordinates.  To the Arab, the Jew was a 2nd-class local who dared to overturn the natural order.  Whatever else they aspired to didn't affect the Arabs such as recent immigration in greater volume.

So the Arabs who lived in the area would cause riots and attack Jews with this call of "slaughter the Jews" and they would "ransack homes, rape women and destroy synagogues.  They killed the old people they found who were natives.  Riots usually caused hundreds of injured Jews as well.  Then the Arabs  would turn around and blame the Jews for starting the riot by cursing and blaspheming them them which led to killing Arab women and children.  The British would side with the Arabs, always blaming the Jews.  Chaim Weizmann's office was raided in such an aftermath.  Zeev Jabotinsky, leader of the Haganah and his men were sentenced to years of hard labor.  Jewish immigration was stopped.

This is what the Jewish people have been facing from the Arab people

1. Rejection of the Jewish right to exist as a nation
2. Violence against unprotected Jews
3. Lies to justify the violence
4. Moral equivalence between murdered Jews and dead attackers.  

A large riot happened in 1929.  Arab murderers said they were defending the Haram el-sharif.  Tension had been growing at the Western Wall where Jews came to pray.  This was what remained of Solomon's Temple.  Arabs dropped stones and garbage from the Temple Mount onto the Jews praying below.  They would hurdle nasty lies inciting Muslims to protect their holy places from the scheming Jews who wanted to occupy haram and desecrate it.  They would then call Jews rapists and murderers of infants.  By August 23, a Friday, thousands of Muslims listened to an inflammatory speech during their religious service, ran out of the Mount bent on murdering Jews, which they kept doing throughout the week.  133 Jews were killed.  Only a few were armed and trying to defend themselves.  116 Arab died mostly by the British security forces trying to quell the riot.  

In Jerusalem's Old City, hundreds of Jews whose families had never left the Holy Land and had been living in the Muslim Quarter were evacuated by the British and never were allowed to return.  Hebron, where our Patriarchs are buried, suffered the worst.  Jews had been living in Hebron for the past 2,100 years out of the past 3,200 years.  That only because they were not allowed to be there after Hadrian died for 550 years.  Hebron was the first capital of King David.  The Jews of Hebron were old family folk, and not Zionists.  In 1929 the Arabs  took out their fury at the stronger Zionists by attacking these Jewish Hebronites that were defenseless.  64-66 Jews were killed.  The British then forced the Arabs to bury the "Mutilated bodies of the murdered Jews" and they sang as they did this.  They could not see Jews as anything other than a subject minority and they decided on war at this time.  By murdering defenseless Jews who had been their neighbors demonstrated that there is no distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.  

The Guardian: January 3, 2001

Barak's government had to make concessions as Palestinian violence was worse.  Faisal Bodi, a British Muslim journalist went back to original sources.  Citing G-d's biblical promise to Abraham, "unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the Euphrates,"  he expounded that whatever G-d meant, he must not have intended the land to be taken by force from its original inhabitants.  Having thus discarded the ancient Jewish claim, he then rejected their modern one.  This was under the title of "Israel Simply Has No Right to Exist.".  He said that even though the Arab had signed the Oslo agreement, they did so not realizing that Israel had come about falsely.  He then said that Palestinians could be prepared to follow these leaders in this" intellectual amnesia."  Bodi wasn't correct in his facts or his assumption about G-d.    

Arabs are intent to say that Jews have never lived in the land.  Their maps in schools do not even show Israel, but just all of it is labeled "Palestine."  Even though archaeology digs prove that Jews lived there, even though history books, Josephus, the Roman Jewish writer  and the Bible prove the point of our history, Arabs repeat this over and over so that even the UN has become brainwashed.  It is up to us to keep reminding the world that Israel is a nation honorably crowned as one with the world and has as much right to exist as the United States does.  

Resource: Book:  right to Exist by Yaacov Lozowick, a moral defense of Israel's wars p. 64-66,7340,L-4267724,00.html

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