Thursday, August 30, 2012

UN Ignores Gaza's Shelling of Israel Since 2001

Nadene Goldfoot
How would you feel about your children returning to school this fall with the sounds of sirens and explosions that are not coming from a TV set but from their own neighborhood?   They'll have to try to continue classes in bomb shelters during their school day.  Ron Prosor, Israel's ambassador,  wrote a letter about this to the Security Council President, Gerard Araud.  This is what children in southern Israel again are facing.

Instead, the UN submits biased reports against Israel.  The only thing that matters to the UN that they consider a problem is  Israel with restrictions on imports to Gaza.  We all know that Hamas terrorists, who are in control of Gaza, would import more mortars, missiles and rockets or things that manufacture them if allowed.  That's why they build tunnels, to sneak them in.  Life would be even worse for Israel if allowed to happen.

The report went on to complain about restrictions of exports and the movement of people by the usual ways; land, air and sea.  Gee, Israel has had to impose a blockade for security reasons because Hamas, who refuses to recognize Israel's right to exist, wants to cause its death.  How nasty of Israel to blockade them.  Have they ever realized that if it were not for this "war" effort of Hamas, Israel wouldn't have to take such steps?

The UN document doesn't mention Hamas's takeover of Gaza by any means and is shelling southern Israel, which contains civilians; mothers, fathers, and children.  That's who they attack, not another army.  Israeli Arabs can get hit as well in southern Israel.  It's been going on since 2001.  For 11 years the UN remains uncaring in a group that was created to tackle just such problems.

So the UN does nothing against the violence that Israel is suffering from and instead finds things to complain about that benefits the terrorism of Hamas.

Thus, Israel has to continue to take defensive action to suppress the terrorists.  Don't blame Israel, blame Hamas and their ilk.  The situation is as ridiculous to me as seeing sanity in "Alice's Wonderland."


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