Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bible Code from Jerusalem's Mathematician and Computer Expert zh

Nadene Goldfoot
Before I moved to Israel in September 1980, I had been hearing rumors of someone in Israel working on reading the Torah and finding that there was a hidden code in it.  What would that code reveal?

Then I   discovered in the next few years that an Israeli mathematician, Dr. Eliyahu Rips,  had discovered a hidden code in the over 3,000 year old Torah (Bible) that revealed details of events that took place many years after it was written.

Dr. Rips is no normal mathematician.  He's one of the world's leading experts in group theory, a field of mathematics that underlies quantum physics.  Famous mathematicians at Harvard, Yale and Hebrew University have confirmed his theory.  It's only since we are in the age of computers has this been able to take place.  Then someone came along and found codes in a novel, proving something similar could happen with any book.  Suddenly people weren't buying his findings nor thinking this was a unique situation.

Michael Drosnin, author, wrote a letter to Prime Minister Rabin about  his findings.  He had found out that his name, Yitzhak Rabin was in a code that had been discovered.  The word, "assassin" was also among the code words.  On November 4, 1995, Rabin was assassinated.  Rabin hadn't taken him seriously.

Michael has since written 3 books on the subject.  One interesting aspect is that something from the codes found indicates something important happening around December 21, 2012 and could be saying that we're on the cusp of the end of life as we know it.  This is also interesting as the Mayan Calendar also is saying that something like a change of the calendar cycle is in the works and could be nothing except that we're in a new cycle.  At any event, there is to be a lineup of planets that might cause something, maybe at the least something that interferes with cell phones.

Dr. Rips is predicting once more, something he usually doesn't do.and explains it in the video.  Mitt Romney is to win the election this year.  If this takes place, I think more people will be interested in Rip's mathematics.

Drosnin's 3 books are:
1.  The Bible Code, copyright 1997, Simon & Schuster
2. Bible Code II-the countdown,  copyright 2002, Penguin Group
3. Bible Code III-saving the world, copyright 2010, Worldmedia

I have included video material that has come out and is new to me. There are several of them to watch and the others are listed on the right side.   I notice that on the jacket of the 3rd book, the code shows Obama as president which happened in 2008.  He found the code telling it would happen.  The code work has not been able to prophesies events happening, only finds what has happened, except for Rabin.  Nobody took the warning seriously, unfortunately.  In Judaism, we're not supposed to do things like that, anyway.  At any rate, I find it fascinating.  The video was uploaded on YouTube in February 2012.

Resource:  It's called Torah Code 2012.;postID=3003696613237250586 3rd video about Romney


  1. But Romney did not win the election, so what are we to believe about the Codes? Are there many futures or all futures encoded?

  2. I don't know. I guess that shows that foretelling the future isn't all that easy. It worked once with Rabin but not this time. Anyway, now we have to see what happens on the 21st if anything.