Thursday, August 2, 2012

Those Dangerous Jews Remembered on Qods Day

Nadene Goldfoot
Every year President Ahmadinejad of Iran goes on a tirade against Israel around August 17th.  This is their International Qods Day where he goes off hating Israel as he meets with the ambassadors and personnel of Islamic nations in Tehran at the end of their Ramadan holiday.  Qods is the Arabic name for Jerusalem, and this is the day started by  Ayatollah Khomeini  in 1979 to show support with the Palestinians against Israel.  Evidently they plan to take over not only Jerusalem but all of Israel, as well.

He gives Jews credit that we don't even realize.  He said it's been 400 years that "a horrendous Zionist clan" has ruled.  Now a political belief has become a clan in his mind.  Whatever was happening to us in 1612?  The Pilgrims hadn't even landed in Plymouth Rock yet.  My paternal ancestors were either trying to live in Germany, Poland or Lithuania, probably in some little shtetl.  We're people behind the scenes of the major powers.  Not only that, but we're the decision makers.  They really think we're something!  I'm getting a big head!  Considering that we're less than 1% of the human population in the world, we're mighty powerful to the Iranians!  This must mean that each one of us is a power behind the throne.  I wonder if he includes women in this deal?

The Zionists are the symbols of hegemony all over the world, he rants.  Their Qods Day is just the solution for the Palestinian problem.  Since they are the freedom lovers (note who rules their countries) and justice seekers (just look at Syria), they feel it is best to annihilate Israel to pave the path for real justice and freedom in the world.

What they note is how European politicians speak and never mention the Zionists.  That is proof to Ahmadinejad that Israel is the axis of unity of the world powers.

I'm not sure what psychological problem Ahmadinejad is suffering from but I think he has some sort of persecution complex, and in this case, he just may be right.  The younger set are  beginning to realize that the Palestinians have nothing to do with them, but they most likely will still have crowds chanting, "Death to Israel."  I can only hope that the sanctions the world has put on Iran is beginning to teach them that wanting the death of Israel is a bad idea and that there are other things in the world they could do with their time on this earth.

Resource: Arutz Sheva :  Ahmadinejad:  Annihilate Israel, "Axis of Unity of World Powers"  by Chana Ya'ar

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