Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Israel-American Friendship in a Spat Two Years Ago

Nadene Goldfoot

Today is May Day, and all over the USA there are people showing their rebellious side with occupations all over, even in Portland.  When I was young we celebrated with the May Pole Dance.  Not today, evidently.  There is an occupation going on in streets and parks for many different reasons as well as marches.   Even the rain and wet, soggy ground is not stopping them. 

Being I rarely watch CNN to get news concerning Israel, I evidently missed the sparks fly when Stan Goodenough on March 16th 2010 wrote about Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton giving Netanyahu a 45 minute tongue lashing, which was quite an insult.  Evidently she used very harsh language, worse than she ever had used with Iran and North Korea.

It doesn't take but moments for the Palestinians to hear about it, and organized real riots in Jerusalem and an Arab town in Samaria as a result.  In their rioting, which lasted for 5 days or longer Israel was forced to have thousands of police posted .  60 Arabs and Israeli police officers were wounded.  Tuesday, the end of the 5 days,  was to be called "The Day of Rage."

They had thrown rocks from smokescreens where they were burning tires and trash cans.  Police used rubber bullets and teargas.  Many were arrested.

As if that wasn't bad enough, hundreds of Arabs, some in busloads bringing Bedouins from the Negev came after being beckoned by their leaders in order to "rescue the Al-Aqsa Mosque and Temple Mount from the Jews."  These newer buildings are built over our former Temple that fell to the Romans in 70 CE.

It is quite clear that this Washington policy is to get Israel to give up more land for "peace".  That's something we did with Gaza and what did it get us?  Rockets, missiles and mortars that could land right in our front yard is what we got in return.

We have 1.4 million Arab Israeli citizens, with Arabs serving in the Knesset.  The sad fact is that most are openly loyal to the "Palestinian Cause" instead of being loyal to Israel.  They were thought to be encouraging the riots.  If not that, they didn't do anything to prevent or stop it from happening.

I wonder if our American government realizes what they do and if this was done on purpose.  How can they not realize that something like this is going to be the spark that can cause a forest fire. I remember it happening now, two whole years ago, and am grateful that is cooled down. Jerusalem was to be a city of peace, not one of warring again.

Our government could learn from us old teachers.  If you have to scold someone, you take them out in the hall and do it without others hearing.  Also, is it really in good form for the  gigantic country of the USA to scold the teeniest country? We're supposed to be friends!   Better to discuss problems and start...I feel that....or, what are you doing?  ..For heaven's sake, Hillary.  Use a little psychology, and don't broadcast it.

Resource: http://www.jnewswire.com/articles/print/2721  Jerusalem Newswire  "encouraged by US slamming Israel, Arabs riot in J'lem  by Sstan Goodenough Mar 16, 2010

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