Friday, May 25, 2012

How Aiding a People Can Turn Them Into Parasites

Nadene Goldfoot
The definition of a parasite is: something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return.

You can figure that "adequate return" means returning to a normal time of caring  for themselves.  The U.N. has been doing just this for the past 64 years out of their noble approach to humanitarianism.  UNRWA's motives are now being questioned.

This United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees is an agency supposedly neutral in the Israeli-Palestine conflict but has been doing some questionable things.  What started out as a figure of 750,000 Palestinian refugees has now grown to 5 million today and have stayed in this same category for 64 years.

Senator Mark Kirk, Republican from Illinois feels that perhaps UNRWA exists to perpetuate the refugee problem, not to solve it.  The original documents forgot to mention the word descendants, so the numbers have multiplied 7 times already.  However, the State Department and Jordan are trying to block a Senate Appropriations Committee bill requiring an accurate accounting of just how many "Palestinian refugees" are receiving American dollars.  They have passed this to distinguish between Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 and their descendants.  This number should change to 30,000.  We're giving them 1.2 billion in aid dollars as it is each year.

The crux of this problem is that Palestinians, who in my opinion are the pawns in this chess game, are demanding "the right of return", meaning they want to all move back to what is Israel.  This would wipe out the country faster than the speeding bullet.  It's an impossibility.  Israel is "THE JEWISH HOMELAND" and already is democratic with 1.4 million Arab citizens. That's already 20% Arab.   It's purpose of creation was just that.  It's our only homeland.  The Arabs have 22 around the neighborhood and also have a total of 48 Muslim majority countries to choose from as well.

Who finances UNRWA and their goals?  American tax dollars are even funding the office that nudges Congress to not cut off the money flow.  Lobbying is banned in Washington but who's looking?  There are 31,000 Palestinian employees running UNRWA.  Isn't this a self-fulfilling prophecy of dependence?   They say they are just giving jobs to them but it's making permanent wards of UNRWA instead.

Even the Arabs in the West Bank, which is Jordan's name for Judea and Samaria, are living on UNRWA's dole.  They're governed by the PA and counted as refugees as well.  UNRWA cries out that the finances can't be taken away because the people have to have basic and essential services.  They are getting their education, health and social services through UNRWA only, it looks like.  There's no incentive to care for oneself, go into business, or any such thing even with all their education.

Then the burden falls on Israel's shoulders as well for being the mean little Satan who won't allow them to immigrate and take over Israel.

One can say that they've had an easy life of sitting back and reproducing and being paid for it.  This is something that American taxpayers have always balked at even in their own country.  Sooner or later someone comes along to spoil it all with work educators and incentives to get people to stand on their own two feet.  It should have happened long ago with the Palestinians.  Just who is ready for statehood?  Here we learn that over helping is not the whole answer.  Even socialism has its downside in eliminating incentives to get people to discover their abilities and talents and to use them.

 Jennifer Rubin:  Is the UN making the Palestinian 'refugee' problem worse?
Arutz Sheva

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