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Debating Accusations Against Trump

Nadene Goldfoot                            
Located near Central Park in New York City
Another international hotel of his is in Washington D.C.
Let's not forget all the good things he has accomplished in 1 1/2 years
while in office.  This is but a few.  

The fact that Hillary Clinton was running for the Democrats for the position as 45th President of the United States changed the climate of this country.  She was to be the first female president.  The party thought it was a sure thing.  So did she.  She was the wife of our 42nd president, Bill Clinton, and had 
Barack Obama speaking in Cairo, Egypt to Muslim Brotherhood
in Front Row 
been our 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama's Secretary of State.  In that position, she was part of  a tragedy that caused some of the population to turn against her who possibly would have voted for her, and that was the Benghazi scandal where 4 Americans were killed that she, in her position, should not have allowed to happen, so felt future voters.
4 of Donald's children are Donald Trump Jr b: 1977, Ivanka b: 1981 and Eric b: 1984 with their wives; children of Donald's 1st wife, Ivana Trump.  Tiffany, was born in 1993 to 2nd wife, Marla Maples.  
Donald Trump, former Democrat, knew that no one could run against her and win.  She was the typical shoe-in.  He had switched parties and had become a Republican.  The USA had had 8 years of the Democrat, Barack  Obama, former community leader from Hawaii, and Republicans were anxious to get a foothold.  They had 17 candidates including Donald Trump running against her and the Socialist, Bernie Sanders.  Bernie took a nice chunk of votes away from Hillary.

Donald was not a politician and this was his 1st attempt of getting into politics.  He was a billionaire builder of hotels as well as owner, and a TV personality, having created, The Apprentice" where he famously would say, "You're fired!"  He also has written at least 10 books about how to make money and how to make deals.  

Being Donald was very well instituted in TV, he used what he was used to and was able to beat out all the other candidates from the Republicans, but with nasty manners that seemed to impress the tired and wary voters.  He was a doer, having taken the plunge earlier of seeking Obama's birth certificate, for if he found he was actually born in Africa, thought wrongly that this would keep him from being eligible as a president.  I believe that having an American mother makes it okay to run for president.  She hadn't given up her citizenship.  The point is, he had done all he could about it.  Voters had heard about that.
Donald with youngest son, Barron, his 5th child.
  Barron was born in 2006.  
Donald is also a businessman, so voters related to him.    Obama was thought of as never having a real job.  Many of the others in office made politics their major and also hadn't been in business, only politics.  People felt they were in another zone. 
Donald Trump holding a new grandson. 
So we have Trump doing all sorts of things, calling other candidates names the most, that I remember, then calling our enemy, the head of North Korea, little rocket man.  As a former teacher, I recognized quickly the boasting and bullying tactics he was using, and was amazed that they worked for him.

I'm saying that since there is a G-d, and I am counting on him being with us all, only Hashem knows what plans he has for us.  Trump planned his visits in states that were very important for votes in our unusual system with electoral voting, and he won.  Hillary had been in politics since her husband was, and didn't go to those states, as she had it in the bag.  Today about one and a half years later, she's still asking why she lost.  We Republicans know.  Yes, I used to be a Democrat but switched after 4 years of Obama.  When he ran, I researched him and   had decided that he was not a president for Israel, and I was right.  On his last day in office, he showed as outwardly as one can that he didn't favor Israel by voting so as to not back Israel at the UN.
I would say that though Trump projects the role of a big braggart and bully, inwardly he's very sharp and goal oriented.  He sleeps but little and is a work-a-holic who does not drink any alcohol nor smoke anything.  He takes no drugs.
Melania, his wife
model and businesswoman

When they married, it was in a lavish Palm Beach, Florida, ceremony, with celebrity attendees including Shaquille O'NealBarbara WaltersKelly RipaMatt LauerKatie Couric, former President Bill Clinton and then New York Senator Hillary Clinton.
Socially, this makes him dull, I suppose, but then he is married to the world's most lovely model, and has a history of being a playboy, that perhaps is just petering out with his growing age, now that he' s in his 70s.  He takes no salary for being president.  It goes to charity.

Democrats are still in shock at his becoming president.  I don't think he even thought he'd get it, but all his plans worked out.  He did.  What he gained is a headache of problems as president that he's tackling with gusto and success that he works on without a pat on the back or even a shekel.  Nothing he does gets an atta-boy except with some Republicans, but not their party, G-d forbid.  He's not part of that social group, either.  He stands alone, with his family and his voters.  Our president is under constant pressure and criticized, yet is fulfilling all his jobs at a faster rate than any president before him despite the party problems.  
Donald and Melania
 With her husband’s victory, Melania Trump became the first foreign-born U.S. first lady since 
Louisa AdamsJohn Quincy Adams’s wife, who was born in London. 
The Democrats are led to believe certain distasteful  things about him, naturally.  They are in a fight similar to our former Civil War. Lately the war is fought with all the TV stations anti-Trump with Fox News pro Trump.  I haven't run across a newspaper pro Trump so far.   I'll try to debate his case for him.  He has many accusations.  There is no end to the reporters who write in a negative format about anything and everything he does.  If Trump was to give everyone in the USA a bar of gold, the Democrats would complain that it was too heavy to pick up and they would hurt their back, or that it was too heavy to take to the bank. 
First Lady Melania Trump is a former model and the third wife of U.S. President, real estate billionaire and former reality TV star Donald TrumpMelania Trump (born Melanija Knavs, Germanized to Melania Knauss) was born on April 26, 1970, in Novo Mesto, Slovenia (then part of communist Yugoslavia). 
1.  Trump endorses racial and ethnic bigotry.
    A.  Once on TV he was asked about a group in Idaho that are skinheads, the leader being something like a Hitler.  I had forgotten this man's name and am forgetting it right now.  It was David Duke.  Trump could have forgotten it too, and hesitated for a moment, possibly trying to remember who in the heck he was, before answering.  Most likely he was thinking, "Is this guy a voter?"  He didn't hear the end of that, being accused of being a lover of such people.
 Said to have made 5 bad comments:  "President Trump's reported description Haiti, El Salvador and African countries sparked a huge international backlash on Thursday night. 
"Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" Trump told lawmakers during an immigration meeting on Thursday, according to media reports. "
       He did make some remark about Mexicans being criminals and rapists.  No doubt he was thinking of the drug war people trying to get into the USA.  Remember, he is not a politician and has not learned to weigh every word said.     However, this is exactly why his voters love him.  He's like them.  I would say that the man most likely is a typical white Protestant American with a college education.  Call him a racist and a bigot and you're most likely describing everyone that is a Protestant.  What I'm finding today is that too many are also anti-Semitic.  Not Donald, though.  

Ask sisters Diamond and Silk about Trump.  They are his greatest admirers.
They don't think he's a racial bigot.  They defend his record. 
 We “Stump for the Trump” because we believe in and can relate
 to his agenda to, “Make America Great Again!”  

2.  He fights against climate change.  
      A.  He has put jobs first and foremost on his list of things to do.  He has done an amazing job in this short period of getting people back to work.  Climate change has gone from Obama's #1 most important thing to probably #25.  It's not forgotten but is not life-imperative right now compared with having food on the table, life.  One had to take a back seat, and it was the climate. 

3. Likes the tyrants of the world who subvert basic human rights
    A.   People like North Korea's leader and Russia's Putin are in the lead on this one.  They also have nuclear power, so are the most important adversaries that we have.  (Now I want to use the "little rocket man" because I cannot remember his real name.-could be why Trump called him this.)Trump wrote a book about how to make a deal.  He is a dealer, a wheeler and a dealer.  Do you play chess?  often the winner in chess pulls out moves that you never see coming.  It could be that Trump has a plan and a method.  We teachers are like that.  We start a conference by saying something nice about the child.  Then we lead in with the problems, then end with something positive.  It's like a sandwich.  I'm counting on Trump having some outline like this of how he approaches people.  He is an American, raised in the USA always, unlike Obama was.  Do you think an American loves people who subverts basic human rights?  Really?  How did he ever learn such things in our good country?  Was it in his church?  schools?  family?  friends?  How many presidents have succeeded in their goals as fast as he has, by the way?  Most after 8 years haven't accomplished as much.

4. Declares our international allies are our foes
    A.  The USA allies are?  Europe?  Germany?   They belong to the European Union.  The countries are: 28 states belong.  19 use the euro currency and they are:   AustriaBelgiumCyprusEstoniaFinland,FranceGermanyGreeceIrelandItalyLatviaLithuaniaLuxembourgMalta, the NetherlandsPortugal,SlovakiaSlovenia, and Spain.  Headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium.   United Kingdom, , Croatia,, Poland,   

They belong to NATO-the North Atlantic Treaty  which has 29 members.  "The most recent member state to be added to NATO is Montenegroon 5 June 2017. NATO currently recognizes Bosnia and HerzegovinaGeorgiaMacedonia and Ukraine as aspiring members."  Many have not been paying their dues, so Trump threatened to drop out since we are the biggest payer.  Now they're starting to pay up.  Trump has  a loud bark.  if he bites, that remains to be seen.  

New York times has made  a list of 487 people, places or things Trump has insulted if you missed any of them.  Soon people will feel insulted if they're not mentioned.  

Again, I maintain that this is his style of wheeling and dealing.  It's new.  You don't know what he'll do or say.

Israel is an international ally and they love him.  Who's telling lies now?   Trump actually did keep his promise and moved the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel's capital, Jerusalem, where it belongs.   Every American president has promised to do it but never has kept their promise.  Trump did!  
Ivanka and husband Jared with 2 of their 3 children
 NOVOGRUDOK, Belarus — People in Jared Kushner’s ancestral town tend to speak very highly of US President Donald Trump.

5. He daily exaggerates and lies.
    A.  He made a statement of alleging that in places like California, "the same person votes many times." 
          He's  a man who communicates how he feels.  He discovered texting so does it all the time.  When he is interviewed, he speaks off the cuff.  The news waits to pounce on him, and they usually catch something.  Women are always complaining that their man is a silent man.  Not Trump.  He's used to the limelight of TV, so hasn't changed his personality.  He knows how to draw in listeners.  

Talk about lying, the juiciest lie going is from the Democratic party over the dossier.  it seems that Hilliary bought and paid for it, paid to get Russian propaganda about Trump that wasn't worth  a hill of beans; all lies.  Measure to measure, the Fusion GPS ties to Clinton campaign and Russian investigation  is turning up buckets of lies on the Democratic side.  

Any lies Trump said look like a piker alongside these.  I'm not about to find  that since Donald Trump's Presidential oath was administered by Chief Justice John Roberts on January 20, 2017, that there would be a lie every day for  1 year, 188 days, 7 hours, 13 minutes and 19 seconds .  He's therefore been our president for a year and a half or 553 days.  I endured Obama for 8 years; 2,920 days.  Oy vey!  I never cried;  just screamed  a lot at the TV news.  
3rd wife, Melania; 5'11" model She was born in Novo Mesto, and grew up in Sevnica, in the Yugoslav republic of Slovenia in 1970. She landed on covers on magazines such as Harper's Bazaar (Bulgaria), Vanity Fair (Italy), GQ  and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

6. His personal history is that of misogyny. 
 This word means:  dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.  This isn't him.  He likes too many women, perhaps.  

  He has married 3 times to beautiful women.  That says  a lot since young men today do not have to marry to get what they want from women. 

He was involved in the Miss Universe contest and other beauty pageants. We see that he likes beautiful women.   

This is the issue used against him in calling misogyny:  
  • "President Trump recently issued a rule that allows employers, college and universities to drop birth-control coverage from their health plans."  in other words, if they don't use it they don't have to pay for it.  This isn't a socialistic state.  
7. Denigrated Mexican immigrants as criminals and rapists
I'm afraid that I could never drive from Eugene to Acapulco again like I did in 1964 because of the danger today.  Mexico has a  terrible reputation now due to all the crime from drug gangs.  Even Trump up in New York had heard the tales.  He spoke unwisely, not learning to say SOME.  I taught English to Mexican illegal immigrants in a community college, and they were fantastic people.  I'd like to trade with Mexico and keep my students and give Mexico some of our own criminals who were born here.  What you heard from our president is probably no different than other people's thoughts on the subject.  If Mexico's government cringes at his remark, then they should do something about it like clamp down on the drug gangs.  I call FREE SPEECH on this one.  Trump needs some lessons on tact.  

He is remembered for casting aspersions on a federal judge because of his Mexican heritage.  Well, after being  a big-mouth and saying this, he was afraid that U.S. District Judge Gonzalo Curiel may be biased against him because of his Mexican heritage.  Would you blame Curiel if he was?  Trump has been roundly denounced, by the left and right, for saying  he might be biased.  
Khizr Kahn family
Khan and his wife, the parents of a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq, took the stage Thursday night and took aim at Donald Trump with the line: "You have sacrificed nothing and no one.

8.  Questioned the loyalty of Gold Star parents
They were a Muslim family.  Trump had remarked to someone that he wondered why just the father spoke and not the wife, too.  The father has been speaking loudly against him.   Could it be that Trump has tried to limit Muslim immigrants from certain countries due to possible terrorist entrances?                                                              
Trump said in his return speech:                                               

“Captain Humayun Khan was a hero to our country and we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe,” 
  Evidently this is the danger one faces who is not  a politician, and that is you are being watched and listened to for any off color remark you might make.  Just what was said by Trump that was so terribly bad, I cannot find.  Perhaps in this fight of religious war-ISIS who are radical off-beat Muslims, the Muslims against Israel, the Muslim refugees streaming into all the countries  is showing up in Trump's thoughts.  He's now           personally involved being the head of state.     
Pompeo laid the ground for meeting
with Kim Jong-un
New Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with Ellen Pompeo, possible distant cousin,
star on Grey's Anatomy TV.  They need to do a DNA test, and do some
genealogy to find out.  Mike has all the skills and the heart for this job; highly
impressive when being grilled by Senators while on TV. 
No one stands up for Israel better than Nikki Haley, former governor.
Trump dared to have a meeting face to face with Putin; has another on on the docket.
IN CONCLUSION:  Obama was bad for Israel.  Trump has been the best president for Israel of any president so far since Truman.  He's pulled some verbal boners,
but are you going to throw out the baby with the bath-
water?  Are you crucifying him for these blunders?
Look what he has done for us:

1. Chose UN Representative Nikki Haley: best person to defend Israel.
2. Moved USA embassy to Jerusalem
3. Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital
4. Excellent rapport with Netanyahu of Israel
5. Family connection: Daughter had converted to Judaism, husband orthodox Jew
6. Saudi Arabia communicating with Israel as "enemy of my enemy my friend" now being befriended by Trump; gluing agreement, positive outlook
7. Ended horrid  Iran deal which was dangerous for Israel, USA
8. Meeting with North Korean Kim Jong-Un, talking, a nuclear enemy country
9. Meeting with Russia's Putin, talking, a nuclear enemy country
10. Chose Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State who also supports Israel
11.  Considering welfare of Israel in deals: Trump now endorses a deal on Syria that Putin struck the week before with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Putin said they had discussed “crushing terrorists” in Syria’s south and said the area “should be brought to the full compliance” with the Israel-Syria Separation of Forces Agreement of 1974. He presented the agreement as a way to protect Israeli security and mend relations between Israel and the Bashar al-Assad regime.
“This will bring peace to Golan Heights and bring a more peaceful relationship between Syria and Israel, and also to provide security of the state of Israel,” Putin said. “[Trump] paid special attention to the issue during today’s negotiations, and I would like to confirm that Russia is interested in this development, and this will act accordingly.”
Considering where Israel would be today with Hillary, I am not going to complain that Donald Trump is not the perfect person with all the right verbage when he mutters his thoughts aloud.  I remember when Obama did it while walking with Putin and a mike he forgot was open.  Israel was not spoken of highly.  No, Trump may be a rough and crude speaker, but his heart is all for helping out Israel.  
He's a man who has always been different, not keeping kosher of course since he's not Jewish, but resisting temptation of alcohol, smoking and drugs.  He's not a joiner but a real individual.  Right now he's doing his best as he can for his country as he sees fit; keeping out terrorists in several plans including a wall.  He's not trying to purposely divide families of illegal immigrants in this defensive move, but to remove possible criminals and terrorists in the mix.  This is why vetting has found people that have been turned away from entering.  Before, we've had presidents who shied away from confronting a solution.  He's also dealing with the many people involved with carrying out this agenda, and sometimes mistakes are made in the organization.  
Update: 9/5/18 With the Democratic Party against him and getting violent at that at time, plus a lot of Republicans, and people complaining that he isn't the usual president, not presidential enough, now Bob Woodward, investigative reporter for the Washington Post and helped bring about the news on Watergate, has come out with an anti-Trump book, FEAR.  He says Trump is having a nervous breakdown.  This determined Trump would be having one at this point if he were like all the rest of us average folks, but isn't.  The Democrats have also been determined to impeach Trump ever since he took office, and have been everything and then some to bring this about.  Even the wonderful man Trump chose to run for Supreme Court, Kavenaugh, is horribly attacked and this man seems perfect, even to me for this position.  Because Trump sponsors him, he is being damned, even in front of the man's 2 young girls.  Anyone for Trump, like Sarah who informs the newsmen daily, is being attacked, the latest to her in a restaurant with her family.  How Trump can navigate under such extreme pressure is beyond me.  The man loves praise and he's getting the opposite.  Anyone reading FEAR is a fool knowing that Bob's goal is to destroy Trump.  Already denials are coming out as to what he wrote what people supposedly said about him.  
Will any of this make a different to Democrats?  If Trump were perfect, he would be the Messiah.  I think their minds are permanently closed to anything positive about Donald Trump.  I suppose it will only be of interest to people in the future, and may G-d help those on his team trying to make our life better.  So many Jews voted for President Obama.  What was his list of achievements for the Jewish people?  What I will always remember is his not supporting Israel in the UN on his last day in office.  


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