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The LAWS Concerning Where Jews Could Live in Their Own Jewish Homeland

Nadene Goldfoot                             
1967 and fighting in the Golan 
annexed by Israel in 1981

The Six Day War of 1967 ended  with the Arab countries madder than a wet hen at losing the battle.  " Israel let it be known that Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai would be returned in exchange for Arab recognition of the right of Israel to exist and guarantees against future attack."
Because the gang of Arab nations had lost the battle, almost a million Arabs were now under Israeli military administration in the areas now occupied by Israel.  Israel has only annexed the Golan Heights.  They have unified Jerusalem as one city.   Arabs and Druses born in Israel are full citizens of the State.  They now number 1.7 million.  There are 6 million Jews of Israel.  

The Arab nations who had attacked went to Khartoum, Africa and voted to never recognize Israel, to never have peace with Israel; and never negotiate with Israel.  They insist that Israel belongs to the Palestinians.  Even though the land never belonged to these Arabs but to the Ottoman Empire of Turkey for the past 400 years, it's now suddenly the Palestinians who had no country other than where they had come from outside of the land.  Only a few had been landowners and were not very successful at it.  The rest were interlopers who came to find work with the Jews in their building efforts.  

Israel, though on the defensive,  had won back her land that Britain had given away, breaking their vow to the League of Nations of the role they were to fulfill.  They did it in a DEFENSIVE FIGHT.  It was like a miracle because they were so outnumbered.  
From 1967 to 1977, 76 Jewish towns were built in the Territories of Judea-Samaria and Gaza on undeveloped land.  Most were built to ensure security for Israel.  In some situations, they were rebuilt cities that Jews had formerly been forced to leave due to Arab attacks, like the survivors of the Gush Etzion block.  They had returned and rebuilt their homes that the Arab forces had captured and destroyed in the 1948 WAR.  

There was a boundary line before the 1967 Six Day War.  It's now called THE GREEN LINE.  It's not an internationally recognized border.  It was just an armistice line and marked the position held by  the Israeli troops and the Arab troops when the final TRUCE was called at the end of the 1948 War.  

The GREEN LINE remained an armistice line because the Arab leaders REFUSED to negotiate to set final border lines.  

Since peace was sought but not given to Israel, 74 more towns were built after 1977 on unallocated government land.  Israel was growing and the land, belonging to Israel, was there.  

The Oslo Accords called for Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate for a final border between Israel and the future Palestinian state, as if the 2 STATE SOLUTION was agreeable to both parties.  These negotiations haven't resolved outstanding issues to the satisfaction of both parties and probably never will, being 70 years have gone by.  

In fact, the idea of a 2 State solution is not as popular as it once was.  Gaza has gone bezerk with Hamas terrorists being the political party in power and are under the orders of Iran so are attacking the land by fire, burning all of Israel's fields and trees.  (This shows how much they love the land, doesn't it?)  When you get right down to it, Jordan is Palestine, made up mostly of Palestinans mixed in with the Hashemites brought over from Saudi Arabia by Abdullah.  
Today, President Trump has his son in law, Jared Kushner dealing with the idea and would love to settle the matter, but is not pushing for a deal that is not good just to win a peace prize for himself.  

 Israel had to take steps similar to the Allies at the end of World War II, and that was to administer the regained land that had been illegally given to Abdullah who created Transjordan and then later calling it Jordan.  As 4 countries administered Germany;  France, England, the USA and Russia, now Israel administered Judea-Samaria, their own ancient land deprived to them for 19 years, which the Jordanians nicknamed WEST BANK, and they also administered Gaza.  
President Clinton, Arafat and Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin

The UN instigated the OSLO PEACE ACCORDS in 1993.  

By 1994,  Israel turned the administration of most of the Territories to the civil administration of the Palestinian Authority and intended to gradually end its military presence in the area, hoping all would be peaceful.  However, radical Palestinian groups kept  referring to Israel, as Occupied Territory, insisting on not recognizing the State of Israel which was created on May 14, 1948.

From 2005, Israel uprooted its own Jewish communities from land claimed by the Palestinians.  The 150 towns built since 1967 included about 200,000 Israelis living on less than 2% of Judea-Samaria's land.  80% of the Israelis who had moved to Judea-Samaria live close to the GREEN LINE, which are the suburbs of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.  
Beit El is an Israeli settlement and local council located in the Binyamin Region of the Judea-Samaria.  


Israel's plan was to help create a self-governing Palestinian state in all of Gaza and most of Judea-Samaria which was divided into 3 areas.  The plan was to incorporate land where 98% of the Palestinians live.  

By 1997, Palestinian towns and cities saw no more Israeli troops.   The PA had taken over the responsibilities and they were self governing.  

In 2000, proposals came out of Camp David which Yasser Arafat, the PA leader, rejected.  His terrorist groups of Fatah refused to end their hostilities against the Jewish state of Israel.  Israel was forced to intermittently redeploy their troops in  emergency counter-terrorism operations that became necessary.  

These opposing entities; the Palestinian Arabs and the Jews of Israel saw the peace negotiations collapse.  Terrorism against Israel was ongoing.  Even so, Israel continued its withdrawals out of the designated areas of Arabs.  

August 2005 came about and Israel withdrew from the last remaining few areas it still held in Gaza and from sections of the Northern Judea/Samaria which was 3 times the size of Gaza.  To do this Israel had to uproot over 500 Jews who had created thriving towns during the past 30 years in Gaza.  The Jews had employed over 10,000 Palestinian Arabs that lived in the surrounding areas.  They left all these businesses intact for the Arabs to use.  No Jew remained in Gaza.  Even the Jewish cemeteries had been moved out of the area.  they had all moved out in the name of FOR PEACE.  The Palestinians were really on their own.  

Israel must have secure borders.  The PA and Hamas rule over the Palestinians.  Both governments call for Israel's destruction.  Israel has been continually attacked from Palestinians and Lebanese territories.  Hamas is under the Iranian spell.  Hezbollah is in Syria and also is controlled by Iran.  They have forged ties with Al Qaeda, another terror group.  All of them call for Israel's destruction.  

Resource:  Israel 101 booklet produced by StndWithUs.
facts about israel 1973 published by the Division of Information, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem, Israel.
Update:  utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=12-6-2018&utm_content=live-coverage-israeli-security-forces-demolishing-15-settler-homes-559757 

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