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All About the Contentious AREA C of Areas A, B, and C of JUDEA-SAMARIA (WEST BANK)

Nadene Goldfoot          
1920 and Palestine was mandated to be the the Jewish National Home
It was 46,512.1826 sq miles of land
today Jews have only 8,000 sq miles-fitting into Pres. Bush's ranch.  
The League of Nations voted for a Jewish National Home to be made out of Palestine.  They gave the mandate to carry it out to the British who broke their agreement in 1922 by giving about 80% of it to Abdullah, a Hashemite prince  of Saudi Arabia and it became Transjordan with Jewish settlement there being barred.  (Be sure to listen to Professor Kontorovich on THE LEGAL CASE FOR ISRAEL listed below)
Jews historically were between the pogrom attacks of Russia and eastern Europe and the coming Nazi Holocaust.  The believers of One G-d had become the scapegoats of the world.  
The UN (replacing the League of Nations) then partitioned the remaining 20%   into 2 states.  Jordan annexed their piece in 1950.  
Arabs now controlled  80% of the mandated territory and the Jewish state held a bare 17.5%..  Gaza, occupied by Egypt, was the remainder. Even after all the attacks Israel has gone through, Obama expected Israel to return to the 1949 armistice lines and give up what little land they had won in a defensive battle.  Netanyahu's answer was then a No- and it all happened on a TV program.                                     
Area C is blue.

East Jerusalem is red. however, now as one Jerusalem.  
 Area A is exclusively administered by the Palestinian Authority
Area B is administered by both the Palestinian Authority and Israel.
Area C, which contains  Israeli villages and towns, is administered by Israel

Attacking Israel on June 5, 1967, led by Egypt,  were the massed Arab armies of the surrounding countries, and they lost.  This brought about Israel having to occupy some of Israel's frontiers.  
 Judea-Samaria (West Bank of the Jordan River) Until 1948 had been a part of British Mandate, then Jordan ruled till 1967,  annexing it in 1950. (facts about Israel).  

"The West Bank was never legally part of Jordan.  The UN's 1947 partition plan was accepted by Israel and rejected by the Arabs.  It said that the West Bank was to have been part of an independent Arab state in western Palestine, but the Jordanian army invaded and occupied it during  the 1948 War of Independence.  Then in 1950, Jordan annexed the West Bank, actually illegally in a take-over.

Great Britain  and Pakistan formally recognized the Jordanian takeover.  The USA and the rest of the world did not recognize this takeover, such as Russia took over Ukraine just recently-illegally.  

Between 1950 to 1967, Jordan allowed terrorists to launch raids into Israel.  Amman lost the West Bank after the Jordanian army entered the 1967 war in support of Egyptian dictator, Gamal Abdel Nasser." (Myths and Facts by Bard, and Himelfarb).    

Between June 1967 and December 1972, Israel had established 6 villages or towns in Judea and Samaria.  There are 3 different types of towns established for different reasons.

Nahal villages were established by the Israel Defence Forces (IDF)  This is the unit that combines military training with farm work.  Members become farmers at the end of their service.  They are located in military points like those held by any other unit of the IDF.  

Civilian villages were established in places Israel hopes may be assigned to Israel proper by peace treaties, maybe even  in an exchange program.  

Questionable communities established where the political future is not covered by Israel's known positions.  The hope is that even if this area is to go to Arabs, they will allow Jews to continue living there just as Arab communities live in Israel.  These communities are in historical and religious Jewish areas.  

Size of Judea-Samaria:  2,270 square miles (5.900 sq km)  Portland, Oregon is 145 sq miles.  Delaware is 1,195 sq mi.  So it's bigger than Delaware.  

The total population of Jews by 1972 living in administered areas was 4,200.(facts about Israel). 
Total population of Arabs by July 1972 in Judea-Samaria:  640,600.    
Areas A and B were chosen in such a way as to just contain Palestinians, by drawing lines around Palestinian population centers at the time the Agreement was signed; all areas surrounding Areas A and B were defined as Area C..
Area A comprises approximately 18% of the West Bank and Area B about 22%, together home to some 2.8 million Palestinians. 

As of 2015, Area C is home to 150,000 Palestinians in 532 residential areas.

 It is also home to 389,250 Israelis, in 135 settlements, as well as 100 outposts unrecognized by the Israeli government. Area C forms a contiguous territory, administered via the Judea and Samaria Area administration. 

In contrast, under the Oslo Accords Areas A and B were subdivided into 165 separate units of land that have no territorial contiguity.

"The Oslo II Accord divided the West Bank into three administrative divisions: the Areas A, B and C. The distinct areas were given a different status, according to the amount of self-government the local Palestinians would have over it through the Palestinian Authority, until a final status accord would be established.
The Areas A and B were chosen in such a way as to just contain Palestinians, by drawing lines around Palestinian population centers at the time the Agreement was signed; Area C was defined as "areas of the West Bank outside Areas A and B, which, except for the issues that will be negotiated in the permanent status negotiations, will be gradually transferred to Palestinian jurisdiction in accordance with this Agreement."[1]:8[19] Area A comprises approximately 18% of the West Bank and Area B about 22%, together home to some 2.8 million Palestinians.                                            
Area C was initially around 72–74% (first phase, 1995) of the West Bank. Under the 1998 Wye River Memorandum, Israel would further withdraw from some additional 13% from Area C to Area B, which officially reduced Area C to circa 61% of the West Bank. Israel, however, withdrew from only 2% and during Operation Defensive Shield, it reoccupied all territory. As of 2013, Area C formally comprised about 63% of the West Bank, including settlements, outposts and declared "state land". Including or excluding East Jerusalem, no-man's land and the Palestinian part of the Dead Sea also determines the percentage. " (Wikipedia) 

"Area C (Hebrewשטח C‎) is an administrative division of the West Bank, set out in the Oslo II Accord. Area C constitutes about 61 percent of the West Bank territory. Jewish population in Area C is administered by Judea and Samaria Area administration, whereas Palestinian population is directly administered by Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories and indirectly by the Palestinian National Authority in Ramallah.[citation needed] The Palestinian Authority is responsible for medical and educational services to Palestinians in Area C, however infrastructure construction is done by Israel.  Area C, excluding East Jerusalem, is home to 385,900 Israeli settlers and approximately 300,000 Palestinians.[4]
The international community considers the settlements in occupied territory to be illegal, and the United Nations has repeatedly upheld the view that Israel's construction of settlements constitutes a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. Israel disputes the position of the international community and the legal arguments that were used to declare the settlements illegal. The "outposts" are in contravention of Israeli law as well." (Wikipedia)
"The Israeli Civil Administration was established by the government of Israel in 1981, in order to carry out practical bureaucratic functions within the territories occupied by Israel since 1967. While formally separate, it was subordinate to the Israeli military and the Shin Bet.
The Civil Administration is a part of a larger entity known as Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT), which is a unit in the Defense Ministry of Israel. Its functions have largely been taken over by the Palestinian National Authority in 1994, however it still continues a limited operation to manage Palestinian population in the Area C of the West Bank and coordination with the Palestinian government." (Wikipedia) 

In my humble opinion, there is no way that a Palestine is either warranted or could be a viable state.  From 70 years of constant attacks on Israel with absolute venomous hatred, Palestinians would not be willing to become serious peaceful neighbors.  They already have a state in Jordan as it is.

Besides that, after compiling this article, I see that their state is not of one piece, or even 2 pieces within Israel, and that is ridiculous enough.  It's like having a bee hive in one's living room and having to constantly be stung.  No, They have areas within Israel, like the Chinese neighborhoods of California or Oregon, or the Amish of Ohio, the Pashtos of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Hamas and Fatah cannot work together and don't always agree, and that's their own Palestinian people-such as they were never really a people but from all the neighboring states anyway!  The difference is that these neighborhoods are frightening, warlike, and their goal in life is to destroy Israel.  
Sherif of Jerusalem -Arab leader
Haj Amin al Husseini going to
Germany to speak with Hitler
about getting rid of Jews
Fatah and
Hamas leaders
A town or city has responsibilities and a government.  The Palestinians never have paid for their electricity.  They're always in arrears to Israel.  Instead, they spend their money on attaining weapons to use on Israel, and tunnels to sneak in and attack by.  No way would I want people with such goals in life for a neighbor.  I wouldn't with this on my enemy!  How can anyone expect this to happen to any country?  The USA can't clean up Chicago and their bad reputation let alone expect the Palestinians to suddenly turn on the charm and be the leading proponents for a peaceful life. Or, how about the Mexican-American line that needs a wall to be built?  They aren't shooting rockets at your hospital!  That happens to Israel from Gaza.  Gaza and the West Bank are to be one state-but are 2 places.  No-the whole idea is just plain silly.   

Wikipedia on International Law

Myths and Facts
Israel 101
The Jewish Express: PA's Secret Takeover Plan for Judea & Samaria . 
The Palestinian Authority has an organized plan to take over Area C with the help of the EU.

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