Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Israel's 2017-5778 New Year Threats

Missile test in February by Iran to use on Israel
Warhead will be atom bomb, something they're working on 24/7-
all according to the accord struck by USA.
Trump spoke about it today in UN. 
Attacks in Jerusalem have led to attacks in the West Bank where our IDF have to quell them. 
The hot spots that Israel is facing start right at home with the West Bank.  The Palestinian leaders that should be talking about peace with Trump today instead are the leaders of incitement.  This raises tensions and spurs a rise in terrorist attacks against Israelis.
Hamas is actively rebuilding its terror infrastructure and are stockpiling more advanced rockets and constructing new terror tunnels into Israel from Gaza.
Jordan's pro-Western monarchy faces challenges from Islamic extremists and economic strains from a flood of Syrian refugees.
Egypt's Sinai Peninsula remains lawless, with militant Islamists growing in power, waging an insurgency against the Egyptian government and threatening attacks on Israel.   Here are Egyptian Security Forces executing ISIS militants.
Hezbollah, the terrorist group backed by Iran in Lebanon has more than 150,000 rockets of which many are capable of striking any location in Israel being it's such a tiny country.  This is a sculpture outside of  Bint Jbell, Lebanon of rockets aimed towards Israel.
Syria has been taken over by Islamist radical groups that are affiliated with al-Qaeda and ISIS.They are programmed to hate and attack Israel.
ISIS is dedicated to murdering all those who disagree with its views of Israel and now control formidable territory and resources of Iraq.  Here ISIS is beheading one of 7 for delinquency  during a fight.
The worst threat of all is from Iran who continues to foment chaos throughout the Middle East.  They have incited civil strife and destruction in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Bahrain while threatening Israel with its terrorist proxies.
 They've threatened Israel with an atomic bomb attached to a missile and all the practicing that North Korea has been doing was learned from Iran.
 No one would listen to Netanyahu's pleas when he spoke to the few Senators left to hear his speech in Washington DC.  It's nice to think the best of people, but not when they've been vocal about their intentions about Israel.
Iran's ballistic missile 
"Several missiles were deployed during a military exercise, in defiance of new US sanctions on Iranian interests. Tehran and Washington are again at loggerheads, just 18 months after a landmark nuclear deal."  So what happened?  Did we just give up complaining about it?  Not Israel.  They're too close for comfort.  

Yet Israel will be stoic and face another year under dire threats and our prayer is that Rosh HaShanah will bring peace to the world, including Israel.  "Jews all over will celebrate by reflecting upon the past, correcting one's mistakes, planning for the future, praying for a healthy and sweet year and celebrating with holiday meals."

Resource: http://www.jpost.com/Middle-East/Iran-News/Israel-urges-Trump-UN-to-act-against-Iran-after-ballistic-missile-test-480120
 AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, America's pro-Israel Lobby in Washington DC
Rabbi Kalvin Packouz

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