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Palestinians Are Not From Ancient Hittites

Nadene Goldfoot                                          
Ishtar, Hittite and Babylonian goddess of war
In the Torah her worship is regarded as an abomination, and it is Ishtar's worshipers and her ishtarishtu (sacred prostitutes) who were to be found even at the doors of the Hebrew god's great temple, much to the consternation of his priests and prophets.  Some people managed to slip into old habits, especially if families were mixed.  
The Torah or Bible in Genesis 10:15 connects the Hittites with the Canaanites and shows that some lived in Israel at an early period at the time of Abraham. The 1st Canaan was the youngest son of Ham, son of Noah.  (Genesis 9-10).  Because of his father's transgression, he was condemned by Noah to serve Shem and Jepheth.  The land of Canaan was the name for Syria in the 15th to 13th centuries.  It is applied to the coast of Eretz Yisrael.  Before Joshua and the Israelites conquered the land, it was made up of little city-states.  The northern part of the land was called Aram/Syria by the Israelites.                                                            
Kamrusepas, another Hittite goddess of healing like Ishtar
These Canaanites were divided up between 11 peoples living on the land between the Nile and Euphrates rivers (Genesis 10:15-19).  Canaan was made up of a mixture of Horites, Hittites and Hebrews going back to the 17th century BCE.

The Hittites were an ancient people living in Asia Minor.  During the 15th century BCE, their power reached southward to Syria with their main kingdom falling in about 1200 BCE. "The early origins of the Hittites are not entirely certain, but it is likely the people we call Hittites arrived in Anatolia about 2000BC and came from Europe as part of a broader migration from the Black Sea region and Pontic steppe. In diplomatic correspondence of the Late Bronze Age the realm is the land of Hatti (Khatta in Egyptian). "
Hittite Spearmen 
They had  small kingdoms continuing in Northern Syria and in the land around the Euphrates river.  These states were overrun by the Armenians and the Assyrians and the people either killed or assimilated as Assyrians.  The Torah (Bible) connects the Hittites with the Canaanites in Genesis 10:15 and indicates that some lived in Eretz Israel at an early period.  (15-Canaan begot Zidon his firstborn, and Heth; and the Jebusite, the Amorite, the Girgashite, the Hivite....Afterward, the families of the Canaanites branched out.)  Must be Hivite is also Hittite, but v is not a t sound.  v and b are interchangable in Hebrew.  
Jacob's grandfather, Abraham, had bought the cave at Machpelah from Hebron.  Abraham's son, Isaac, had a twin named Esau.  Esau was the twin that left Abraham's group to live among the Hittites where he chose his wives from among them. Abraham was very much against this because the Hittites did not believe in one G-d and did not want Isaac to do that.
 Later, King David had some Hittite warriors, and his son, King Solomon, had Hittite wives, which wasn't that special for he had many many wives.  This was one way Solomon kept peace with different tribes.  Marry a daughter among their leaders and they had a contract of peace between them.
 A 3 man Hittite Chariot
The Hittites originally lived in Asia Minor and from the 15th century BCE, they were powerful with their power extending southward to Syria.  Their main kingdom fell in about 1200 BCE, with small kingdoms continuing to flourish in Northern Syria and around the land of the Euphrates.  They ended by being overrun by the Armenians and the Assyrians.
HITTITES:  Late in the third millennium B.C., waves of invaders speaking Indo-European languages crossed the Caucasus Mountains into Anatolia, Turkey. Building on other older cultures, these invaders borrowed even their name, the Hittites, from the indigenous Hatti whom they had subjugated. The Hittites were supposed to have entered Cappadocia around 1800 B.C

                        Who are the Palestinians? 
Young Israeli Palestinians celebrating Nakhba Day on May 14, Israel's
Birth of 1948, only these boys covet Israel in wanting their own state
of Palestine-something made out of Israel.  Palestinians make up 20% of
Israel.  Their terrorists are paid a salary when in jail by Abbas, leader of
Fatah.  It's acts like this that make life difficult in considering having a
Palestine made out of ancient Israeli land right alongside today's Israel.  One does
expect peace to come first.  
 All people living in what had been ancient Israel were called Palestinians by the Romans who had occupied and then burned Jerusalem down in their takeover of the land in 70 CE and thereafter.  By 132 CE, a Jewish general, Bar Kokhba, had a LAST STAND, A TRY AT REGAINING JERUSALEM and had actually formed an army and had taken back Jerusalem in 132 and held it for 3 years before being outnumbered and killed by the stronger Romans with 35,000 soldiers under Hadrian and Julius Severus.  The Romans were so angry still after killing 580,000 Jews besides those Jews that died of hunger and disease from the war that they had let this happen after holding themselves for 62 years that they renamed it "Palestine," choosing the Philistines, the greatest enemy of Israel, to name it after.  The result was that Judea fell into desolation, with most of the population annihilated and Jerusalem was turned into a heathen city, barred to Jews.   Thereafter, all people living on the land whether they be Jewish or Arab, were called Palestinians by the Romans and by every other empire that followed.
Palestinians that are living in Gaza with Hamas leaders-terrorists that are violent.  
It was only the fact that Jews needed their ancient land back as they had been treated as pariahs in every country they tried to live in after being forced out of Judah and it's main city, Jerusalem, and discussions were going on by Zionistic leaders with the allies of World War I, almost 2,000 years of a contained wandering, that a distinction was then made between Jews and Arabs by the world.  The Arabs had not been mistreated except possibly by their own exhalted leaders of the surrounding lands.  Where there were few Arabs living in the former Judah and Israel, they came flocking when Jews started returning again in droves starting in the 1880s as they were suffering from pogroms, mass riots, government okayed murder because of a 2,000 year old anti- Semitism.  They would be invited into a European country for selfish reasons of the king who wanted economic help and they were wiser than others, and then kicked out because they remained Jewish at a later date.  It became very plain to the Jews that there was a reason G-d had asked Moses to keep them in their own country of Israel.
Palestinians today
Palestinians have been the pawns of Muslim countries who resented a Jewish country in their midst who might shake up their hold on people, being they were so democratic and they weren't.  They have a good deal going on and don't accept change unless it benefits them more.  Their people have been brainwashed to think alike and not to question.  Only  Emir Feisal, later king of Iraq and king of Syria, had any sense and he was the leader of all the Arabs for many years.  He had accepted the Jews forming their own state, because he saw the benefits that this would bring to his own people.  Unfortunately, the rest were only greedy, such as the Haj Amin al-Husseini, so called Sherif of Jerusalem, who wanted to keep his power given to him by a Jew, no less, a man of high position in England who was one of the mandate leaders.  Palestinians have remained hostile to Israel.  Most all had come in from the surrounding nations to find work with the Jews who were building from the 1880s onward.  They were surrounding people, not natives of the very land of Israel.
Jerusalem once again at the Wall
Jews have established their history in the land of Israel through documentation in the Torah which goes back to Moses-1391 BCE to 1271 BCE.  The Palestinians try to make out that their hold is older.  Jews have remained a people through their religion.  Hittites, or any other ancient people of Canaan, were all wiped out by Joshua and his armed Israelites, and if not killed in the battle, then assimilated through marriage with the Jews, now being people of Jewish descent.  Thoughout history Jews have survived and have been known.  Who has run into a Canaanite or a Hittite?  Arabs, people of Esau and Ishmael, have lived in Syria and other surrounding civilizations, but not the destitute deserted mosquito infested land of Israel, only a few dared to do so and then wanted out. Only the Jews were desperate enough to return after a 2,000 year absence.

Resource:  The New Standard Jewish Encyclopedia
From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters-all about the Palestinians and where they came from 

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