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Spying on Jews! You'd never Guess Who?

Major spy of Jews: The British  Jack Philby.Harry St John Bridger PhilbyCIE (3 April 1885 – 30 September 1960), also known as Jack Philby or Sheikh Abdullah (الشيخ عبدالله), was a British Arabist, adviser, explorer, writer, and colonial office intelligence officer. Below are his contacts in the article.  
Nadene Goldfoot                                        
James Addison Baker III
April 28, 1930 (age 86)
James Baker was anti-Israeli.  He sent arms and money secretly to appease Jew-hating dictators;  and he was surprised when the dictators declared war on Israel.  Saddam Hussein, Iraq and Hafez Assad of Syria were copycats of Hitler against Jews.  Baker was being a copycat of Secretary of State John Foster Dulles who did similar things towards Israel.  He served as White House Chief of Staff and United States Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan, and as U.S. Secretary of State and White House Chief of Staff under President George H. W. Bush. As Secretary of State, he helped oversee U.S. foreign policy during the end of the Cold War and dissolution of the Soviet Union, as well as during the Gulf War.
Some of the most important people in our American government have not liked us Jews.  The Honorable James Baker, Secretary of State in 1992 said, "Fuck the Jews...they won't vote for us anyway."   He worked under George Walker Bush, President from 2001 to 2009.  After him was President Obama from 2009 to 2016, a president decidedly seeing Jews in an unfavorable light, as shown distinctively in the few weeks before his term was up by his UN dealings with Israel.  Jews traditionally voted Democratic and still do. The majority were small businessmen and my father told me that the difference between the two was that the Democrats were helpful to the small businessman and the Republicans were for corporate businesses.  He was a 1st generation American Jew.  Roosevelt, Democratic President from 1933 to 1945  had been looked upon as a savior of Jews.  The Holocaust lasted from about 1939 to 1945.    About 40%  of Jews, who were about 2% of the American population,  were voting for Republicans in 2001.

Spying on Jews started in the 20's as described in two former spies' book, The Secret War Against the Jews. We have known all along that all countries spy on each other, but since when do they pick one religious group and spy on them?  The USA has done it to the Jews.

John Loftus, former prosecutor with the US Justice Dept's Nazi-hunting unit who was able to get into CIA and NATO archives,  and Mark Aarons, who exposed Nazi war criminals in Australia, an investigative reporter,  call the period from 1920 to 1947 The Age of Bigotry, and indeed it was.  There was lots of anti-Semitism going on then.  My mother-in-law, Brooklyn born, told me of how hard it was for Jews to get jobs in New York and of her personal ordeal.  I already knew about the quota system put on Jews for getting into Medical school.  No matter how high your score was , if the quota of Jews was filled, you didn't get it.  The book, "The Arabists" by Robert Kaplan tells how anti-Semitism was an accepted part of everyday life for the American establishment.  The State Departments had many bigots on its payroll.  They referred to us as :the oily Jews in official diplomatic reports in the USA and Britain.
The Brits also did their share of spying on the Jews as well, and were even better at it.  Harry St. John Bridger Philby  known as Jack and his Communist double-agent son, Harold Adrian Russell Philby, known as Kim, were spies.   A close friend was Allen Dulles.  Jack became a M16 British secret service spy and had been picked out of his civil service job because of his sexual misconduct.
Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman ibn Faisal ibn Turki ibn Abdullah ibn Muhammad Al Saud, usually known within the Arab world as Abdulaziz and in the West as Ibn Saud, was the first monarch and founder of Saudi Arabia, the "third Saudi state".
Jack Philby  wound up in what is now Saudi Arabia and was best friends with a fanatical Arab sect led by Ibn Saud.  He wound up passing  Ibn Saud intelligence information that helped them to have a military victory against other Arab leaders who were supported by the British government.  You see, the Brits were in the Middle East long before the Americans by  their holding the mandate over Palestine for 30 years and favoring the Arabs.  Jack Philby was a friend of Lawrence of Arabia.
Allen Welsh Dulles was an American diplomat and lawyer who became the first civilian Director of Central Intelligence and its longest-serving director to date.  He served under Eisenhower and Kennedy from 53 to 61.
Ibn Saud, Jack Philby and Allen Dulles worked behind the scenes to put Hitler onto the world stage and managed to fuel the Nazi war machine in the 1930s.   They were the very ones who sabotaged the Jews' last best hope of an escape route to Palestine.  Somehow, they have escaped the judgment of history by playing behind the scenes as spies, for they managed the source of oil, wealth and international influence working behind the scenes.

Jack had recruited Allen Dulles in the 1920 as his agent to influence American policy against the Jewish homeland and then as his secret partner in the development of Saudi Arabian oil.  Money speaks.  People become greedy.  Jack kept Ibn Saud politically solvent with Dulles's help by creating a partnership with American oil companies, allied against British interests, in favor of Nazi Germany.  Jack sabotaged international efforts to create the Jewish Homeland with Nazi intelligence.  Jack was made the secret service's head of intelligence for Transjordan where he met Allen Dulles who was stationed in Istanbul.  Dulles ran networks across the Middle East and had obtained much information on the potential wealth of Arabia and the potential sticking point of Zionist aspirations.
John Foster Dulles , brother of Allen Dulles, served as U.S. Secretary of State under Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1959. He was a significant figure in the early Cold War era, advocating an aggressive stance against Communism throughout the world.
They spied on the Zionists with American partners in crime, the Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster, who were two of the most powerful men in the world.  Their mother's brother was Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, founder of the State Department's first CIA.  John became Sec. of State and brother Allen became head of the CIA during Eisenhower's administration.   

The Dulles duo spied on the New York financial district, several floors of Rockefeller Plaza, part of the RCA Building, 2 prominent clubs, and various shipping firms.  The wiretaps were crude;  microphones linked by hard wire to a machine that cut phonograph records.   The coverage was spotty because of staff limits and the early technology, but the results justified the effort.  They were responsible, reported to Sir William Stephenson, a Canadian electronics genius known as "Intrepid."  He sat in the Rockefeller building.  Actually, his job was to find companies aiding the Nazis, which was a good thing.  This leaked information was sent to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover who took no aggressive action.

Roosevelt was using the British wiretap team to dig up dirt on his political opponents.  Before the 1940 election, the Nazi (3rd Reich) tried to intervene in American politics by giving 7 US senators and 13 congressmen campaign contributions.   Most of the isolationist wing of Congress was bought and paid for by Berlin. 

 Senator Burton Wheeler from Montana  sent Nazi propaganda by mail using his privileges.  At the time, the Nazis had more money than sense if they thought Wheeler could win a national election.

It's a pretty big shock to find that the information put out to the general public about the Dulles brothers leaves out so much about them now exposed.  George Orwell said, "Omission is the most powerful form of lie, and it is the duty of historians to ensure that omissions do not creep into the history books."  

This happened under the Republicans, the political party we are now depending on to do the most for Jews and Israel.  Yet we have seen a remarkable increase in  active overt anti-Semitic acts against Jews lately harming their cemeteries and community centers.  This has been blamed on present president Donald Trump, a Republican, even though his daughter and grandchildren are Jewish as well as his son-in-law who he likes and respects very much.  Trump was brought up as a Presbyterian.  However he may have felt about Jews in his youth, his daughter has developed his understanding for the Jews today, since she fell in love with a Jewish man who also finds favor in Donald's eyes as much, too.  As a Jew, I feel very comfortable with Donald Trump standing up for the Jews of the USA and of Israel.  His major talent has been honed to be a negotiator, so let's see if he can do the impossible;  bring the Palestinians around to favoring life instead of death and peace instead of war.  Now this includes the insufferable Hamas as well as Fatah; known terrorists.

The FBI were doing surveillance on Jews during what we now call the McCarthy era.  American Jews were placed in the basket along with Communists to spy on.  (p. 187). Before Pearl Harbor of Dec. 7, 1941, Herbert Hoover was busy chasing "Irish Jews" and Jewish communists but had turned a blind eye toward the American Nazi sympathizers.  He didn't like to ask any Jews for help, of course.  Any Jewish informants he had were also spied on.  Ha!  Hoover figured that all Zionists were potential Communists terrorists.  Anyone who supported Zionism or sent money to Palestine Jews was either a Communist or a terrorist to him or both.  If any Jew emigrated to Palestine at this time, he labeled them a Soviet agent in disguise.
James Vincent Forrestal was the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense.   Forrestal was a supporter of naval battle groups centered on aircraft carriers. 
This is the sort of anti-Semitism put out by James Forrestal, Defense Secretary.  He had been continuing a wiretap link on Jews between the FBI and British intelligence behind President Truman's back!  Truman had ordered it shut down on Sept. 28, 1945 when he issued an executive order abolishing the Office of the Censor that stopped the interception of American telegraph cables, but they were continually intercepted anyway, and now sent to Forrestal's Army Security Agency which continued the bugging under the code name, "Operation Shamrock."  No one knew if they were legal from 1945 through 1946, so finally Forrestal called in  the officials of companies asking them to continue as this had wide national security needs.

Loftus and Aarons wrote their book showing the betrayal of Israel.  Moslem crimes against minorities almost never make the press but are now.   CNN did one this morning on a Muslim minority attacked by ISIS.  Americans have had 7 recent scandals;  Watergate, debategate, Irangate, Contragate, Iraqgate, savings and loans scandal and Hillarygate.   Our Western media succeeded in only one investigation.  The press finally got to Nixon because someone in the intelligence community spoon-fed them the story.  They couldn't  go out and find it themselves.

They conclude that the American press hasn't been able to commit sufficient resources to develop its own expertise in intelligence matters and have simply abandoned any pretense of long-term investigations.  Dan Rather said to a group of broadcasters, "We should all be ashamed."  

Today all we hear about is the spying on the Trump Tower by Obama that Trump believes has happened.  It's not so outlandish.  We've been spied upon.  I'm on my 4th book by Daniel Silva about an Israeli spy named  Gabriel Allon who is the hero.  In it I'm learning much about what spies are capable of doing very secretly.  It's called "Portrait of a Spy."  The 3rd book was called " The Rembrandt Affair, also telling about spy capabilities.  A lot is done with things connected to computers, and planting minuscule things.  That's why they meet in parks, so they can talk without being heard.

We know that facebook is quite the spy.  They know from what we type what we will buy.  We common folk have no idea who or what could be spying on Trump, but he has an idea.  We learn that on the surface, Britain and the USA and others have professed to be ardent allies of Israel, but through their intelligence services have betrayed Israel's secrets to the Arabs with the motivation of oil and multinational profits which must be had at any price through international covert policies.  If they have had this practice on the Jews, they might do it on--say ---a president they do not respect.

 If the FBI or the CIA say, "NADA has spied on the president", well, with our history, who knows?  Have we vetted our own people lately?  We cannot forget the mistakes of Hillary and the findings on her computers.  It's these things that cost Hillary her position, not Russia trying to get us all to vote for Trump.  We who did,  did it without Russia's help.  Hillary's actions, and especially Obama's  did it for us.  Trump used his business sense.  He played to the electoral votes.  He's a ham actor at heart, and it worked.  That's why he thinks of himself as a "winner."  He plays to win.

It took me over a year to read The Secret War Against the Jews.  I could only take so much at a time and had to leave room to cry a lot over what our country did to us.  That's why I trust little today. Just like, you can't trust a book by its cover, I now see that anything can be possible. Many people walking around are wolves in sheep's clothing.  They are spies for their own profits.

Resource:  John Loftus and Mark Aarons, "The Secret War Against the Jews"

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