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Israel Update: In the Center of Constant Danger From 8 Groups

Nadene Goldfoot                                            
Israel is in the center of a storm; surrounded by Arab nations plus Iran-all bent on taking her land and destroying her people.  All the while, the rest of this planet has learned pretty much to live in peace and with the art of negotiating with each other, all except Russia, that is, the largest one of all who thinks that Ukraine actually belongs to their union and just got it back; that's all.  Of course.  It's as if California ceded from our union of 50 states and we just went down with a little muscle and returned her to where she belongs, retrieving her after her moment of insanity.  On the whole, life is better than the Middle Ages, but tell that to IS, who thinks they still are, fighting not only with modern weapons but close up work is done with swords in cutting off heads.
Israel is only 8,000 sq miles big and these countries outnumber her by 650 to 1 in size.  Within this little state lives 7.7 million people of which 6 million are Jews, so are outnumbered by 56 to 1 in population.
Jerusalem United since 1967 
IS has brought instability to the region and so we see Russia, the USA and others coming to the rescue and fighting against them.  Israel banks on the USA for security assistance in case they need it, and so far have been fighting the fight alone, with the help of arms from their big brother.  The USA, our only friend is more important than ever before.  Look at what they are facing.

From Judea and Samaria (West Bank) we see the Arab leaders raising tensions and are spurring a rise in terrorist attacks which they have always done sporadically .  First Arafat was their leader, the old PLO chairman, and now Abbas has taken his place, age 82.  They are still PLO's at heart, ready to return to terrorism with the right words from Hamas.  In the meantime, Hamas and Fatah struggle against each other for leadership of both in a future Palestine State.  Judea and Samara are on Israel's eastern border.
Hamas rocket ranges can hit Tiberias in 3-5 minutes,
Tel Aviv in about 30 seconds, Ashkelon in 6-10 seconds
and Sderot-on the border, without warning.  
Gaza,   since putting in Hamas terrorists for their leadership, continue to attack Southern Israel.   The problem is that they continue to get more assistance from the other Arabs and now, Iran. Hamas is actively rebuilding its terror infrastructure and are stockpiling more advanced rockets and building new tunnels into Israel.  Gaza is on Israel's western border

Iran gets their their assistance from the Russians, but has enough of their own money now to carry out their threats to destroy Israel.  Their damage so far is to foment chaos throughout the Middle Est inciting civil strife and destruction in the other nations. of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Bahrain.  The terrorists attempting to get into Israel are actually their proxies.

Jordan, a pro-Western monarchy, is being challenged by IS, the Islamic extremists.  Jordan is suffering from economic strains from the flood of Syrian refugees that are living there.  They have always joined their Arab neighbors in attacking Israel, but have signed a peace pact .  Jordan is on Israel's eastern border.

Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, the area Israel took in 1967 and gave back in the peace process, has become lawless, with militant Islamists growing in power.  they are waging an insurgency against the Egyptian government and threatening attacks on Israel at the same time.  Sinai is on Israel's southern border.
Rockets from Syria and Lebanon aimed at Israel
Shot by Hezbollah, they can reach Safed in 10 seconds in northern Israel,
Haifa in 25 seconds, Netanya in 50+ seconds, Tel Aviv and Ramallah in 75 seconds,
Beersheba in 120 seconds
Lebanon is on Israel's border.  The state most friendly when there was a Christian president and Major Hadad of the Christian Militia, it's now in the hands of Hezbollah which is backed by Iran.  Hezbollah, a terrorist group, have more than 150,000 rockets, many of which are capable of striking any location in Israel.  Their rockets can reach large population centers.

Syria is on Israel's border in one small spot.   In the Bible days, people wandered back and forth from Syria to Israel without harm.  Here are Islamist radical groups affiliated with al Qaeda AND the Islamic State (IS).  These terrorists have taken over large swatches of Syrian territory already.  Assad, the president, is hanging in there in Damascus, probably the only city not harmed by bombing by his forces and these other forces while Russia has been bombing indiscriminately as can happen, even hitting a hospital, something the USA had also done in Pakistan, so I'm told.  War is hell.  People are killed; cities are destroyed, animals go hungry and die painfully.  To top it off, the Middle East is one of the hottest areas on the planet, so all this that happens is done with lots and lots of sweating.
Update: 3/17/17 Syria lobbed a missile at Israeli jets; one landed outside Jerusalem after jets attacked Hezbollah in Syria.

Iraq has now become THE ISLAMIC STATE.  It is dedicated to murdering all those who disagree with their views of Islam.  They are holding much territory and resources.
IS is a threat to all the states that are enemies of Israel.  Aleppo, Syria has been destroyed because of them.  Saudi Arabia has conferred with Israel in thinking of  the proverb  of;  "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" or one can say, "my enemy's enemy is my friend."   Saudi Arabia was quite the instigator before IS, being the most religious center.  They wouldn't even allow a Jew to put one step on their sand.  It's Saudi Arabia's citizens who caused 9/11 in New York in 2001-an attack on the USA of the greatest magnitude killing over 2,000 innocent civilian people.
Jerusalem-3 major religions represented: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
IS does not have the Levant, which includes Israel, Jordan and Egypt.  I notice that the makers of the map above did now show the capital of Israel being Jerusalem with a star.  Though Jerusalem as always been the capital of Israel, both in Biblical days and since 1948, officially the whole city of Jerusalem came back to Israel after fighting the 1967 War.  To Israel, it is certainly their capital. Even Israel was slow to declare it their capital to the world.  "In 1980, the Knesset declared that "Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel," but this law was declared null by the U.N."  Of course-they are always against Israel.   The Knesset is there, but the rest of this planet is afraid to admit it, and keep their centers in Tel Aviv on the sea for fear of angering the Arabs.   This is the 50th year that Jerusalem has been the capital and that Jerusalem was united by Israel.  It's really a Jubilee Year.  Even Jordan is still busy trying to disprove that Jews ever inhabited any part of "Palestine-the Roman renaming.."

Resource: AIPAC
Book: Messages From A Syrian Jew Trapped in Egypt-describes refugee camps in Syria and Jordan.

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