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Trump's Adulation About General James Mattis (Mad Dog) for Sec. of Defense Falls Short for Israel's Position

Nadene Goldfoot                                                
General James Mattis (Mad Dog) b: Sept. 8, 1950
up for Defense Secretary

He retired from the Marine Corps on May 22, 2013.
 A person may not be appointed as Secretary of Defense within seven years after relief from active duty as a commissioned officer of a regular component of an armed force.

"The Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of the Treasury are generally regarded as the four most important cabinet officials because of the importance of their departments  In Israel this would be the Defense Minister.  
President Elect Trump had an interview with "Mad Dog, General James Mattis, today for the position of Defense Secretary, who is not for Israelis living in Judea and Samaria  because he wants to see a 2 state solution to the Israel-Palestine situation.  I do not support this outlook at all and here's why.
1920's Jewish Homeland of 120,466 square km or 46,512.1826 sq. miles
Today Israel has 8,000 sq miles without Judea and Samaria, acquired in 1967 after being given away
by Britain who held the 30 year mandate on it.  The Jordan River divides the land which is
called by Britain, the West Bank (west side of the river) as the east side was given to King Abdullah to create Jordan.

The kingdom of Jordan, first called Transjordan was in 1921 land detached from the area originally incorporated under the Palestine MANDATE and put under the rule of Abdullah.  In 1948, when Israel was created, he annexed the eastern part of the West Bank, called Cisjordan, which had been designated by the UN as a separate state.  He then proclaimed the Kingdom of Jordan with himself as king.  From 1952 the country was ruled by his grandson, Hussein.  In 1967 he entered the 6 Day War but his army was defeated and Israel took over the West Bank (Judea and Samaria).  In 1970 he expelled the PLO from his country but later was to reconcile with Arafat.  He was also the protector of the West Bank Arabs, saying in 1988 that he was withdrawing from this role and letting the PLO handle them.  His support came from the bedouin tribesmen of his country (Abdullah was from Saudi Arabia-coming far to seek land for himself).  

                                          The majority of Jordanians are now Palestinians.  

West Bank: Size: 2,183 sq. miles with 1.715 million Arabs

Jordan:       Size:34,495 sq. miles with 5,568,565 million Arabs in 2011 and 95% were Sunni Muslim Arabs.

Israel:         Size: 8,019 sq miles with 7.7 million (6 million Jews, 1.7 million Arabs).   
1. Israel has been swindled on their deal from the beginning by Britain and Jordan.  80% of promised land, land our forefathers had created Israel of the Bible from and present day Israel sits on only 20% of the Promised Jewish Homeland by the League of Nations and it's outgrowth, the United Nations.

2. Israel has been attacked by the Arabs ever since their birth of May 14, 1948, and they have sworn to drive Israelis into the sea and then they will take our land.
Khartoum Conference in Sudan 1967
3.  What started as a group of Arab migrants has become the arm of the Arab nations to do their bidding ever since their meeting in Khartoum from August to September 1967  to never make peace with Israel-but to drive them into the sea. Called the Khartoum Resolutions, "eight Arab heads of state attended a summit conference in Khartoum where they formulated the consensus that underlines the policies of most Arab states in conflict with Israel. Among other issues, the resolution called for the continued struggle against Israel. By adopting the dictum of no peace with Israelno recognition of Israel and no negotiations with Israel (also called "The 3 No's"), the Arab states appeared to slam the door on any possible progress towards peace."  Until they change their policy, there should be no discussion of creating another state called Palestine.  They had fought wars in 1947-49, 1956, 1967 and lost, so this is their next way to attack Israel, by never making peace; only wars of all sorts and sizes.
Syria's missiles pointing at Israel
4. There never was a nation of Palestine, either, that the other 48 Muslim majority countries have planned to bring about.  The big neighbors touching Israel's borders are Egypt, Lebanon, Syria Iraq, and very close by are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Iran, and finally now we have Egypt and Jordan keeping the peace since 1972.  Yet their countries are loaded with contra-peaceful people that would be willing to attack Israelis at a moment's notice, no doubt.   The USA has only 2 countries touching its borders; Canada and Mexico, and they are very friendly.  Mad Dog himself has never been in a position of having all these states ready to attack with thousands of missiles pointed at him like Israel has.

5. Evidently Mad Dog and others in our administration have never read the PLO covenant Against Israel. 
They have history all wrong.  Their 3rd article claims that only the Palestinian Arabs posses a legal right to self-determination, not the Jews.  Their article 9 states that armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine and is therefore a strategy and not tactics.  They are to work for an armed popular revolution, to liberate its homeland.....and on and on.  Then the Hamas Covenant is in competition with the PLO's position.
 The Arabs are divided into many political/terrorist groups, but the most important ones are Fatah and Hamas.  Fatah used to be the PLO, Palestine Liberation Organization run by Arafat.  Hamas, usually the most violent arm of terrorism,  is found in Gaza while Fatah has stayed in Judea and Samaria.  The 2 leaders have united and divorced from each other over and over, kept apart over fighting over who's the leader of both.  Abbas, the PA leader (FATAH), is 81 years old already.  Neither one is willing to accept peace with Israel.  Why does Mad Dog think that giving them Israel's land for a 49th Muslim state-for no Jews will be allowed to live in their all Muslim  state, will bring about peace?  It just will bring to them a nice chunk of the Jews' land that they won back in 1967 when attacked by all the Arabs.

6.  The Palestinians have done nothing to embrace peace with Israel.  They inject in their people hatred for Jews in their schools, radios, TV programs, honoring people who have actually killed Jews by naming sites after them, songs for children, every which way imaginable.  This shows all of us they do not want peace, except people like Mad Dog who really know very little of what's going on with this group of Middle Easterners.

7. Israel has said of this situation that now is not the time.  The Palestinians are not ready for peace, and this is needed to be their neighbor.  They would be between Israel and Jordan.

8. Mad Dog claims that the present situation is creating Apartheid.  He should work on talking with the Arab leaders, and not expecting Israel to give into his theory.  It is not Israel's position to create Apartheid, and is not since the Palestinians are ruled by Abbas and Hamas's leader in Gaza.  Heavens, even these 2 Palestinians can't get along with each other let alone with Israel.

Now look at Israel; made up of 6 million Jews and 1.7 million Arabs-both Christian and Muslim.  Palestine is not to allow the Jews there already to remain.

Jordan is ruled by another monarch that citizens cannot change.  Political parties are banned by martial law provisions.  When Palestinians tried to take over Jordan, Jordan's position became known as BLACK SEPTEMBER AS THE ATTEMPTED TAKEOVER  happened between September 16 to 26 in 1970.  Almost 3,400 Palestinians were killed in this battle.  "PLO troops actually fled across the border to surrender to Israeli troops instead of Hussein's army. "  Even they knew that Israel didn't treat Arabs in any apartheid manner.  Mad Dog, that is a ridiculous charge against Israel, showing that you know nothing about this unique state.  Unique because it is the ONLY Jewish state in the world.  

Look at the population of some of these Muslim majority states.  Here are the largest populations of Muslims found in 24  States.  Muslim Saudi Arabia has no one who is not a Muslim. 
 Muslim world  population was 1.7 billion in 2014.   

The rules of Secretary of Defense should show a considerable background including Israel.  Mad Dog may be a wonderful General, but shows me nothing about really knowing anything about Israel's position.  
"Avigdor Lieberman: Israel's Defense Minister b: 5 July 1958 in Chisinau, Moldova, Russia.
He is a Soviet-born Israeli politician who serves as the Defense Minister of Israel. He served as Israel's Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2012, and again from 2013 to 2015."  I see him butting heads with
Mad Dog over Judea and Samaria if Mad Dog gets the position.
Israel's mirror image position is the Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman serving since May 30, 2016. The "Ministry of Defense oversees most of the Israeli security forces, including the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israel Military Industries (IMI),and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).                                                              

The MOD was established when the British Mandate of Palestine ended on May 14, 1948 , and the British Army departed Palestine and the State of Israel was formed. This ended the rag-tag militia units during British rule and gave way to the formal defense of the Jewish state."

Trump himself has said that he does not see Israeli settlements in Judea and Samaria as an obstacle to peace and that Gaza set the example.  This is just the opposite of what General Mattis has said.  In this I pray that Trump does not do a 180 degree change of mind.  
Update:  Nice to see that Algemeiner agrees with me:
Update: 12/7/16 Trump announced this morning that he was appointed.  

Myths and Facts-a concise record of the Arab-Israeli conflict by Mitchell G. Bard and Joel Himelfarb.

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  1. As we see the Palestinians are not trying to be peaceful. Here's more about that.
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    Palestinian cleric 'Abd Al-Salam Abu Al-'Izz, speaking at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, said that Muslims should "take the Pakistani nuclear weapons...and use them in the service of Islam" to "eliminate the state of the Jews in one or two strikes."