Thursday, March 17, 2016

Republican Party's Sour Grapes Action by Romney and Soros

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                     

A creative and forceful TV star  ( THE APPRENTICE- You're Fired!) has risen from the dying Republican Party who is a billionaire leading people in the race to become the Republican candidate for President.  He is Donald Trump, hotel builder and owner, a man who has shown people he is a go-getter and man of accomplishment.  He needs 1,237 delegates to win.  He's already won 18 states in this race of 30 primaries. .
 He's written the book, "The Art Of The Deal," that was published in 1992,   telling people how to make the best deals.  This is how he has accomplished so much successfully; making good deals.  It's evidently his most important skill.
The established Republican Party, led by Mitt Romney, takes this success as sour grapes and are doing everything to end Trump's success. He is aided by George Soros, another billionaire who has little use for Israel, even though he is Jewish.  His horrible Holocaust experience turned him against so much, and he is one who backs J Street, a thorn in my side and in Israel's side, too.  They say they are for Israel but their actions are not.

  The established Republicans like Romney have  taken out ads against Trump, washing his dirty linen in public regardless whether it needs it or not, 90% lies, 10% truth (as he has mentioned on TV) and are turning possible followers even back as far as either to Hillary or Sanders, the Democrat contenders, whereas Trump has brought in Democrats who are not happy with their 2 candidates.
Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator, coming in 2nd, has won 8 states
including his state of Texas versus Trump's 18 states.
He is avidly for Israel.  
Here are 14 of the Republican candidates.
Trump started out as a celebrity  and still is the #1 leader
of the pack.  
Instead of sitting back and letting Hillary or Sanders get all the accolades, Trump has energized people for the Republican  Party. News about Trump is always more interesting to see and hear than a soap opera.

Here his own party has turned out to be his worst enemy.  This is the most stupid act I've ever seen of a group not open-minded enough to see the handwriting on the wall; many  people LIKE  Trump and want to nominate him as shown by the votes he has received thus far.  He's the leader of this pack and at this point is 100 points ahead of Cruz, who's coming in second.
As of March 9th, Bernie Sanders losing to Hillary Clinton
when 2,308 delegates remained for Democrats
Hillary had 1,606
Sanders had 851 
That Trump didn't win Ohio and lost their 66 delegates was expected since their governor, John Kasich, is very popular there. Kasich wound up with 46.8% of the votes to Trump's 35.6%. This was the only state that Kasich has won.    However, Trump did win Florida over Rubio, which was a shocker.  Rubio was only a senator there, not a governor.  He hadn't really run the show to prove his merits, but instead wasn't doing his own job as senator.  He wasn't there to vote on issues but was absent because he was too busy running for President.  That wasn't wise, at his youthful age.

As of March 9th, The Republicans had 2,472 that are up for grabs for the winner.  The remaining amount to earn is 1,061 delegates.  Trump had 673. He needs a total of 1,237.  He needs 564 more by November.
                 Cruz  had   411
               Kasich had  143.

My concern out of this presidential race between the Republicans and Democrats is to get a president that will be siding with Israel and realize they are their best friend in the Middle East.  Harry S. Truman was one who voted them in as a state in the UN of which almost all the members agreed and also voted Israel as a member state.                                            
Bernie, age 74 and Hillary, age 68 Democrat contenders
Now is not the time to go against something as important as the lives of  8 million people of Israel and side with their enemies; not in such an important decision as Israel who is a part of our religious history, both of Christians and Jews.  We have had a president who was not on the same page but had brought change to our country and to current events and the lives of all in the Middle East just as he promised, and the change hasn't been all good.  We have watched for 8 years of mistake after mistake of our government in regards to Israel.  Now is the time to vote in someone we can stand behind in regards to this teeny state who has offered so much to all.  Who will it be?
Trump with youngest son
Trump is leading.  Is he educated in Israel's past and present history?  Not that I can see, but then I can't see jerking him out of the line as leader, either.  His beautiful daughter has married an orthodox Jewish real estate person  and they have children.  Hopefully, if Trump is our Republican lead man, he will develop an interest in our history and what has been going on currently and use his inner common sense to back Israel in their own defense against so many enemies. That's what he says about  his resource on such matters, his own sensible common sense.   I'm counting on him spotting shenanigans of men, having worked so much amongst men.  He can spot a con artist, hopefully because he's been actively working in the business world .  I've read where even Israel is now banking on him winning.  As it looks now, Trump will be facing Hillary, his old friend.  If not Trump in this seat, then who?  Whoever  could the dark horse be?

NBC News TV-own common sense resource- not someone else comment this morning.