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Nazis Cried that Darwin Made Them Do It

Nadene Goldfoot                                                                      

Charles Darwin born in Shrewsbury, England on February 12, 1809, died in London on April 19, 1882 at age 73.  He was a biologist who couldn't stand the sight of blood.That's what kept him from becoming a doctor.   He published his Origins of Species in 1859.
               Adolf Hitler,b: Austria 1889, d: Germany 1945 at age 56

Leading Nazis were trying to say that it was all Darwin's fault that Hitler insisted on killing off all the Jews of the world.  He almost succeeded by managing to kill 6 million of us.  Now, where does Darwin fit in with all this horror and hatred?
Conspiring to kill off all the Jews.  You'd think Hitler was Haman of ancient Persia who tried                                                          to do the same thing.  

Hitler struck onto the idea of Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" and ran with the concept of  superior races and the survival of the fittest.  He must have been very jealous of the intelligence of the Jews and though he certainly was a non-practicing Catholic, did grow up in that environment of dislike of Jews.  So, taking the 2 factors, jealousy and dislike of these people, and mix in Darwin's survival of the fittest along with the superiority of races, and Hitler came up with a brand new philosophy which his whole country bought into.

 Why?  Was it because of his speaking ability that curls my toes when I hear him rant and rave?  Was that the proper style of the day?  He was a broken down unaccepted painter who couldn't paint pictures for a living and had to paint houses instead, bitterly.  He didn't have success as a starter to be heard.  Why did people ever listen to him?

When he came along, there weren't many successful Germans to be found.  They were all suffering from economic loss of money and jobs, so they must have identified with this man.  In doing so, and being a group that was used to following a leader and not being allowed to be individuals, they followed him, of all people because he told them to do it.

The German scientists should have called out -foul play on what he was preaching.  He was telling people that selective breeding, like farmers did with pigs and cows, were what they had to do with humanity, and they had to cull out the weak.  In his theory, the weak were the Jews because they were quiet and kept to themselves more than others.  They didn't cause trouble, but to Hitler, they were bad because they were the small businessmen and still had jobs and were not Catholics.  They still clung to their ancient religion of Judaism.   In reality, the Jews, an ancient line of people, had been studying and writing long before the Germans had left their barbaric ways.  They were part of the ancient Empires that Germans were not.  They had been traders and merchants when Germans were wearing animal skins.  Jews hadn't stopped evolving and thinking and progressing, especially in Germany, anymore than any other people.  They just had a head start on them, which didn't help in figuring the evil that was coming.  After all, Moses was born in1391 BCE and Jews had been following his teachings since about 1300 BCE.  King David was born in 1010 BCE.  Who could believe that humans would want to get rid of a whole race of people?

In Darwin's theory, natural selection was just that.  Nature took care of who survived and who didn't, but Hitler wanted to play G-d and do the selecting himself and nobody stopped him.  Nobody preached to the choir that this was wrong.  The religious view, from the Jewish Torah of Genesis, was that humanity started with an Adam and an Eve, and that we all came from this one source.

That was ignored by this group of people completely, so eager to follow a scientist named Darwin-or rather Hitler who interpreted it all for them.  .

As an aside, geneticists who work with DNA today have found an Eve and most recently an Adam.  It looks like we did all come from one source and just spread out all over on the face of this Earth.  Some of us hit the jackpot by ending up in nice warm places and others wound up on the edges of ice, making life more difficult, trying to survive the several ice ages that this Earth has experienced.

It was Darwin's cousin, Francis Galton,  who created the idea .of modern eugenics, a product of the 19th Century.  He says it came from the theory of Darwin's Evolution.

The Nazi movement had many scientist supporters, sadly.  Some scientists they were!   They concluded that the  Nazi treatment of Jews and other "races" like the Gypsies, then believed by them to be 'inferior,' was the result of Darwin's findings that could be used to improve mankind.    This is false.  Why would they want to improve others besides themselves?  It would just mean having more competition in the economic world.  No, they wanted to get rid of the competition.  This was their crutch, their excuse that nobody questioned. Empire builders from the very beginning of time never tried to do such things.  It was inhuman!  You could even say that only sub-humans would think of doing such things.

The theory of evolution comes from the idea that life forms acquire unique traits that enable those who also have new traits to survive better in adverse conditions compared to those who don't have these new traits.  The life forms with such traits were considered as 'superior.'  They took the basic teaching of Darwin of evolution and how animals evolved from one to another type, such as monkeys to people and emphasized an aspect of it, which was 'selection.'

Hitler said that they were Aryans and that this race was superior to all others and it was the people's duty to subjugate all other peoples.  The Master Race was born.  He said the Aryans were a Nordic race, coming from people of the Lost Continent of Atlantis.  This is why he liked blondes so much.  He thought them to be a pure race, not mixed with other groups at all.  Race placed the major role in the Nazi philosophy.  Hitler took a scientific new discovery, something not thought of before, and twisted it around for his own use.  There were actually a few people who stood up to him but were killed.  The rest didn't raise a finger against him.

So thanks, Dr. Darwin, for the trouble your research caused.  Certainly you couldn't have foreseen what some idiots would make out of it.  As for monkeys turning into humans, science today has found that nature has caused many types of 'people' and they didn't all make it to this period of time.  They just died out.  Natural selection, not their own, caused it to happen.  So monkeys did not turn into people after all.  That's just one line that did make it besides us.  We just haven't tried to kill them all off, thank goodness, nor they us.  As far as that goes, we find that Europeans all carry a certain % of Neanderthal in their genes, and some have some Denisovan genes.  Some have more of a % than others.  They are  branches of the tree who managed to mate successfully.  Notice, though;   no more Neanderthal or Denisovan gentlemen or ladies around.  Darwin would have been excited about this.  Today, the science ruling is DNA studies.  According to these scientists today, mankind started about 135,000 years ago.

Be thankful for the people in the USA who have a natural gift, perhaps their own DNA, coming from all the nations of the world, of questioning people.  Be thankful that we have Republicans and  Democrats who question each other's goals and motives.  It will be a sad day for everyone if we become sheep and just follow someone without questioning them if something doesn't seem right.  Americans have never been under a king or a Tsar and question, knowing they could have another leader with another thought in the next 4 years.  The insurance of this is to have an educational system where children are taught to question and do not fear doing so or challenging their teachers.  Also, another insurance against such arrogance is to have parents who teach their children to ask and to think for themselves without fear.

Resource:  http://creation.com/darwinism-and-the-nazi-race-holocaust
Brave New World by Aldous Huxley-novel about eugenics.  

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