Monday, February 24, 2014

Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah Terrorists in Syria At Each Other's Throats

Nadene Goldfoot                                                             

Sunday, al Qaeda's target was a hospital owned by Ghassan Abboud, "a pro-opposition businessman who owns Orient Television.".  Orient TV comes out of Dubai.   They hit Almeh, a town amid olive groves of Syria which is across from the Turkish village of Bukulmez in Hatay Province.  The town is the "main supply line for rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad, activists said."  14 were killed and 70 were wounded by a car bomb. The TV station has been  strong in its criticism of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), an al Qaeda splinter group that has taken several areas along the border and attacked  supply lines to more moderate rebel groups in the interior. So we see Assad's opposition is made up of many many rebel groups who are in fact, terrorists of varying degrees.  

Al-Qaeda global  terrorists stop at nothing.  They were started by Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, most likely from the Russian war in Afghanistan.   This latest is a suicide bombing at a field hospital in northern Syria.  Dozens were left dead  including little children. This attack on or near a field hospital being a target linked militants near the Syrian-Turkish border.  This is who had been killed.

 There has been fierce fighting  between the opposition forces and the allied forces of the Assad government and Hezbollah in Idlib province.

Fighting was also taking place in Ibrod which is in the Kalmon mountain area.  It's been going on for the past 2 weeks.  The opposition groups are involved in operations there and claim they have caused heavy casualties on the combined forces of the Syrian Assad government soldiers and Hezbollah, who are Assad's allies today.  Assad and his cohorts have also launched rockets and other artillery at the rebel positions.  It's beginning to sound like the war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s.

They battle for the control of this crucial  town because it has control on the roads to Damascus and roads towards Lebanon where the Hezbollah militants' camp is located.

On January 29, 2014, it was known that  some of the al Qaeda militants going to fight in Syria have 3 bases in neighboring Turkey and can easily access Europe from the NATO member state, Israel's military intelligence chief, Major-General Aviv Kochavi,  said on Wednesday.  He showed a map of the Middle East marked with places where al Qaeda was stationed at a security conference and told them that the problem was that they do not stay there.  
In the midst of all the shelling, the opposition began registration for students living in the areas under their control.  They say they were trying to complete normal conditions for the residents.  
Watching this battle between al Qaeda and Hezbollah is Iran"Iran stands at the side of Syria in the face of Israeli aggression, whose aim is to damage the security of the region 

and weaken the axis of resistance," Iranian Foreign Minister Akhbar Salehi told Assad in a 

meeting in Damascus on Tuesday which was stated on December 24, 2012.  It isn't Israel who 

is the aggressor, but their own Muslims from al Qaeda.  


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